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Relm Abraxas

Size: Relm is an extra large wolf standing at 40 inches tall and weighing 158 pounds.

Build: Relm is a medium wolf, slim and agile just as her parents before her.

Stance: Relm is usually attentive and stands tall. She has no fear when it comes to a threatening wolf and won't hesitate to try and size them up.

Incestual Birth Defect: Due to being an incest-born pup (Kefka is Agria's son), Relm was born with full blindness in her right eye. When she is younger it is more apparent but as she grows older and accustomed to the blindness she tries not to let others be aware of her abnormality since both of her eyes are white and faded.

Expressions: Relm tends to look mostly reserved but as her feelings are an open book it is clear to those that get to know her that she isn't stone cold like most of her first impressions conclude.

Coat: Relm has a silky shine to her coat much like her mother. And though it is soft it is mostly slicked and flat opposed to fluffy.

Color: Relm is a base coat of pink as her parents, her chest and neck are rounded with white but her dark markings are a lot more prominent. Her head, paws, and tail are all a midnight black which is surprisingly a much more matching tone to her pink. The front of all four of her legs are also lined with black. Her facial markings pull from her father's though white that stream through her eyes. As is deep in her bloodlines, she has a speckling on her shoulders and also speckling and appaloosa-type spots covering her rump.

Eyes: Relm's eyes glow white off her black pelt. Her pupils are a light grey as if she were blind but isn't, much like her father with his inactive Melanism trait.

Hex Codes: Black #212121 Pink #ff00f1 White #ffffff Eyes #ffffff

Voice: None
Scent: None
Theme Song: None



Relm can be quite blunt and rude, not really caring that she may offend others by the way she speaks or acts. Honesty is one of her most prominent attributes, not that it is necessarily good all the time.

Easy To Read

Relm is mostly an open book and she wouldn't have it any other way. She likes to get to the point and isn't afraid to share how she feels. Her emotions can sometimes come out a bit dramatic but not to a point where she seems crazy.


Relm handles bad situations well and takes her time to analyze and calm down before acting out of pure anger of hatred. Though she is easily irritated, she won't just lash out at a wolf for something stupid. She holds grudges but doesn't tend to involve them in her encounters unless there is a consistent issue or she feels very strongly about the wrong that has been done.


Due to her early childhood where Kefka refused to be near her physically, Relm has a hard time letting anyone truly close to her. She doesn't have a hard time getting to know others or making friends, aside from her sassy self. But she's afraid to let someone truly close to her heart for fear that they will reject or leave her, no matter how intense their feelings for each other might be.

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Relm was born as a loner at Firefly Lake but not by any normal circumstances. Agria as her mother and Kefka as her father was actually an incest pair, Kefka being both her father and her brother. Kefka hating his own mother, Agria, he waits until Relm is old enough to wean and then kills Agria. This is one of Relm's very first dramatic memories and she carries it for the rest of her life. Right after Kefka's deed is done, he and Relm move to the northern lands to join Lurid.

Relm knew better than to question about Agria and what the meaning behind her death was, but one day she takes the chance and Kefka tells her about how Agria was her mother, but not that Agria was also his mother as well. Relm senses the hidden tension that Kefka feels for her, but doesn't understand that he is scared that he will hurt her like he did Agria if he lets her get too close to him. He rejects almost any physical contact and it leads to a large part of her personality feeling like she will be rejected by anyone she wishes to be physical with in the future.

Relm continues to dwell on how she resent her father and the upbringing that he gave her. Sure freedom is nice and all but she starts to believe that he doesn't care much for her because of the amount of freedom and lack of control he provides for her. They move down to Auster like Relm wanted after nearly a year of living along side Lurid for no good reason in the bitter north. But it is not where Relm wants to live in Auster and she makes a big deal out of it internally. She starts to plan to run away, but is almost scared to because of what Kefka had done to Agria.

After coming across a like minded individual, Rhaegath, she chooses to run away to be alongside him and evading her father for hopefully the rest of her life. She does believe that she is at risk if Kefka ever finds her after watch him kill Agria. She even goes back north to suffer in the freezing lands she hates so much, but it is the perfect disguise to mask herself from Kefka.
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mateNone Currently
Kefka AbraxasFather
Agria Nadia ChimeriadMother
Winter Year 11
Kaine Poe AbraxasAgria Nadia Chimeriad
Kefka AbraxasHalf-Brother
Mephistopheles AbraxasHalf-Brother
Extended Family
Family Tree

Wolves I've Met and How I Feel About ThemWolves I've Met and How I Feel About Them
Kefka AbraxasFather
Relm used to idolize her father and want nothing more than to impress him and be his perfect little daughter. She started to grow a resentment of him from living up in the northern lands, waiting around for Lurid to start her cause. Kefka finally decides to move down to Auster to appease Relm, but it is too late to mend her loyalty to him. He is blind to how she feels, and she eventually runs away with a hidden fear of what will happen to her if he ever finds her.
Rhaegath ArmisticeFriend
Relm comes across this boy by chance and while their first encounter is necessarily friendly, they both understand each other's like mind and the next time they meet Relm confesses her plan to run away from her father and Rhaegath invites her to join him which she takes up the offer so long as he pays her by brawling.
Kichi is Relm's very first friend after having no social interaction from the day she was born. She is still pretty fond of him even after they parted ways and all interactions will be on a friendly side.

Fight Form

Relm vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: Oxen horns
Defensive Battle Accessory: Spiked Christmas lights collar
Disability: Partial Blindness - Moderate
Skills: Expert Fighter & Master Intellectual
Specialty: Tactician
Relm vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Oxen horns</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Spiked Christmas lights collar</a>
Disability: <a href="">Partial Blindness - Moderate</a>
Skills: Expert Fighter & Master Intellectual
Specialty: Tactician


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