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fur gathers against slender frame, with the promised color of light brown. soft to the touch once clean and clear of her day to day antics. such a coloring makes her stick out within the dark, like her coat was meant to glimmer within the moonlight. the roots darker in color, nearly matching the solid tone of curious nose. decorated with a small army of dark flakes making her face its playground.

however, one would find patches missing throughout, different lengths of regrowth.. tuffs of fur all caked together from her last dip in the mud along the way. she didn't have the pride, nor the effort to neatly look after it. found of ripping away tuffs of hair the water couldn't break apart. most of these can be found along the stray fur of her legs, or the at the highest arch of her spine. gorgeous, surely, if tended to with care.

despite her fur in its rough shape, it can easily become fluffy and filling when dry and clean. giving her an almost tricky appearance of being normal, of being just fine. her weight remains underwhelming.. thin for her size, lacking in a meal or two. ribs visible when she moves just the right way, but a usual feeling for her.. having always been on the thin side. a tail long gone, a crooked stump left behind. not being very big to begin with, most of her frame to be considered lanky. no great build in muscle.. if build for anything, speed, legs lacking in fat as tone muscles wrapped around the bone. black toenails peeking out within light fibers, a curious features to decorate pattering feet.

with such a frame, she moves in and out of places, she doesn't always have a right to be. scars to match her adventures, a few tucked away beneath fur that grew around them. another, visible along her left hind leg. mute in color, and baring that quirky need to become bothersome when it rains. a faint scaring at the base of her right ear, a play fight with a brother gone wrong.

settled into her skull, stunning eyes look back at you. the dull gray of a twinkle in her right, the loss of sight in the left, a glossy white film clouding over it. over time she grew comfortable with holding the eye closed, a natural relax trained for many years.

farrah is rough around the edges, easily classified as being mentally unstable. it would be wrong to call her crazy, there's just something different about her. something you just can't put your paw on. with minimal use of her words, she's moved through life considered a mute. its not that she can't speak, its that she is unwilling. sensitive to body language and unsure changes within the air. with words spoke, rasps a voice of clear under-use and a frustration of mispronunciation and lack of understanding.

an odd creature, after taking the life of an animal she takes it upon herself to mourn for it. she will eat the dying heads of flowers for leaving them unattended would surely allow them to suffer. caring nothing for the young and new life, thinking that they - much like she - were ruined once born. its unknown what she would do when confronted by an army of ankle biting balls of fluff. thick-skinned, able to take abuse in terms of her appearance and what comes when she doesn't answer when spoken to. stubborn in her pup years, she doesn't fear the threat of wounds or worry towards pain that will come with them.

the calm, carefree way she carries herself when alone makes her feel mysterious. lacking a fully developed temper, lashing out easily became a rare thing for her. never snapping at others for their mistreatment of her. along with, never understanding why anyone would snap out for her. shutting herself in at a young age, she had to find someway to cope and adjust. over time, from a crack in her outer self Ru, was born.

with ru, everyday life improved, never truly alone with a voice to rumble between her ears. he would help her cope, in times of fear and panic, his voice would mutter along with a scrambling mind.

having been alone for so long, as nature expects she has already begun craving attention, acceptances.. understanding.


the voice within farrah's head, a sour attitude and the thick part of her skin. developed as a aide to keep her moving forward. a dislike towards everything within the world. other wolves, animals.. sometimes even how the wind blows. ru is male, or at least this is what farrah has determined. a sour and saucy being, quick to temper and rattle on when someone says something out of line. while ru is mostly good for her, even he hates the appearance of her left eye. always snapping at her to close, reminding her that others will hate it. "don't stand out. don't let them see."

when speaking to ru, it will take place entirely within her head, a spacey look can consume her features. or quiet murmurs, grunts and whines to spill from lips when too far distracted by the bitter fuss of her inner voice.

if ever confronted, she will deny it until her head explodes. "nobody needs to know."



born as the middle pup in a little of three. her parents were not a mated pair, but a force claim. a father only wanting to carry on his name and genes. already unwanted due to her gender, the hatred her father had to give simply doubled when her eyes opened. a mother who tried desperately to hide her, reminding the male that he only had interest in the boys.

the trio weren't clueless to the stress of his presence gave their mother, mastering the art of behaving long enough to be looked over while farrah was sure to be quietly hidden. at first he only came a few times a week to drop off food, but as he began coming daily.. father would begin taking an interest in her. her fur settling into its neat and appealing coloring.

a deal to be struck, the promise of a mother giving her her boys, as long as he wouldn't gaze farrah's way. a promise her father would break when they became of age. another wolf had always caught site of her coloring, and her father more then willing to give her up when it worked in his favor.

in a fit of anger he steals her mothers life, leaving the oldest brother behind to grant time for the pair to run away. only to lose her youngest brother to the harsh dangers in the world months later.

[ru would of been developed during those periods in which she had to hide from her father. when her mother would insist she'd close her eye. when she uttered for her to be quiet, be quick. be obedient.]

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