Ruin Cavaliere-Kleinfull name
Spring of Year 15birthdate
Extra smallsize
Chaotic Neutralalignment

Ruin looks as though she's a blend of two wolves, one dark and the other light. From far away it looks as though her front is solid black, but upon closer inspection it's easy to see the white dots that riddle her coat like stars in the night sky. On her chest, just below the line of her throat is a tuft of white fur that can be seen no matter what direction you look at her from. The same cannot be said for the markings on her face. Inherited from her father, Ruin has a streaky white marking that surrounds her left eye, which is accentuated by feathery lines that extend out onto her cheeks. Whilst her back end is a mix of grey and white that blends from her belly upwards, reminiscent of ocean waves.

Ruin isn't all dad though. Like her mother, she's small and slim, with a soft feathery tail that often hangs suspiciously limp, like she's trying to hide that she's up to no good. Her eyes are strangely mismatched; one is pure black and barely visible against her fur, whilst the other (surrounded by the white marking) is soft blend of purply-blue. Regardless of how different they look both often shine with mirth and mischief, and are usually accompanied by devious smirk.

Basically, in Ruin's-not so humble- opinion she's the best looking of the litter.


Free spirit - Troublemaker- Cheeky - Devious

Ruin is a bold and confident pup, saying whatever is on her mind regardless of the consequences. Whilst not inherently anti-social, she thrives on solitude and spends a great deal of her time exploring and getting into all sorts of trouble. She isn’t the sort who has any interest in doing things the old fashioned way, she's a free-thinker and does things her way or not at all. Or at least that's what she'd like to think. Ruin quickly develops a taste for telling fibs-mostly- harmless little lies either for her own amusement or to manipulate others into doing her bidding. Or just because she wants to mess with people, it all very much depends on her mood. Sometimes she gets a little carried away and pushes her games too far, but once she's been caught-and only then- she'll apologise and try to make amends. She’s naughty and self-serving, there’s no denying that, but she isn’t that bad. Yet.

At a glance Ruin doesn't seem to get along with one sibling anymore than the others, in fact as far as she's concerned they're all fair game when it comes to her lies and schemes. She often toys with the mentality that if you're not with her then you're against her. However, if anyone thinks they can get away with bothering her brothers and baby sister then they will soon come to learn that they're sorely mistaken.

Ruin has a piebald raven companion called Lyre. Unless mentioned assume he's watching from afar



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Litter mates:

Haiku ,Senryū & Suspense


Rhyme Cavalier x Tana Renae Rosella

Verse Rosella, Theory Cavaliere-Destruction, Noir Destruction & Darilnor

Rhyme Cavalier x Shaye Destruction

Motif Destruction & Poem Destruction

Rhyme Cavalier x Kasdeya Abraxas

(It's unknown to Rhyme that this litter exists.)

Iroh Abraxas & Zagan Abraxas

Extended Family Family tree


Novice Fighter (25)
Advanced Intellectual (90)

Fight Form

Ruin Cavaliere-Klein vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra small
Build: Light
Companion 1: Common raven, Male - Flying
Skills: Novice Fighter & Advanced Intellectual
Specialty: N/A
Ruin Cavaliere-Klein vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra small
Build: Light
Companion 1: <a href="">Common raven, Male - Flying</a>
Skills: Novice Fighter & Advanced Intellectual
Specialty: N/A


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