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Wyndelin Wreckagefull name
Wynd, Wyndy, Windbagnicknames
3 Yearsage
Summer of Year 12birthdate
Neutral Goodalignment

Wyndelin has a runner's build, slender and willowy with long legs and a narrow muzzle. Its no surprise he took to hunting as a child, getting a thrill out of running down game. His sharp features give him almost a feminine look and he never did quite grow into his ears which seem larger than they should be compared to the rest of his frame.

Something of the 'black' sheep of his immediate family Wyndelin's pelt is surprisingly lacking in white. Instead, Wyndelin's downy coat is the color of deep earth cast in the smoky haze of dusk. It is darker, almost black, along his upper body and legs while a lighter shade marks his undersides and his paws. The same color tips his tail and also collects beautifully around his eyes in a gentle mottling pattern. This pattern accents the shep of his crystal blue eyes. His eyes are perhaps his most noticeable feature. In plain light they are a brilliant crystal blue but the color seems to shift in various lights, at some times appearing almost silver and at others a rich turquoise.

Nervous • Amiable • Imaginative • Sensitive • Adaptable • Curious • Steadfast

A nervous energy seems to cling to Wyndelin, whispering along his frame like a breeze through the leaves of a tree. He craves interaction with others but often second guesses himself, fearful that he'll say the wrong thing. Often he is quiet at first, simply listening and observing, calm and still. However, once he finds an opening or is invited into the conversation the flood gates open into a rush of speech. Wyndelin can be down right chatty once you get him going.

A warm and amiable, Wyndelin is an affectionate boy who feels especially close to his friends and is generally pretty welcoming of strangers. He loves to collect and share information and is eager to hear the stories of others. He has quite a few of his own though they are often embellished and altered. Imaginative and clever, one of his favorite past times is telling stories. In fact Wyndelin seems to spend as much time living in the real world as he does the one in his own head. Often he has trouble looking at himself and his situation objectively. Whenever the world gets to be too much he retreats into his stories and often refuses to face what is bothering him.

Wyndelin is sensitive both to criticism and to others' feelings. He doesn't want to hurt anyone and at the same time is easily hurt by others. He wants to believe in good and is easily wounded by compassionless wolves. He also has a hard time saying no to others and works to escape the harsh realities of the world through self-delusion.

In general Wyndelin is a feeling and emotional individual but he is also an intellectual. These two traits tend to balance him out, though occasionally this can cause his head to clash with his heart, often causing him to procrastinate when making decisions. However, its not all bad, when his head and heart work together he is able to help others solve their problems, and sometimes even his own.

Adaptable and clever, Wyndelin can acclimate to most situations he finds himself in. He enjoys intellectual conversations and is easily bored by anything less, but he would never show it. He is adept at fitting in with others and can easily adopt the mood of those around him. Curious to a fault he enjoys learning about others though he often won't allow others to gain knowledge of him on a deep or intimate level. When the conversation starts heading in that direction he takes it as his cue to move on. Wyndelin often flits about, moving quickly and keeping busy every step of the way. He enjoys the lighter side of life and desires to walk in the light whenever he can.

Patient and steadfast, Wyndelin isn't a fair weather friend. He's in it for the long haul and will go out of his way to help a friend with their problems, so much as to take their problems and make them his own. Sometimes in doing so he does more harm than good but he will be there through thick and thin. Wyndelin will willingly lay his life on the line for a friend even though he's not trained as a warrior. Wyndelin is not the pushover he may seem at first glance. He has the strength of character to stand up for what he believes in and to work hard for it.

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parentsFrostbite Wreckage ♂ x Stardust Evertine ♀
siblingsEira, Eurus, Anoixi, Fawn

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Build: Medium
Companion 1: Eurasian Magpie, Male - Flying
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Wyndelin Wreckage vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Companion 1: <a href="">Eurasian Magpie, Male - Flying</a>
Skills: Master Intellectual & Master Hunter
Specialty: Hawk-Eyed


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