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He is a large beast of muscle, strength, and physical power. Riddled in silver, iron, and ivory, his pelt begins at a rather dark gray hue. It transitions into a lighter shade as it melts toward his limbs, where it eventually turns into an alabaster. His eyes are a brilliant golden hue, accenting his coat in a roguishly handsome fashion. But the large brute is not without scarring. His ears are jaggedly torn, as if to have been cropped with a pair of scissors. His left eye is blinded, a milky white overcame the golden iris. A quadruple sliced scar of large proportions run diagonally across the left side of his face over his dead eye. They range from the base of his left ear, down and over his face, toward his chops. These are deep grooves, horribly gruesome. Across the front of his muzzle is a triple slice of scarring, they are position under his nose and stretch from his right chop down to his chin, going over his lips. This does not, however, expose any of his teeth. On the right side of his face, there is a gathering of smaller scars across his cheek, and the top of his muzzle is riddled with smaller scars from battles in his past. appearance
Stoic || Protective || Angry || Brutal || Generous || Intolerant
He is an imposing presence riddled with a stoicism to make even the meanest beasts cower. Although he is rather intimidating, he's decent until otherwise provoked. He has been known to be easily irritated, but he does try to control such a rage. When he gets into his rage induced black outs, he becomes rather cruel and brutal, unable to control what he does or doesn't do. On the other hand, he can be fiercely protective of loved ones, and oddly generous. He has a soft spot for pups and young of any kind, even though he had never been a truly good father to his own countless offspring. While his personality is a mixture of enigmas, he's a bluntly honest man. He can be rather intolerant of certain personalities. It's hard to judge it until he meets said personality, but when he knows he doesn't like someone, it's painfully obvious and he has no issue sharing it. personality


is father was cruel, and his mother was kind. Though she was kind, she was extremely selfish. She would always put herself above others, even her own children. So when she had a litter of five, she felt very little when Alecto began killing them. It was either her or them, and she of course, chose herself. White Timber was the only to survive his litter, at least to his knowledge, as Alecto seemed to grant the young silvery boy his favor. Though in Alecto's favor, it was hardly a blessing. This meant more cruelty bestowed upon White Timber more so than the others, even his own mother. Isolda was generally the target of Alecto's rage, and so to have it redirected to White Timber was a saving grace for the woman in white. She would often times offer him up to Alecto so that she would not feel the wrath of the slate king, so that White Timber would take the brunt of it all. Surely enough, this turned White Timber into a rather bitter and unruly child, a renegade even in the face of pain and anguish. White Timber did not care how much Alecto wanted to unleash on him, nor did he care how selfish his mother was. He only knew that one day, he would escape their grasp and forever be free. Hatred began to grow within him for his father, and while he did love his mother to some degree, she too began to be the source of his pain. The day he was able to escape was when Alecto killed Isolda right before his eyes. Instead of attempting to protect his mother, or help her in any way, he chose the route she would have taken. He watched from afar for a while before finally turning and leaving for good. While it was somewhat heartbreaking to witness such an atrocity as the murder of his mother, White Timber could not be bothered with such emotion when his own life depended on escaping. Alecto roared in the far distance behind the yearling, growling that he'd find White Timber one day, and make him suffer. All things meant to daunt the boy, but at the time, White could no longer be daunted. He could no longer be manipulated. And so, he kept on going, furthering the distance between he and Alecto, never to look back again.
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childrenToo many to list.
parentsMother: Isolda Father: Alecto
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White Timber vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Skills: Beginner Fighter & Beginner Hunter
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