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Nebula de'Lunefull name
Neb, Nebs, Nebbynicknames
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Summer of Year 14birthdate
Dire wolfsize
Chaotic Goodalignment
A goddess in a world of mortals, Nebula stands above most with long, graceful legs and a lithe body that looks as light as a feather. She moves not without grace, a fluidity not seen in many and about as weightless as said feather. Although she is tall, she is not large and has little muscle on her bones besides what's necessary to survive.

Colored in an array of hues ranging from magenta to violet, it spirals and swirls all over her body creating a beautiful image, flecked with white as if the stars themselves fell upon her. Only upon her face, paws, and ears which are the darkest of purples seen on her pelt do the stars not dare cross. Her eyes, however, stand out from her beautifully feminine face, being a bright sky blue.
A born and bred lady of the court, Nebula has a certain air about her that radiates elegance and demands the gaze of many, drawing them to her as she were to enter. She walks tall, knowing her place in the world as if it was bestowed upon her at birth; and it was. Despite all of this, she is notably kind and warm, amiable even to those she shouldn't be. Easy to trust, she will give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but upon losing it her trust will not be easy to get back. Thoughtful of others and often putting them before herself when appropriate for a lady to do so, she is protective of those she loves and cares for.

Her curiosity and inquisitive nature have been present since she was a wee pup, never shying from asking questions or furthering her learning. This has made her quite an intelligent woman and she does well in most areas suitable for a lady of court, though completely lacking in many others.

Not many have felt the sting of her fangs, but her sharp tongue can cut just as deep and is loaded with plenty of witty remarks. Never willing to back down from what she believes, she does have quite the attitude and isn't afraid to use it. It's a side rarely seen though, as most would say they don't believe her to do such a thing. She's playful, especially with children, and imaginative of course. A lover of stories and all things romantic, she's often childlike and relishes in the freedom of it.

You can't fool her however, she's well aware of the dangers in the world and treads lightly when in unfamiliar lands. Wary of strangers and just about everything, honestly, she's a much different wolf to someone she doesn't know well. It takes time to see her comfortable side, so most actually know her cautious side for a while and soon forget about it. Her caution makes her watchful, but in a protective way as if something were out to get her. Of course, it does allow her see possibly what others may not and she would describe herself as a fly on the wall in most situations, or a wallflower perhaps.

Unfortunately, the girl has led a very sheltered life and is ignorant of most things in the world, outside of her home. Never once feeling naive before, the girl is out of her element now and she knows it. Unable to care for herself in the most basic of ways it seems, she finds herself quite dependent on the structure of social hierarchy and struggles to make do without it.



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parentsAstrid de'Lune x Neptune Solaris
siblingsMeteor Solaris (first born), Galaxia de'Lune (indentical twin - third born), Pluto Solaris (fourth born)


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Nebula de'Lune vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Light
Skills: Beginner Intellectual & Beginner Navigator
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