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Adralius Tariak Hansfull name
Borias, Adria, Addie, Hansnicknames
5 Yearsage
Winter of Year 9birthdate
Neutral Evilalignment
Design credit Kara
36" | Heavy Build
"You asked me what do I think of life, I said baby not much I wanna die."

Borias is a flurry of brown colors contoured onto his body. Various shades of browns cover his body. His base appearing as a lightly tinted brown underneath all of his markings. That is followed by a darker deeper brown that covers the top of his head - most of his back and over his shoulders, his back legs and the top of his tail and the bottom as well leaving a space for his base coat color. The last is the light tan that accents his fur - making a mask on top of his face that sprouts three stripes down his muzzle. This light tan accents his cheeks, the tip of his ears, his throat and even across the back of his nape. It accents outside of the darker brown on his body - the tips of his paws and the majority of his back legs sprouting again two stripes on his hind limbs. This tan moves in waves over his back and on his stomach completing his mural and flurry of colors twisting around him. Most notibly is his blue crystal clear eyes. They may seem soft but they hide most of his intentions behind them. He's a hefty male and large in size.

"You asked me what I want from life, I said to make a lot of money and feel dead inside."

Adria is a greedy wolf if you've ever met one, possessive in all of his qualities. As charming as he can be Adria has been known to want nothing but fame, currency and anything he can get his paws on. Not that he has been one to care much for power but he enjoys the little circle that he has created as a slave trader. Considering himself a male of style and precision he seems like a gentleman at first and flirtatious to his core. A wolf who cares about his outward appearance as much as his inside. He tries to keep his allies close and his enemies even closer because he trusts nobody but himself.

One thing to note is that he is a backstabbing male, if something benefits him he isn't under taking deals from enemies when he already has one in place. However he is not stupid he would never do anything to endanger himself or his brood. Rather smart about his works and where he goes he uses various alias' to make sure his true name is never known. In fact only a select few have actually heard his real name of Adralius as he defaults to using Borias(a play on the continent Boreas despite growing up in Auster) as his name.

Those who do know of his temper though are his stock. As a slave trader he has had various wolves with him and because of most of their mild temperments he has taken to bullying the weaker of them. Taking out his anger and his frustrations, not to mention his sadistic qualities and enjoyment of causing pain to others. He is fairly peticular on who he harms though and believes in breeding the highest quality of slaves for his patrons. A proper salesman who wants to provide anyone who hs a slavemaster to high quality slaves in returns of favors. This can range from protection, rumors or just information in general and even slaves should slave masters choose to breed those he has sold.

Character slot 4 | misc


"Cheetah print makes me a liar, so I just tell you I like you for your smile."

- Born in Auester to Mika hans and an unkown mother - his father kidnapped him and took him to Auster to live - Father was a slave owner - had a few slaves with him. - At age one year Adrialus was given his first slave by his father - Adrialus grew with his family business - however he eventually murdered his father out of greed for the slaves - Wanders Auster, hoping to bring his slaves to boreas soon(with his new nickname) in order to get some connections and sell them. His ambition is to create a band

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parentsMika Hans(Father- deceased) x Unknown


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Fighting: 4/17/20

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Adralius Tariak Hans vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Heavy
Skills: Beginner Intellectual & Beginner Fighter
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