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Elizabeth Adravendifull name
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There is a lack of pigment in her fur, at least that's what she thinks. Although she isn't an albino at all simply that she takes after her fathers appearance more than she did her mothers. The lack of markings are something that bothered her once upon a time but she has come to understand that sometimes simplicity at its best is what is beautiful. She's white all over her body, from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. The only thing combating this white fur is her blue eyes and her black nose. Her eyes give up too much of her though, sea blue just like her mothers and much of her personality too. She is very light a healer at heart and lacking muscles. Not even sure footed she is not a quick runner either, with no scars on her body either the while wolf looks much like the snow in most cases. She smells of freshly picked herbs.appearance
"I am a product of hatred, I am a product of passion, a product of sin and whatever is inbetween that."

Liz takes a lot after her mother in her personality if that is without the mental issues that plagued her mother. Elizabeth is a happy kind of wolf she touches the hearts of a lot of others with her preppy nature at least to her family. Always finding a way to joke or lighten the mood she likes to make people feel better. At least this isn't the only aspect of her she doesn't become obsessive over her own happiness.

In fact one of her major flaws is Liz's own life does not mean much to her. She has a habit of throwing herself into her work. Healing, it's what she does best. It's what her father told her she should do since she's not good at anything. Liz has healed grizzly wounds for her age and because of this there isn't much she hasn't seen sadly. Despite her chaotic upbringing she believes in the good of others and she believes that wolves simply need structure to keep themselves out of trouble.

She is terribly determined though to protect her family and those who are close to her. Heritage means everything to this girl whether it's from her fathers side of the family or from her mothers side and since her mother came from a mysterious land all she has is the stories given to her. Liz loves stories and she'll soak them up like a sponge. However no matter how preppy she is, she is not dim witted nor guillable. In fact she is rather level headed and she decides things based on logical fact not the black and white way the world may make it seem to be.personality

Character slot 2

Small companion
Male Yellow Cockatiel
14" Wingspan
Happy and chipper, loves flowers


CW: Abuse

The strange and wild world of alkarain. A continent almost half a years journey from where Ardent is located. This was where Heather met Krystal, no surname just a pure white wolf king out in the middle of nowhere. The pack went by the name of Montra, a true neutral pack but the world they lived in was considered horrific. The land bled dry of resources everyone fought over food and over water. Heather arrived in a vulnerable time but joined their ranks as a healthy newcomer. She brought the pack to the top again, they moved to greener pastures and she was crowned queen when it had been announced that she was pregnant.

When Elizabeth and her siblings were born it was the last harsh summer the pack had ever had. In fact Montra labelled them, "heaven's Children" considering them a good omen. Not just because of the size of the litter but the lack of complications that Heather had with them unlike the other females. Elizabeth was the first born, then Kaizer, Mark and Tara. But Elizabeth was the only one... who looked like her father. Pure white, the others a mix of white and grays of their parents and this made Liz the subject to her fathers abuse.

Her parents loved her, but Krystal had a very funny way of showing it. Heather herself didn't seem to notice too much, too enthralled with the fantasy of being queen of being wanted again and being Krystal's one and only. Though much of Elizabeth and her siblings puphood was spent hearing stories of Ardent. The great Fiori and how it fell, Heather explained a lot about her family and the connections she forced herself to leave behind because of her mental illness. Luckily it seemed that non of the pups had inherited it. Seemingly because Heather's trauma was a cause for her illness.

As she got older Krystal took a favoring to training Liz. This was when she noticed most of his passive aggressive arguements getting to her. He never physically abused his pups, but he took to calling them worthless. They were worthless, useless worms that wouldn't survive out in the wild on their own. Behind the curtain the pack had no idea that the happy family had such a dark secret and despite this Elizabeth held her head high and she learned how to heal in order to please her father.

When she was only a year old, she and her siblings witnessed a war. Krystal and a neighboring pack had a scuffle over territory which turned into a blown up war. During this time there was many tradegies. Heather was forced to fight, and Liz and her siblings as well played their part. Liz learned how to heal gruesome wounds, her father refused and would not allow her to take part in anything else. From the harsh season of birth for their females to the wounds from the battle, this war lasted almost an entire year and took up a majority of her youth.

Closer to the winter season... the war ended with Montra being disbanded. Liz and her brother Mark witness the death of their mother. She did not go softly into the night despite her older age. The pack kidnapped her and while Liz and Mark tried their hardest to free their mother from the grip it made Krystal snap. The three family members rushed to the enemy pack too late. Heathers tortured body lay there and like a death sentence Mark and Liz watched their father attempt to tear and rip as many of those wolves as he could. Yet it wasn't long before he too was consumed. Mark and Liz left in the night, for it seemed that the pack did not have a quarell with the children... just their parents.

None of them were old enough to take over, and the rest of the followers fleed. Such a fragile world was not meant to last. The siblings made a collective decision to head to Ardent in search of their extended family from their mothers side. They don't expect to find much, but it was worth a shot for all of them. They all agreed to not speak of the circumstances of their mothers death, she passed in her sleep with a loving family curled around her.

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parentsHeather Adravendi (Mother) x Krystal (Father)
siblingsMark Adravendi(Brother), Kaizer Adravendi(Sister), Tara Adravendi(Sister)
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Elizabeth Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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