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Eraithus Zanthusfull name
5 Yearsage
Spring of Year 11birthdate
Chaotic Goodalignment
Pansexual Polyamoroussexuality
36" | Medium Build
Eraithus is not a wolf to consider himself an image of power. His father was much bigger than he, in fact despite being the biggest in the litter Eraithus can be quiet self conscious about his body type. He is not to keen on muscle leaning more towards the lean side of things but still able to defend himself where it counts. Otherwise very healthy he is well fed usually and knows not of hunger, his body lack scars of others as of his sheltered life. Yet perhaps the most strange thing about him is his colors and pattern.

Erin is a blue hue in color, at least his base coat is. A light blue like the sky that covers his entire body, he is then accented by white. These white markings cover the base of his ears wrapping around them. Then splash his chest and belly along with a long stripe just above the belly on either side. His front limbs have the white rolled behind his elbows while the white on his back legs seems to cover his entire feet and the end of his tail with a stripe elongated off the top of that. He has two verticle white stripes on his shoulders, two stripes on his legs, three on his thigh and one on his side trailing down it.

Though the white is not the most amazing thing about the creature, after that he is accented by a bright blue color deep and pure. This blue covers the tip of his tail, around the base of his white ears and along his chest in the middle and two stripes on the site. Also a dark blue covers his back, with the bright blue stripping down the sides of his body. This same dark blue holds stripes on his side, his knee's and also on the tip of his nose, ears, and above his eyebrows. Erin's eyes are the same, a bright blue hue and an almost unnoticeable dark blue ring around it that matches the markings on his body.

Gentleman | Calm | Considerate | Loyal | Supportive

Self-destructive | Over Confident | Addicted | Eager | Cruel

"Oh hunter, oh baby of mine, shine like the moon bright so kind. The next morning may come, but I will still be here, oh hunter, oh baby. Won't you please be mine?"

From the outside Eraithus seems like a decently normal wolf. He is calm, quiet, and considerate of others and their feelings. Finding himself falling into a gentleman demenor whenever he can. It comes naturally to him enjoying small talk and listening to others and their feelings. In which he feels more in tune with his even if he's had his doubts. Eraithus hates to cause trouble not actively seeking hatred nor actual fights. While his lust for the fight exists he doesn't actually wish to cause others emotional or physical harm if he can so avoid it.

The man is moraly loose though, causing him to not care much for the opinions of others. Unless he respects those he speaks to Eraithus doesn't care who tells him what is wrong and what is right. As long as he gets to live his life freely he doesn't mind. Living his whole life worried about outward appearance he now no longer has to keep them up. He remains feeling the same about it though. He wants to have tact - making the wolf the perfect partner for any political or important occasion.

For those who he is close to, or in the same pack as. Eraithus wishes for nothing more than to be supportive. Going out of his way the wolf wants to be the cool uncle, or the friend that will never let you down. He prides himself in this habit - unable to control his intimacy with the feeling of companionship and friendship. Romantic or not, Eraithus always tries his best to let other wolves know that he is there for them. Whether physically they need help or a shoulder to cry on. The open minded male makes no judgements unless involving the harming of youth.

Behind his exterior of kind, gentleman and supportive nature though is a rather nasty thing. Eraithus' negative traits hit him hard when in times of great need. Easily overwhelmed by his own desicions Eraithus often will put others before himself. As much as he cares about freedom, he cares about the happiness and connection with others more. His own needs miss his own, if not for his arrogant over confidence attitude.

Ranks mean nothing to the man. It matters not slave or warrior, alpha or omega. Eraithus treats others as his equals, leading him into a lot of trouble in the end. With no sense of heirarchy Eraithus cares not for petty political stancings. Even if he understands that it is important.

The part of him he always used to hide though, has come out into the open. Over the seasons he has learned ways to maintain and draw back his addiction. The sweet and beautiful addiciton to his fellow wolf's blood. Each wolf has a different taste and a different smell and it is something he can be easily obsessed with. Fighting becomes a challenge in some ways, leading Eraithus to fight more aggresively when he shouldn't.

This eager need for blood leads to his final cruelness. Broken limbs, scarring bodies, and even mortally injuring someone isn't something he hangs his head over. Eraithus believes in good and believes in doing evil things for good. However, when wolf's blood is involved he can easily become a different person. Of course he has learned self control in spars, but his act of not holding back can be a sign of honor and a sign of uncaringness for his fellow sparring partners health. Either way it drives him insane from time to time.

Free character pass! | Character slot 1 | Kespie, 23" wingspan female snowy owlmisc


Content warning: Mentions of gore and blood
The pack beyond the sea, the pack of valley. Neru was a nestled pack in a rocky pass that was far beyond whatever else there was. No nearby packs for days travel - and they mainly fed on the rabbits and deer that wander into it. One one spring morning the alpha group Feriazus and his mates River, Jackel and the one giving birth Kaulen. This birth was highly anticipated with a harsh season for the pack they were low on numbers and Kaelen was the only one able to get pregnant during that time. Thankfully the blessing of warm weather brought three bundles of joy into their lives. Strong brightly colored like their mother and father each were given names the night they were born. Eraithus, the largest pup, Neracu another male was not far behind and the daughter Hanmel small and soft. The pack celebrated and thus started Eraithus' life in the pack of Neru.

Much of his puphood was spent being raised with his family, his fathers and mothers multiple of which. He especially got along with his fathers husband Jackel. A quirky fun loving wolf who did everything he could for the family. As strange as the valley wolves seemed they all cared for each other. They loved their head council who ran the pack and Eraithus and his siblings were next in line to take over the pack being trained as such. When Eraithus got closer to being a year old he was met with feelings of frustration that he would not be growing as large as his father. The ability to protect his siblings and parents was one of strong desire and while young the shaman had told him that his father was a bit of a special case. Feriazus was a large wolf, larger than any in the pack. The story of his birth was that he killed his mother in the process and was a single pup because of it forced to be raised by his father who scorned him in the pack. When Feriazus grew older he took down the tyrant king and rebuilt Neru from the ashes. This story stuck with Eraithus for the rest of his life and he made it his task to make sure he lived up to the Zanthus name.

At a year and a half old was when Eraithus discovered.... his addiction to blood. On a stormy night during the winter, the hunting party he had been in got caught in a rockslide. He and his two hunting companions were thrown off a cliff and while one had disappeared under the rock fall Eraithus found one of them with their leg almost completely torn off. It sat a few feet from them and this companion of his was bleeding out. Eraithus had never dealt with this situation before his heart pounding against his chest his paws beginning to soak in the red liquid. While he wanted to help - his hunting companion begging out for mercy. Instead of helping him though... something took him over he went straight for the bleeding stump. The hunting companion screamed as Eraithus took hold and drank as much as he could the taste and the flavor over his tongue and slowly the wolf bled out to death. His muzzle covered in blood it was a day later when a search party had found them.

Eraithus gave the excuse that he had tried to pull his fellow packmate from out of the rocks which was why his mouth was so blood ridden. The pack forgave him - his parents thanked the heavens that he was okay. Yet Erin was disturbed, how could he have done that? He murdered him! He could saved him, albiet he wouldn't have had a a limb Erin had deloborately put him into more pain and drank his blood. Not only that... but he enjoyed it.... and wanted to do it again.

It wasn't until he was two years old that he found a scapegoat for his addiction. His father would often set up spars between the pack members and his children. Eraithus was the most eager of his siblings though they didn't seem any the wiser. His skill and power though was more in his jaw, Eraithus found himself concentrating on the way to draw the most blood out instead of the injuries themselves. They gave him the nickname "razorjaw" because of it and how deeply he would cut into the flesh of his enemies or even his comrades during a spar. It was warned that if you didn't want to get hurt, don't spar with Eraithus.

Though it was at this point in his life that he was getting bored of home life. He loved his pack, and his family. They didn't have any drama there was no ill will but when he expressed his want to leave... his father saw it as a right of passage. Kaulen and River were pregnant, and if his first litter was meant to seek their path in a different land then so be it. He sent Eraithus and his close siblings Neracu and Hanmel on a task. Spread and conquer, live a life full of love and let their family line live on with as many pups as possible was his only wish. Eraithus and his siblings were met with excitement and some sadness but when they set on their journey things weren't exactly as happy as they wanted. Though they spent most of a year meeting others and learning of the outside world.

They never starved due to the kindness of strangers, but one night standing on the edge of the sea a storm pulled overhead. A rather unruly one at that. Eraithus tried to keep his siblings together but they had no choice but to cross the waters. After the storm... Eraithus found himself on Ardent's shores. Spending a few days to recover his current task was to make sure his siblings are alive and well.


- His search for his siblings brought him to a wolf from Valhalla and Lirim's borders where he sought temporary asylum.

- Lirim was soon overtaken by Recluse, a gorgeous female Eraithus had once met before, Eraithus stayed as a member.

- Grief struck him when his siblings seemed to no longer exist within the lands or Boreas and Auster. Eraithus mourned, neglecting his duties and being demoted to Nephilim.

- Eraithus meets some of Recluse's litter, he is reminded that he wants to get to know her and get on her good side, finally he has the resolve to be the best he can for Habari.

- Eraithus meets Deathbelle, another gorgeous Klein, she was heavily pregnant at the time but he enjoyed her company and hoped it was in turn the same.

- Current goal is to rise in the ranks, and perhaps win Recluse's heart in the process.

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mateRecluse(first mate)
parentsKaulen Zanthus(Mother) x Feriazus Zanthus(Father)
siblingsNeracu Zanthus(Brother), Hanmel Zanthus(Sister)(MIA)
Extended FamilyRiver Zanthus(Second mother), Jackel Zanthus(Second father)

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Eraithus vs (opponent) for Race
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Medium
Skills: Beginner Intellectual & Expert Fighter


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