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Malalia Fatalisfull name
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◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Malalia bears fairly standard timber pattern, sporting a blend of browns, creams, and tans that imbue her with a certain softness. The dark fur that capes her back -- sable, overlaid with flecks of cedar brown -- is parted by two rings of sandy-brown fur, one that collars her neck and another that runs just behind her withers. Her underbelly is a milky cream. Her flanks and forelegs are brushed with fawn tones, as is the top of her muzzle, and her tail tip is black.

The sable-brown fur that masks her face leaves her cheeks pale and untouched, and her broad visage is offset by narrow, sage-green eyes and a straight, slightly tapered muzzle. Two triangular, chestnut ears sit atop her head, completing a palette well-suited for blending into the sepia bluffs and plains of her motherland.

The yearling is covered with a plush, and almost puppyish layer of fur. In maturity, her thick pelt belies a light and trim frame, best oriented towards speed and agility.

— Mala always wears a quarter-inch wide, silver bracelet around her left hindleg, a gift from her Aunt Pia.

— She is often seen patrolling or fight training in dyed leather armor to battle, given to her by her friend Cairo.

— Mala will almost always carry a set of steel claws, which were given to her by her adoptive father, Sirius.

— Carries a leather satchel for collecting herbs.


2 years old. ESTJ-A

Willful. High-Spirited. Perceptive. Open.

Current Mood: The onset of her first season has left her restless and irritable, but she's pushing through. You're not going to see this one lounging around anytime soon; she's on the move. Ask her for a favor, and she'll jump right on the task -- as long as it isn't sitting still.

Mala is willful before anything else — a touch nosy, worming her way into situations that don’t really involve her; throwing herself headlong into any endeavor, whether it be training or defending her territory. Her first instinct is to push, and see how far it takes her.

One one paw, this stubbornness bleeds into her ideology. She tends to be black and white about a few issues, though she is open to discussion. And first impressions are usually a done deal for her. On the other, it’s also how she found her way into one of the highest ranks within the Ashen Armada. Ironically, the young woman never had high aspirations to lead. Despite her tendencies, she’s not the type to throw her weight around, and the prestige will take some getting used to, but she’ll fulfill her duties as best she can. It isn’t hard to serve her pack, her family. Call it optimism or weakness, but the girl idolizes that kind of unerring loyalty and unconditional love shared between those she cares for the most.

The woman is amiable, and kind. She’s always looking for new friends, and whether it’s a friendly spar or comfortable conversation, she greatly enjoys the company of others. At ease, she’s sly and playful. There are few things that can dampen Malalia’s bright spirit.

That said, she holds a particular dislike for assholes, though it should be noted that she‘s far from the clutching pearls type, and isn’t easy to rattle. Indeed, the woman has developed a little bit of her own snark and a touch of vulgarity to combat such characters, but she never intends to be cruel or crude for its own sake.

Hell, a little banter is fine, even enjoyable to a degree, but she has no patience for passive-aggression. The woman is perceptive as hell and will sniff you right out, preferring to cut straight to the heart of things. She is incredibly candid, an open book. She freely gives of her own thoughts, though there are exceptions to every rule. The fae came to Boreas to begin a new life, not ruminate about her old one. As she grows into her second year, though, she’ll have a little more trouble with that issue. Hopefully, she will be able to reckon with her past, one day.

— Aspires to become a master warrior one day

— Thinks babies are cute but ultimately gross

— Can eat salmon all day :3



— Winter, Year 14: Malalia is adopted into the Fatalis family.

— Fall, Year 14: Mal makes a friend.

— Fall, Year 14: Mal adopts an angry boi!

— Fall, Year 14: Mal joins the competition for Reaper.

— Fall, Year 14: Malalia joins the Ashen Armada.

◊ ◊ ◊

The wolves of Malalia’s motherland were doomed before she was born. They weren’t a pack, not at heart, but the conglomeration of two, the glued together remnants of a conquest in which the reigning group capitulated to a foreigner, and her mother capitulated to her father.

Still, they kept up appearances for quite awhile, and Malalia and her siblings led normal, happy childhoods as the heirs to the Alphaship. They were blissfully unburdened by the tensions between the old members and the new--until the old members enacted a plan to reclaim what had been lost.

It happened a month before her first birthday. Alarm calls in the dead of night. The girl found a place to hide as the sounds of a struggle raged from far away. As the sky lightened with the dawn, she moved towards the battlefield--only to the unmoving bodies of her mother and siblings, along with others.

...Not that she remembers it too well. There’s much she can’t quite recall from those first few days (or maybe doesn’t want to). But all at once, she was packless. The only thing to do was keep moving forward.

— Full History, Summary | Full History, Narrative —

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parentsVelma x Arturo
siblingsSergio, Neyeli
Extended FamilyN/A

Fight Form

Malalia Fatalis vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Light
Offensive Battle Accessory: Steel claws
Defensive Battle Accessory: Leather armor
Companion 1: Wolverine, Male - Battle
Skills: Intermediate Healer & Master Fighter
Specialty: Knight
Malalia Fatalis vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Light
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Steel claws</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Leather armor</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Wolverine, Male - Battle</a>
Skills: Intermediate Healer & Master Fighter
Specialty: Knight


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