Tamsynfull name
5 Yearsage
Spring of Year 10birthdate
Chaotic Goodalignment
Ashen Armadapack

Modest in coloring and build, it’s easy to see how Tamsyn can simply blend into the back ground when she chooses to. Her fur is simply black with no distinct markings or changes in hue to note, a trait that she received from her mother. As ordinary as her fur might be, her eyes at least add some intrigue with their unusual mint green coloring that seems even more bright and pricing against the dark background of her fur.

Even though she does have a moderate amount of height - standing thirty four inches tall when she is standing at her tallest - she still seems smaller than most with her light build and naturally slender figure. She does have more muscle than one might expect, but it is mostly wiry muscle built for running and endurance rather than strength.

Most of her scars are hidden fairly well under her fur, but a few stand out where they are more easily seen. Her left foreleg shows quite a few short scars along the portion between her elbow and ankle. Appearing to be many layers and years of bite marks, the scar tissue has built up to the point in places that the fur no longer grows in certain spots. There is also one fairly noticeable scar on her right cheek near her jaw where a particularly nasty bite had gone too far and torn the skin there.


In Tamsyn’s eyes, everyone is better kept at a distance. There is a heavy wall between herself and the rest of the world in a desperate attempt at self preservation. She is hardened and matured far beyond her years in some ways, but so inexperienced and fragile with the world in others. Free will still feels a bit foreign and she often struggles to make decisions for herself. Showing any real excitement or personality seems like a dangerous concept in her mind and it takes a bit of work to get her to trust someone enough to really open up to them.

Knowledge and learning were kept out of reach for most of her early years. Any time someone takes the time to share what they know with her now feels like the greatest gift they could possibly offer. Asking questions is a nearly impossible task for her though, both from the guilt of not having much to share in return and from having the desire to speak up beaten out of her at an early age.

Despite her fear of growing close to anyone, she is naturally kind and altruistic. If anyone is in danger, she sees herself in them and will try her best to help them. Morality is something that she is still untangling from the confusing religion that was embedded in her brain at a young age, but she tries her best to simply do no harm and hopefully do what she sees as good in the process.



For the first few years of Tamsyn’s life, she was secluded and sheltered in a small community of wolves. There was no formal structure or leader like a traditional pack, but there was one wolf chosen by the rest of the group as the guide for the religion they followed. They rarely had wolves join them from the outside and the group kept themselves very isolated. Tamsyn’s parents, Twila and Otto, were both born and raised within this community and were devout followers of the guide’s preaching.

Tamsyn was a bright and curious pup. She was constantly in trouble for wanting to wander away from the den and outside of this group’s territory. She was curious about the world beyond what she could see which was considered blasphemous in the eyes of their religious leader. They viewed the outside world as dangerous, unclean, and unworthy. She understood the reasoning behind these rules and did believe in their teachings, but she couldn’t escape her constant curiosity and desire to learn more and more.

As if the odds weren’t already stacked against her, Tamsyn was also naturally vocal and strong willed, which went entirely against how females were raised to be in this community. They were expected to be quiet caretakers that willingly followed the word of their spiritual guide and their mates. Any time she would ask “why” or stepped out of line she would receive harsh punishments that grew increasingly violent as she grew older. This is where the majority of her scars came from, each one marking her as the outlier and problem within their group. Her father, and eventually her brothers, kept most of their bites to her left leg, grabbing the limb and pulling her roughly to the ground each time she spoke up when she shouldn’t. Her mother would watch with pitty, but didn’t dare try to protect her.

The abuse made her fold in on herself and build these walls in her mind in an attempt to protect herself. The males of her community eventually got their wish and got her to stop talking entirely. She silently went though the motions of her daily life with her head dipped submissively and a mostly blank expression. She slipped into a dark, suicidal place that seemed impossible to escape. This was also around the same time that other females her age were being paired with the males that would be their mates. While love was not necessarily something that was taken into consideration in these pairings, the males did generally get to take their pick of the female they were most interested in. More often than not, the fathers of these females would bargain and arrange pairings with the available males for their daughters. The females had little to no say in the matter.

Due to her behavior growing up and the scars that marred her appearance, no males were interested in taking her as their mate. Otto desperately tried to find anyone willing to accept her so she would no longer be his concern, but came up short. The one thing that females were valued for was being able to bare pups to continue their line and religion. Because of this, mating pairs were extremely important and being considered unworthy of this was nearly a sentence worth than this. This infuriated him even more and put all of the blame for this situation on her. He viewed her as a waste of time and energy and was completely blinded by his rage over the whole situation. He came back to their den after a day of campaigning for his daughter and took out his anger on her, attacking her and causing the large scar she has on her cheek today.

Otto cursed her when he was done and banished her from their family. She begged him to just kill her and have it be done, but he refused. Murder was forbidden in their community and even though she went against the grain in every aspect of their religion and lives, he still could not bring himself to break this law. He ordered that she be gone by dawn and stormed away. In one small act of kindness, Twila treated the wound on Tamsyn’s face before sending her away into the darkness.

Since then, Tamsyn has spent the next two years putting as much distance between herself and her family as possible. The fear that her former community had beaten into her heart has begun to dissipate with the interactions she has had with the outside world in that time, but many of her walls and barriers still stand strong, feeling like a defense mechanism and a security blanket. She now finds herself in Ardent, still firmly in survival mode with a small glimmer of curiosity and hope building cautiously in her soul.

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parentsTwila (mother) and Otto (father)

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Tamsyn vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Size: Medium
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Offensive Battle Accessory: Thorn covered vines over leather
Defensive Battle Accessory: Bracers
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Tamsyn vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Light
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Thorn covered vines over leather</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Bracers</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Blue-eyed black lemur, Male - Battle</a>
Skills: Expert Fighter & Advanced Navigator
Specialty: N/A


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