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For most of her life, Tamsyn's fur was simply black with no distinct markings or changes in hue to note, a trait that she received from her mother. It had been easy for her to blend in and fade into the background at will, something that she often clung to in her darker moments. However, during the winter of her fifth year, white markings began to grow in around her eyes and never faded away. These surprising markings form swooping lines that accent the top and bottom of her eyes and trail down to drape over her cheeks. Another single line outlines the first, following the shape though they never connect. This marking strangely forms a combination of the eye markings worn by most of her children.


As simple as her coat might be, her eyes at least add some intrigue with their unusual mint green coloring that at one time seemed even more bright and pricing against the dark background of her fur.


Even though she does have a moderate amount of height - standing thirty four inches tall when she is standing at her tallest - she still seems smaller than most with her light build and naturally slender figure. She does have more muscle than one might expect, a toned figure built through hours of training to be a skilled fighter.


Sweet and spicy, the most noticeable hints of her scent are cinnamon and ginger.

unique atributes

Most of her scars are hidden fairly well under her fur, but a few stand out where they are more easily seen. Her left foreleg shows quite a few short scars along the portion between her elbow and ankle. Appearing to be many layers and years of bite marks, the scar tissue has built up to the point in places that the fur no longer grows in certain spots. There is also one fairly noticeable scar by her right cheek right under her jaw where a particularly nasty bite had gone too far and torn the skin there. appearance
Time, friends, family, and love have shaped this once broken and fearful woman into a new, confident version of herself. She can sometimes still be a bit skeptical of strangers and will be careful with who she trusts most times, but it is much easier for her to communicate with others and learn to trust than it once had been. If someone is trusted by her mate or close friends then they are automatically trusted by her as well. Because she has been so careful in selecting who she has let into the inner circle of her life, those few wolves have her undying, unwavering loyalty and she trusts their judgement without much questioning.

She tends to be quite altruistic and kind to most, though she is no longer afraid to fight back when the need arrises - especially when it's in protection of someone else. Empowered by the lessons she was taught in fighting, she now knows she can defend herself and others and no longer feels like a burden on those around her. At the end of the day though, she is a lover above all else. Being a mother has brought out an even deeper love for caring for others and she loves to dote on pups of all kinds. Nothing makes her happier than the bitter sweet feeling she gets when she sees her children growing and succeeding in their own paths of life.

Something that has never really faded despite all that she has learned and all of the growth she has enjoyed is a hunger for knowledge. Even if it's a field of study that she doesn't typically spend much time studying or isn't very skilled in, she will still take time out of her day and dutifully listen to any lesson that is offered to her. She is constantly grateful for the fact that she has the ability to learn and improve herself after being restricted from such things for much of her younger life. A new passion that came in more recent years is the love of teaching. She still has frequent doubts about weather she is good enough at anything to be able to teach someone else, but she enjoys seeing others learn so much that she pushes through those doubts - at least in the areas that she is most knowledgeable. personality

Possessions & Companions

Leather bracers with attached metal plates that are etched with figures, gifted to her by Sirius

Leather harness with coiled, spiked vines attached over each shoulder and around her scruff. misc

Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Immortality (In Years) Immortality (In Years) Allows an extra year of life for your character beyond the normal 10. n/a 1
Immortality (In Years) Immortality (In Years) Allows an extra year of life for your character beyond the normal 10. n/a 1
Post-Acceptance Marking Pass Post-Acceptance Marking Pass Allows for a small marking of a reasonable size (takes one season to fully appear IC). White eye markings n/a
Battle Accessory - Defensive Battle Accessory - Defensive A defensive battle accessory. Bracers on two limbs with carvings etched into the metal. n/a
Battle Accessory - Offensive Battle Accessory - Offensive An offensive battle accessory. Leather armor that covers the shoulders and upper back with a thorn covered vine draped across it. The vine is coiled into a dense swirl on each shoulder for her to be able to jab her opponent with the thorns when she slams her shoulder into them. n/a
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