Aryn Valentinefull name
1 Yearage
Summer of Year 13birthdate
Lawful Goodalignment

Aryn represents a gentle flower washed in a beautiful mix of both dark and light greys. Her pelt is of medium length while remaining thick. The base coloration of her fur is a charcoal grey sometimes veering on black. But, a gentle lighter grey sweeps in to steal the show. These lighter tones are mostly seen upon her spine with tendrils sweeping down along her ribs, hackles, and tail tip. Each of her four paws are also this light grey coloration as well as whisps along her lower legs. The top of Aryn's muzzle is a dark charcoal, this travels up over her ears and along her brow. But, the lighter tones come back along the sides of her muzzle, beneath her eyes, and along the sides of her face in two gentle flicks. The only vibrant coloration upon the small femme's form is within her eyes. Aryn's eyes are a beaming pinkish purple and they seem to glisten in a way like no other.

29" . Light . Pink Eyes . Delicate


Catching a glimpse of the setting sun or the linger aroma of a fresh picked flower is what this youngling lives for. An endless moment of serenity with loved ones surrounded by peace and harmony. A gentle smile flashed to a passing friend or the burn of a blush against her cheeks. Aryn is a creature of the moment, desiring nothing more then to take in anything the promising world may have to offer.

In the earliest stages of life Aryn is the burst of sunshine no one could dim. With a beaming smile and a little waddle into a shady den she seems to breath an air of happiness. The youth will be swimming with imagination and beg to listen to any and every story her elders may have in their arsenal. Learning of her roots and the great Wolves that paved the way for her family. She will also be quite the explorer, wishing to discover new flowers, paths, and animals.

With growth the babe will come to be quite the determined healer. Hoping to find someone to teach her of herbs and medicines. The drive for this would be the depths of her determination to help others and always be of aid. Despite her love of beautiful fantastical things she would never wish to be considered helpless. With a lack of motivation to be a warrior she will enjoy the concept of patching the warriors of Lirim up in time of need.

Aryn is lighthearted and joyous to the core but will turn rather serious if her family's well being is at stake. Perhaps the only time this smiling babe would ever bare her fangs would be in order ward of evil from her loved ones. Family comes first for this loving femme and next to nothing could change that. Though, with such a loving heart comes a desire for romance. As this beautiful flower would come of age so would her yearning for a galant male to swoop her off her paws. Aryn would never be blind-fully trusting to give her heart to just anyone but flirting never hurt anyone. She wouldn't rush into anything but deep down this hopeless romantic will desire a happily ever after.

soft . caring . respectful . loveable



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parentsDerecho x Torin
siblingsSiobahn, Lili, Pàdraig and Lachlan.


Beginner Hunter (0)
Beginner Healer (5)
Hunting : 02/27/20

Healing : 06/26/19

+5 - Got a treat during Halloween 2019

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Aryn Valentine vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Light
Skills: Beginner Hunter & Beginner Healer
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