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Cannivalfull name
Cani / Canni / Valnicknames
4 Yearsage
Autumn of Year 10birthdate
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True Neutralalignment

Cannival stands 40" at the shoulder, which is slightly above average for her species. Build-wise she is a very even, lithe specimen with solid coils of muscle widespread. She is perfectly created for stamina and mobility, able to perform long distance sprints as well as climb trees with ease.

This lioness is not tan as many others of her species, and she stands out harshly against the Savannah in which she lived. Her coat is a dusky brown that shines with red-purple undertones in the light. Deep slate gradients wrap under her belly and towards her paws. She is slightly spotted, though her spots are only visible upon her upper legs and along the sides of her stomach. She is made of both warm and cold hues, her base browns being the former, and the latter being present only within the greys and blacks, which tint almost towards a very slight blue.

Cannivals eyes are a vibrant yellow-orange as is typical of others of her species.


:: TRAITS ::

Loyal, Trustworthy, Protective, Reliable, Soft-Spoken, Gentle, Athletic, Venturesome, Intelligent, Perceptive.

Loyal, Trustworthy, Protective, Reliable :: Cannival is as fiercely loyal as they come, believing wholeheartedly in the importance of taking care of those who take care of you. She will live and die for those who are good to her.

Soft-Spoken, Gentle :: Cannival does not believe in unnecessary violence, though when angered she will defend herself and others. It is easier to bring her to violence by threatening those she cares about then by threatening her own self.

Athletic, Venturesome :: Cannival loves to explore, to scale trees and cliffs and find new hidden lands. She is in very good shape and enjoys activities that help her to remain limber and mobile. Often she can be found lounging in the branches of a tree, or playing at the base of a waterfall. Unlike most cats, she loves water and to swim.

Intelligent, Perceptive :: Cannival loves knowledge and will seek it out in any way she can. She will always listen to another's life story and enjoys advising others. She has a knack for reading body language and extracting hidden meanings or imperfectly hidden emotions.



Cannival was born to a pride of lions, and raised within it happily to young-adulthood. She- like many other females -was tasked to carry and give birth to the cubs of the dominant male of the pride. She did so dutifully, until the day his rule was challenged. The challenger won over the aged male, and took control of the pride. His first act as ruler was to kill all of the cubs sired by the former leader.

Cannival was treated kindly by the other half-dozen females who had also lost young.

"This is just what happens, Canni."

Her cubs were torn from her paws, and though she tried to fight back she was quickly put in her place by the fearsome male. She watched as their lives were ended quickly, their tiny squeals for help unanswered. That day, Cannival decided that she did not belong.

Brokenhearted, she left under cover of darkness. She traveled for many moons, looking for a new home where she would be safe from cruelty. Cannival accepted that she would likely never have another cub- as she had stopped seeing other lions around after several weeks of travel -but she vowed to never stand by while someone's kin was taken from them ever again.

Cannival met many other creatures on her journey, and spoke with them whenever they were willing. From most, she asked advice. She wondered where she would fit in, and where she could find a home. It was a small fox that told her of the Wolves. The culture facinated her. A true family. She decided then that she would meet the wolves, and prayed that they would welcome her.

Canni finds Abaven, is welcomed in by Shaye the alpha and placed as a "sanctuary."

Canni nearly poisons a wolf accidentally, decides to try and learn to be a better healer.

Canni meets Motif, who becomes her bestest friend in the universe.

A fire in Abaven causes Canni to worry if she belongs with wolves, saves Motif's life.

Canni is poisoned by Rain, who encourages her to find him in Risen if ever he needs her.

Barely lucid Canni shows up as expected to Risen, is allowed to stay temporarily.

Canni follows some Risen members to the viking's auction, finds a friend for sale and puts herself up in exchange.

The Volcano erupts and Canni accompanies the vikings in moving territories, though loses them soon after.

Canni finds out Motif is alive but was kidnapped by Ashen (actually, the vikings and then bought by Ashen) and goes on quest to find her tiny friend..

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Cannival vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Cannival vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Other species
Build: Medium
Skills: Advanced Healer & Expert Intellectual
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