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Although small and light in frame, Eris is surprisingly leggy. Her proportions are almost comically strange - although she's sure to grow out of some of it, it's likely she will always have longer limbs and larger paws. She is excellent at keeping pace and often ranges ahead of a group due to her longer stride. No one has ever accused her of being unable to keep up. Her black fur is short on her body and legs, but she has a thick ruff of fur similar to that of a bulkier male along her neck and trailing down her spine. It makes her look deceptively heavier than she is, creating the illusion of strength.

Unless you get close, you would never tell that her eyes are somewhat vacant. There is an almost transparent milky halo eclipsing her red irises and pupils - Eris can still see shapes and some colors, but she is slowly and surely going blind. Her ears and nose are over-tuned as a result; this degenerative condition will certainly one day mean the end of her fighting days. Against the black of her fur, her white markings are a stark contrast. She finds it difficult to keep herself clean due to her weak eyesight, so they are often muddied.

Due to her past, Eris is hesitant to trust. It takes a concerted effort to break through her initial emotional barriers. Once inside her walls, you will find that same pup that was abandoned outside of her den: spoiled rotten, needy, clingy, and surprisingly vulnerable. Having spent so much time relying on others has made her more than a little codependent. Tor help the wolves she attaches herself to. Once she decides she likes you, Eris is impossible to get rid of. To her, correcting the balance has something to do with surrounding herself with as many wolves as possible. If she is never alone, she will never be without sight. It is her most private thought.

Eris is wholly committed to the Ademre, as she considers the Oath and the Lethani the one true mode of being. Without the Ademre, she is lost. The Lethani and her companions are more important to her than her own mortal body. Since the birth of her children and loss of one of her sons, Eris is despondent and withdrawn. She feels she is being punished for a sin she can't pinpoint and doesn't know how to atone for. Now totally withdrawn, she relies only on the Ademre's wordless method of communication and relies more heavily on her partner and soul-bound "mate," Oxide, more than ever.

The Ademre
The Basics

Nestled deep in the island of Haert, these Ademre follow the path of the sword tree. Dedicated, and highly trained warriors, who follow a code of conduct known as the Lethani. Their world is a barren, harsh place, and from it produces wolves that are practical, and a little stern. They work together as a community, the wealth of one is the wealth of all. The Adem believe themselves to be culturally superior to the other peoples of the world, to whom they refer as ‘barbarians’. This is primarily a result of their beliefs regarding outward displays of emotion, the repression of which is viewed as a mark of civilized culture. They do not lord over other cultures, as this would ‘not be of the Lethani.'

Fighting is their main trade, and they all strive to be warriors. Their fighters are ranked ‘by the stone’ with the ‘First stone’ being the lowest rank. Once any warrior reaches a ‘stone’ they are able to ‘take the reds’ and wear markings of red to signify their status as a warrior. The greatest fighter among them wears white. The Sword Tree is a great, red blossom tree that sits in the center of their island. There are stones laid out on the hill beneath it, and a warrior of each rank stands there. A warrior striving to rise higher in the ranks fights a warrior of each rank by a stone until they lose. The school here teaches the path of the sword, and any who wish to join the disciple audition at the school The Ademre Religion and the Star Path

Basic Beliefs:
Tor - she wolf moon god - females pray to her and call upon her in time of need - Life - Love - Heart
Fenris - wolf sun god - males pray to him and call upon him in times of need - Hard Truths/Honesty - Death - Heroism
Sita - from whence all good things came, was murdered and reborn 3 moons later to return the balance
Wolfbane - from whence all evil comes, murdered Sita
Pyre - The red girl, one of Tor’s daughters with fur red as an autumn leaf - keeper of the red meadow
Dammam - first of the Varg and first keeper of the balance. - born from the earth
Va - created by Tor out of Dammam’s tooth - mother of the Varg
Varg - wolf
Lera - any wild animal
Red Meadow - Afterlife - where souls go to rest after death
The Great Darkness - When balance went out of true over the whole of the world. Reversed by Sita’s sacrifice.

Keeper: The chosen wolf (by the previous keeper - 1st keeper chosen by Dammam but that line was lost during the great darkness. Current line was first chosen by Sita herself) that keeps the stories and legends of their past - passed down the knowledge of keeping the balance and seeking out disturbances then correcting them in either direction. Always a male, but prays to both Tor and Fenris instead of just Fenris.

Creation Myth: In the legends, the wolf gods Tor and Fenris were said to be the makers of sky and stone, and had created the world and so brought "light out of the darkness" and Tor first brought forth the earth, and her children Dammam, Sita, Wolfbane, and Pyre. Dammam, the first wolf and first keeper of the balance. Tor sent Dammam to sleep one day and took one of his teeth and created the first she wolf, Va. The pair would go on to rule the first pack, her children the Varg. Dammam taught that as wolves they had reign over the land and its inhabitants. They were taught by Tor to keep the herd healthy in their selections. By Fenris the wolves learned to kill efficiently and to fight honorably. Dammam being mortal eventually passed on to the red meadow, and the children he left behind were taught to keep the balance of life and death. Through the generations the knowledge passed down from the first of the Varg was twisted and corrupted with the help of Wolfbane.

The world fell out of balance. Violence and Death were all the Varg or Lera knew. Tor and Fenris then sent the angelic Sita from the heavens to the Varg below. She brought with her love, kindness, and compassion. Soon the Varg were lifted from darkness, but not without sacrifice. She was killed by Wolfbane. The world looked as though it would be plunged back in to chaos, until three moons later Sita reappeared with the rising moon of winter solstice. With both Sita and Wolfbane in the world Balance was restored and the pact between Tor, Fenris, and the Varg returned and the wolves lived in peace. However in places other than the island of Heart, the balance remains off center.

Ideals: Seekers of balance in the mortal realm. Can’t have life without death, happiness without sadness, or good without evil. Tor and Fenris will call you to this path, but most still train under the sword tree. The oath of the star is a personal oath that some Ademre take and some do not. They seek to restore balance to the world around them, through prayer and action.

The Lethani: It is not only doing what is right, but knowing what is right to begin with. It is also a way to make the best of life, and it can be said that is the way to live properly, or with honor. Sometimes it seems counter-intuitive, but it is frequently stated that no man, woman or child among the Adem claims to know the Lethani. To kill without need is not of the Lethani. It is a complex topic that cannot be discussed explicitly. “To guide us in our actions. By following the Lethani, you act rightly. The Lethani is not a path, it is what helps us choose a path.”

Communication: To outsiders, the Adem may seem at first impression to be aloof and emotionless, as they use words sparingly, avoid eye contact, and typically maintain an utterly blank facial expression. In addition, they are sometimes perceived as fidgety and anxious, for while they tend to be silent they can often be seen making small gestures or tics with one hand. In truth, however, these gestures are how the Adem display their emotions, using a form of sign language while repressing facial expressions. Facial expressions are allowed while interacting in a family setting. While most emotions are not expressed facially or verbally, the Adem do not feel the need to refrain from laughter and crying, as they believe that such basic, primal emotions should not be kept inside.

Sexual Beliefs: They do not believe that men have any role in helping women to conceive children, nor in passing on heritable traits. They believe that women naturally "ripen" and bear children after reaching maturity. The Adem are also not shy about sex, meaning they have no concept of sexual privacy, they aren't ashamed of nudity, and they can be in more than one sexual relationship at the same time without any kind of resentment from the other partners. Sex is not assigned any of the emotional weight and ceremony that is typical of other cultures; while it is an intimate experience, it is viewed as more of a fulfilling of bodily needs than an expression of romantic feelings, with sex and love being very distinct concepts to the Adem.


aged up - 9/4/2019 - winter yr 13 Aged up - 3 yr - 5/1/2020 - winter yr 14 Aged up - 4 yr - winter yr 15



Since Eris was born, she yearned to fight. She was the runt of her litter and was coddled as a result - since birth, she has been used to getting her way. As soon as her eyes opened as a puppy, she could tell something wasn't right. It wasn't long before her mother caught on and devoted much of her attention to the small and bleary-eyed pup. When it became apparent that her ailment was not just temporary and would worsen over time, she was cast aside. It was just after she had been weaned, and after her mother and siblings vacated the den, Eris found herself totally unmoored. When she had waypoints, her world was easy to navigate. With the den empty and cold, the young wolf stuck around the area for weeks. She howled and keened and raged alone until a lone wolf followed her cries.

She was taken in by the Ademre and taught the Lethani, then taught to fight. Fighting came more easily to her than they expected, but her eyesight grew worse even as her skills were honed. Eventually, she was persuaded to take the Oath, so that she could further serve the Ademre once her vision faded entirely.

Since coming to Boreas, Eris has located her lost family and met a host of strangers. The Ademre have finally reunited and formed a renewed band in this new land. After her life was saved twice by a mysterious stranger, Eris quickly became convinced that they were soul-bound and destined to be together as decreed by the gods themselves. She attached herself to Oxide Nightingale's hip and hasn't left since. Ademic belief means that she does not see him as the genetic father of her children, but he has sired her son without a doubt - just a single glance from a stranger can confirm their likeness.

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