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Deathbelle Ravage Kleinfull name
Belle, Rav, Death?nicknames
5 Yearsage
Winter of Year 9birthdate
Lawful Neutralalignment
Where My Demons Hide
35” 77lbs

Charcoal & Ash - Alabaster Waves - Vivid Amethyst Eyes
Deathbelle has a base coat of ash with charcoal markings. Her ears, mask, forelegs, lower hind legs, and a dorsal stripe are this darker color. Throughout her charcoal markings are flecks of silver but more noticeable are the swathes of ivory that swaddle the babe. Her tail, the majority of her belly, and back legs are wrapped in the pale fur. These waves of alabaster splash up on her chest and over her abdomen in splattered stripes. Her left ear is almost completely covered in white along with a thin stripe at the base of her nose. Silky smooth fur swathes her shapely bodice, as a princess she always looks her best. Perfectly groomed always. Deathbelle is a graceful being, her regal blood shows through in her precise and rhythmic movements. She is of light build with dancer’s feet. Belle boasts a warrior’s build, a strong core and trained muscle. Bright gradated amethyst eyes are faceted in an almond shaped gaze. appearance
Princess: Belle believes full heartedly that she is royalty despite her mother’s lower class. She can be unintentionally condescending to those who are of lesser blood than she, and often looks down her nose at the commoners. She’s outspoken and unafraid of speaking her mind. She’s had to prove herself more vigorously than her Iber born siblings and isn’t afraid to work hard and do so again. Belle is quick witted and always enjoys back and forth banter with those she respects. Stern: The woman is a harsh mistress, she is unforgiving and holds a grudge. Belle is a tough cookie, strong in the face of adversity and unafraid of conflict. She places high expectations on herself and those around her. This stoic demeanor makes obvious her cold exterior and perfectionist ways. This icy manner is extended to anyone who has not gained her trust. Capable: To the Klein family Deathbelle is eternally loyal, always willing to go extra lengths for her blood. She’s competent at any task assigned to her but she is a warrior at heart. She’s fearless and faces opponents without hesitation. She’s dependable and holds true to her words. Honorable: Belle holds honesty and truth in high regard. She’s not a backstabber or one to work in secret and shadow. She is brazen with her intentions and feelings, and strives to live up to her moral code.
Where My Demons Hide
Small Accessory- Rosebud Tiara (thanks Fen!)
Pretty Pendant - Feather Ear Ring
Pretty Pendant - White Gold Bead on Lavender Ribbon (At base of Tail)
Forever Flower - Purple Hibiscus (At base of Tail)
Small Accessory - Copper Bangle
Companion 1- Female Short-Eared Owl - 45" Wingspan - Thistle
Companion II: Female Madame Berthe's mouse lemur - Tiny but Mighty - Snowberry
Mutation: Retractable Cat Claws
Aged: 9/1/19, 5/1/20
Where My Demons Hide


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matewidowed - Archon Abraxas
childrenVenom, Toxicity, Plague, Pestilence, and Calamity - By Archon
Incubus, Chimera, Siren - By Hannibal
parentsHamiclar Klein (m) x Yvonne (f)
siblingsAeona, Roman, Rosemary - littermates
Extended FamilyAll the Kleins<3


Master Fighter (240)
Master Healer (240)

Poison Master
FIGHTING : 3/24/19

+30 - Seasonal skill prompt Spring, year 13 (solo)
+30 - Don't Wake Me- Seasonal Skill Prompt Summer Year 13 (Group)
+15 - Won a Fight Against Someone of Lower Rank (vs. Dagfinn)
+10 - Fought a Medium Predator (Leopard)
+10 - Participate in a Fight (vs. Pyrrhic)
+15 - Won a Fight Against Someone of the Same Rank (vs. Harbringr)
+10 - Participate n a Fight (v Sirius)
+15 - Won a Fight Against Someone of Lower Skill (Calamity)
+30 - Hunted and Hunted - Bonus Seasonal Skill Prompt - Winter Year 13 (Group)
+20 - Won a Fight Against an Opponent of Higher Rank (Acere)
+10 - Fought a Medium Predator (Coyote Pack)
+15 - Fought a Large Predator (Tiger)
+15 - Won a Fight (v Theory)

HEALING : 04/01/19
+10 - Heal a Wound (Lacerations)
+5- Collected woolly lambs' ear
+5- Collected meadowsweet
+10- Gave a lesson on the dangers of wintergreen to Eris
+5- Collected Horsetail
+5- Collected Marshmallow
+35- Crafting Makes Perfect- Seasonal Skill Prompt Fall Year 13 (group) +bonus
+15 - Participate in Healing Training 3+ Wolves
+10 - Gave a Lesson (Boneset)
+5 - Harvested an Herb (Boneset)
+10 - Taught a Healing Lesson (Common Desert Plants)
+10 - Healed a Wound (Bite Punctures)
+10 - Perscribed Wound Treatment
+30 - Hunted and Hunted - Bonus Seasonal Skill Prompt - Winter Year 13 (Group)
+10 - Healed a Wound (Scratches)
+5 - Harvest an Herb (Boneset)
+10 - Heal a Wound (Set a Broken Leg)
+10 - Heal an Ailment (Severe Cough)
+10 - Give a Healing Lesson (Limb Sprains)
+30 - Lingering Effects -Seasonal Skill Prompt - Summer Year 14 (group)

Fight Form

Deathbelle Ravage Klein vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Light
Offensive Battle Accessory: Obsidian knife
Defensive Battle Accessory: Polar bear cape
Companion 1: Short-Eared Owl, Female - Flying
Companion 2: Madame Berthe's Mouse Lemur, Female - Battle
Mutation 1: Cat claws - Offensive
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Healer
Specialty: Poison Master
Deathbelle Ravage Klein vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Light
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Obsidian knife</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Polar bear cape</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Short-Eared Owl, Female - Flying</a>
Companion 2: <a href="">Madame Berthe's Mouse Lemur, Female - Battle</a>
Mutation 1: <a href="">Cat claws - Offensive</a>
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Healer
Specialty: Poison Master


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