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The canvas of this warriors coat is a deep rich black, like the silent hues of night. The beginnings of light can be seen in the flecks of amber and red that burn across his middle like embers in the breeze across a dark sky. These burning tones alight across his muzzle, his cheeks, his ruff and midriff. They brush beneath his eye, and dance across the tips of his ears. They burn patterns down his back in growing width, and down the length of glossy tail. He is a sea of black on fire, and his feet are flames. With lighter tones of amber’s and reds that cooler to lighter yellows across his toes.

His eyes are a deep silver, like molten lead, swirling and ever changing. There is emotion that can be seen here, when it is displayed nowhere else across his face. His pads are black as through he walks on coals, and the silver daggers that slip between his lips are unnaturally long, and stand as his birthright as a warrior.


Stern and quiet, his face is a blank page, his gestures are his emotions, a language only one of the Ademre can understand. He follows the path of the sword tree, through he does not yet know this. Having woken in the battlefield will his memory lost to him. He will do what is right he is the hand of justice. Devoted more to his disciple then religion. He is still young, and his heart is filled with fire, a burning need to know and see more. He outwardly expresses this as calm, as it fitting for his kind. He holds curiosity about music, something his people frown upon.

He is protective of his sister, through knows that she can fight for herself, and is eager to understand what happened to them. He holds a sense of loss in his heart, and doesn't know what it is. He is brave and kind, and a warrior, through he is not yet ranked as one.
He gets flashes of memories, and they are always the same. A red blossom tree, its branches swaying in the wind. A cliff, heavy set stones, the sunset, and a voice. Through the words are lost to him.



Lament Pyre

Remembered History:  

He has awoken in the battlefield, with his memory lost to him. All he remembered, are flashes of images, his sisters, and his name. He knows his language, both signed and spoken, and knows that the people of Boreas are unlike him and his siblings.

He hypothesis that he is from far away, but can not for the life of him figure out how he got here, or why. He suspects that this was something done to them by an unknown enemy.

Background on the Ademre:  

Nestled deep in the island of Haert, these Ademre follow the path of the sword tree. Dedicated, and highly trained warriors, who follow a code of conduct known as the Lethani. Their world is a barren, harsh place, and from it produces wolves that are practical, and a little stern. They work together as a community, the wealth of one is the wealth of all. The Adem believe themselves to be culturally superior to the other peoples of the world, to whom they refer as ‘barbarians’. This is primarily a result of their beliefs regarding outward displays of emotion, the repression of which is viewed as a mark of civilized culture. They do not lord over other cultures, as this would ‘not be of the Lethani’

Fighting is their main trade, and they all strive to be warriors. Their fighters are ranked ‘by the stone’ with the ‘First stone’ being the lowest rank. Once any warrior reaches a ‘stone’ they are able to ‘take the reds’ and wear markings of red to signify their status as a warrior. The greatest fighter among them wears white. The Sword Tree is a great, red blossom tree that sits in the center of their island. There are stones laid out on the hill beneath it, and a warrior of each rank stands there. A warrior striving to rise higher in the ranks fights a warrior of each rank by a stone until they lose.

The school here teaches the path of the sword, and any who wish to join the disciple audition at the school

The Lethani:  

It is not only doing what is right, but knowing what is right to begin with. It is also a way to make the best of life, and it can be said that is the way to live properly, or with honor. Sometimes it seems counterintuitive, but it is frequently stated that no man, woman or child among the Adem claims to know the Lethani. To kill without need is not of the Lethani. It is a complex topic that cannot be discussed explicitly. “To guide us in our actions. By following the Lethani, you act rightly. The Lethani is not a path, it is what helps us choose a path”


To outsiders, the Adem may seem at first impression to be aloof and emotionless, as they use words sparingly, avoid eye contact, and typically maintain an utterly blank facial expression. In addition, they are sometimes perceived as fidgety and anxious, for while they tend to be silent they can often be seen making small gestures or tics with one hand.

In truth, however, these gestures are how the Adem display their emotions, using a form of sign language while repressing facial expressions. Facial expressions are allowed while interacting in a family setting. While most emotions are not expressed facially or verbally, the Adem do not feel the need to refrain from laughter and crying, as they believe that such basic, primal emotions should not be kept inside.
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parentsBanner Pyre of The Ademre (Path of the Star)
siblingsBallad - Sister

Fight Form

Lament Pyre of the Ademre vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Light
Defensive Battle Accessory: Defensive bracers
Companion 1: Golden pheasant, Female - Battle
Mutation 1: Elongated fangs - Offensive
Skills: Expert Fighter & Beginner Hunter
Specialty: N/A
Lament Pyre of the Ademre vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Light
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Defensive bracers</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Golden pheasant, Female - Battle</a>
Mutation 1: <a href="">Elongated fangs - Offensive</a>
Skills: Expert Fighter & Beginner Hunter
Specialty: N/A


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