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A stunning spectacle of ice and snow, Kirsi is well aware of the beauty that she has been endowed with. Her head is a dark blue, the color of a deep-sea glacier, and around her cheeks are light speckles of pale blue - similar to the soft light of the stars that might illuminate a wintry night sky. The same pale blue crawls down her back in an uneven pattern of wispy stripes. The deep blue color fades as it works its way down her back, eventually disappearing into snow-white fur on her lower limbs and the tip of her tail. Another peculiarity is the faint, hardly noticeable white markings that streak the side of her coat, like sharp, jagged cracks through clear ice. Her eyes bear the exact color of a crisp blue sky, a sharp contrast to the deeper blue of the fur on her head. As for build, Kirsi is a small woman, hardly reaching 24" at the shoulder, though it is immediately clear upon meeting her that her size is no hindrance to the glacial woman.


COLD — As icy as the climate from which she was born, Kirsi has a sleek, cold exterior - and what lies beneath is hardly much warmer. On the surface, she generally seems aloof and disinterested in most wolves that she encounters unless it serves her to do otherwise.

ARROGANT — Kirsi is borderline arrogant, acting as though she's above most others. She tends to be quite picky about who she chooses to give her attention to, carefully assessing the value of the wolves she surrounds herself with and whether their company benefits her or not. Occasionally her biting temperament comes through, her anger harsh when it manages to present herself.

DECEITFUL — Kirsi isn't a stranger to being deceitful, able to mask her her true emotions alarmingly easily... even to those close to her. A trickster by nature, she lies easily and her deceitful nature often leads others to wonder if they ever really know what sort of game she is playing at all. Lying is delightfully easy for her, and though she's not as much a pathological liar as she was when she was younger, sometimes she likes to see just what lies she's capable of.

DISLOYAL? — Due to her deceptive personality, it can often be hard to tell where her loyalties truly lie. Deep down, she herself knows exactly where her heart belongs - but, knowing that the simple route is not always the best, she is willing to sacrifice whatever she can to ensure the best possible outcome for herself and those she does truly care for.

CHAOTIC — Kirsi has a tendency to be chaotic at best, finding few crimes that are beneath her, and always willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead… no matter the cost. While some might wonder if her loyalties have strayed from the northern group, while some might think the opposite - that the southern group cannot trust her - the truth is that her heart has always been wavering somewhere precariously in the middle - a very dangerous territory to be.



Though their love story might be one that stories could someday be told about, it is one originally spawned from lies and deception. Even as a child young Kirsi was known for being a trickster, earning her a harsh reputation among her peers, and often forcing her to look beyond the borders of her home for entertainment. Born in a common family in the northern kingdom, she always had aspirations to become something much greater - and when she met Ignatius' brother, she was certain that she had found that something.

Though he was slightly older than her, she was instantly drawn to his charismatic charm and his guileful ways. She was aware of his original claim to the southern kingdom's throne, and he divulged his frustrations and subsequent plan to betray his brother and reclaim a spot on the throne - of course, a spot that was rightfully his to begin with, according to him. Instantly enamored with the older boy, he concocted a plan and enlisted her help in framing Ignatius in something so corrupt that his family would have no choice but to exile him permanently. The plan was to grow close to him and earn his trust, before framing him for the ultimate crime.

However, well... things didn't go exactly according to plan. While she did gain his trust, and he did ultimately develop feelings for her, she too grew fond of the introverted, kind male. He challenged her in ways she never thought anyone could, quite literally warming his way into her icy heart. She saw something in him that his brother lacked, and before long the two had grown into young adults together and their love had blossomed like wildfire. Not only were they forced to keep their relationship a secret, but Kirsi also had to keep up the act with Ignatius' brother until keeping her secret was possible no longer - when she finally realized she was carrying his children.

Upon realizing this, Ignatius' brother, feeling betrayed by her, blackmailed her into dethroning him anyway - promising he would kill her children if she didn't fulfill their plan. Ultimately deciding that even Ignatius would agree with her decision (and, knowing the extent of his cruelty, fully believing he was capable of such atrocities) she helped Ignatius' brother, enacting a plan to frame him for murder - and ultimately exile him. Not wanting Ignatius to know what she had done, she stayed away from him during the period of her pregnancy, intending to find him after he was banished from the kingdom and start a true life and family with him. He would forgive her for what she had endured for them, she was certain of it. Though the plan was a success one, soon after her children were born they were taken by Ignatius' brother and killed anyway, all five of them - a show of power as much as a punishment for the way she had ultimately betrayed him in the end.

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Kirsi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
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