Cairo II

Cairo Lanze Adravendifull name
3 Yearsage
Spring of Year 12birthdate
Lawful Goodalignment
Steadfast Seekerrank
hereplot thread

36" - 39" by mid-winter of year 14 - Large - Heavy
A throwback to his maternal great grandsire, Cairo the first, this Cairo's base coat is a rich milk chocolate tone, and splotched over with wild spots of dark chocolate, with a massive splotch covering halve of his bushy tail, and thick cow spots covering his back and right shoulder - crossing to almost the left underside of his neck - in continental patterns.

Brilliant white splashes up to midway up his left foreleg, and dashes under each brilliant, highly saturated sapphire eyes; the under eye marks likely passed from his mysterious sire.

His right foreleg carries a dipping of slate black, matching the white sock in height. These two socks overlay a further application of the dark chocolate splotches, and finally, the spots liberally spot his hind legs.

Both ears are dipped to the bases in the same slate black coloring. Upon his face, amid heavy dark chocolate splotching, a mask of black paints his face, starting from his nose to arch over his eyes, with the center extending toward his forehead in a peak.

The splotching is, in fact, a genetic mark of his mother's father, Maverick Matthias. Like most of his siblings, his mother, and many of his kin from the pairing of Maverick and Epiphron, he both bears and will be likely to pass down this dominance of spots, though on him, they are much akin to the chimeric traits seen in some horses. (Those are so cooooool! Sorry, horse nerdiness had to rear its head)

In build, though he will likely never meet with the same massive height of the Adravendi Patriarch, who reached 42" or 43" at the shoulder, Cairo the second will still bear the same formidable, powerful presence and grace in build. Broad shouldered and robust of breast, his legs are long and paws large by the time he reaches adulthood.

His facial structure is a direct resemblance to his namesake, with wide, intelligent eyes, angular bone structure, a strong, tapered muzzle and jawline, and an ever-present smile. (Were he a human, by his twenties, he’d already have deep laugh lines on his face, especially around his eyes.)

He is the epitome of a warrior, and yet there is a gentle expressiveness to his features and movements that evokes a feeling that he is capable and readily giving of great tenderness. Every step as an adult will be made in a kingly stateliness, and he holds himself proudly, knowing the legacy he bears in name and blood, and those eyes.

His coat, while short, is lush and full, a boon in winter months with how thick his undercoat grows in those times, yet gratifyingly lightweight in the hotter months, whether through genes or adaptation, it's uncertain.appearance

A warrior and natural leader, Cairo the second was given great pawprints to fill when his mother bequeathed him the name of the family's known founder, Cairo. So many stories of the proud chocolate patriarch, kept alive by the Adravendis who never bore his blood yet bore a love for the male, passed down from one healer. Most assuredly a daunting legacy to uphold.

Young Cairo aspires to be like the Cairo of the past. To be hard working, loyal, true, and steadfast. A true friend, he will always be there to protect his friends and family.

He loves fiercely, and fiercely loves those he cares for, readily throwing himself in harms way to defend them. With a strong sense of right and wrong, he will unfailingly stop to help the needy, and sincerely prefers to work for what he earns. Having royal blood means nothing if you aren't willing to do the work that makes you a likeable creature.

He is an apt learner, and an avid listener, both in lessons and stories, and he strives to best not others, but himself. He will always try to do better than his previous attempts, even if those were exemplary in the first place. He aspires to rise in the pack to a high rank, and feels that high position would help him to contribute best to the wealth and good of the pack.

He desires to be a masterful fighter, like his mother, and like her mother's father, his namesake, and like Guinevere the first, who herself walked in a high rank within Starlite before she rose to become Cairo's Queen. (Sidenote.. I think she was a beta for a time, but it was so long ago I'm not entiiiirely sure. It may have actually been lead warrior.)

Not one to shirk courage, he isn't afraid to admit to being afraid. That's the truest mark of courage, right? Being scared but forging on anyway? He has fears like any other, but he will do his best to face them boldly... even... even spiders... Ugh.

Cairo will listen dutifully to his mother's views regarding adoptions, but he won't necessarily agree with them as he grows older and learns more from those of the family who bear the Adravendi name with Cairo the first's blessing. He will, however, adhere to a certain standard of worthiness to be adopted.

As he understands it, the worth Erani bore to receive the name, though she never wed to his predecessor, was that of her constant show of unfailing loyalty and love, even when it meant punishment for being honest with the king when his queen was dying.

Loyalty and respect hold high sway with Cai. He's highly unimpressed with rudeness, arrogance, false flattery, ass kissers and liars, and even less impressed by idle joes and janes who can't seem to lift a paw to contribute to the good of the pack.

He enjoys children, and looks forward to seeing his own little ones scampering around one day, though he may very well be the pickiest fellow when it comes to choosing a mate. He's not willing to settle with a lady just for her looks. He values innovative intelligence, fidelity, courage, and a hardworking, gentle nature. A good mother who loves kids is a must.

Cai is not an easy wolf to annoy. It takes a lot to make him snap, and when he does, it's for a good reason rather than flying off the handle because someone insulted his looks. He rarely rises to jabs about his family as, in his mind, the pestering party is trying to get a rise out of him, so why give them the satisfaction of his anger when his time could be used much more practically elsewhere?personality

Companion 1: Chrystaloria: Female Barn Owl
The typical countenance of her species of owl, yet her eyes are a bright, sparkling silver rather than the natural color of her kind.
Companion 2: Enito: Male Mandrill Monkey

Defensive Accessory: Leather Torso Armor
Offensive Accessory: Bear Clawed Bracer/gauntlets.
Defining Details of Armor: Both his torso armor and his bracers are dyed green as a base color, edged in gold mica dye and black dye (the origin of these dyes is the trunk of goodies Aurielle found). Both the bracers and torso armor are embossed and carved with naturalistic vine and leaf celtic knotwork. He made the initial armor, but as an early promotion gift, unknown to him, Aurielle and Ayodele did the detailing. Mostly the lemur. Hands, y'know.
Non-Battle Accessories:
Promotional Necklace on medium-weight gold chain: This necklace goes to Cairo for his promotion to Steadfast Seeker. Beginning with three beads (Agate, Jasper, Rose Quartz) beads will be added to the necklace with each following promotion. (Sunstone, Black Labradorite Pendant, Sapphire Pendant, Rainbow Moonstone Pendant. Pendants will be in the center surrounded by beads. Horn pieces and teeth will be added to signify his hunting rank. Lion’s tooth included from fighting lions. He wears this necklace always.misc


Cairo the Second was born in Spring of Year 12, third in a litter of five, to a strong, beautiful woman by the name of Gwenevere Adravendi. Gwen, Right Wing of Celestial, then Soul of Valhalla, found herself pregnant under strange circumstances, the sire of her children unknown, though there was some speculation that perhaps the spirit of her late husband Lanse (sp?) came to give her one last gift, with how similar one of her daughters looked to the man.

His initial pup-hood was a rough roller coaster of colds and wellness, herbs and salves being given to him, along with the “medicines” his younger brother Geoffrey, and little sister Viviane tried to cook up for him (well-meaning, always, but mud, bugs and grass were definitely not the greatest of helps…), and he would have a difficult time kicking the colds to the curb until late into his pup-hood.

He was stubborn, however, attending his first Fight Lesson under his mother’s tutelage, learning about defenses.

Later, he met one of his first fellow packmate beyond Paladin, that being Justice Ancora, who gave him some pointers, along with a fright.

Later between colds, he attended Aurielle’s first StoryTime, meeting his alphess for the first time, as well as several of his other packmates, though now most of those wolves are gone, now. He got to hear stories other than his mother’s and enjoyed the experience (even if the actual thread never got finished).

He attended his first Healing Lesson, called by Paladin (why the heck did I write like he never met the guy?). Healing wasn’t really his forte, but it was interesting to learn about how plants could make hurts feel better.

At half a year old, Cairo encountered a porcupine for the first time, narrowly avoiding a face full of quills, wisely deciding to leave the little creature alone. One day, that porky will be lunch.

His life in Celestial would soon become more active, as Aurielle made him and his siblings aware that they would begin training as Sentries, keeping watch on the walls, at first with an adult, and eventually, to do it in pairs, and then alone! He thoroughly enjoyed this step up in life, ambition prickling at his paws to learn all he could and work hard.

Alas… Though Aurielle took Cairo as her apprentice, and his training picked up, it was hard not to see that Gwenevere, injured in a hunt for bears, was growing ill. And, finally, his mother called him to her to explain that she would not be there much longer.

It felt much sooner than it should have been before they were burying her still form in the Moor, discussing what they were to do now. Cairo knew he would be Valhallan, no matter what, his views at odds with his eldest brother’s.

As Spring was born, he attended his first Pack Meeting, heavy with the loss of his mother, but glad to hear of his mentor and alpha’s changes to the pack, and to see her mother and sibling returned—at least someone had a joyful thing to happen.

He and his siblings were ranked as Oaths, being yearlings at last. Later, he and they would attend Valhalla’s first Pack Hunt outside the walls, meeting a couple new wolves in the process in the hunt.

His life was full of training, and it helped him to let go of losing his mother, and he would always remember her as the strong woman and leader she had been in life. However, many things would happen over the following seasons—new neighbors, unexpected, moved in next door. Aurielle held her first Festival.

But then, catastrophe struck. Mt Volkan erupted massively as the Winter of his second year struck. Ash turned day into night, though the eruption occurred at night, and Aurielle called an Emergency Meeting to dole out instructions and make a head count. Cairo’s brother, Geoffrey, was missing, at to this day, is yet un-found.

Luckily, only occasional tremors and incessant ash-fall would reach Valhalla’s borders, and while the cycles of the land were thrown out of order for a long while, prey growing thin and scarce, Spring found Valhalla well and standing. Cairo ventured out once or twice to see what the world was doing to recover.

Cairo’s Training with Aurielle continued, and he was often soundly tromped to the floor or the dirt, or the mud.

In the late summer, Red, a recent new member of Valhalla and an attendee of both Valhalla’s moose hunt and Autumn Festival, called Cairo and his sister Caelia to a lesson on fighting wolves with Mutations.

Cairo was glad to learn from the male, and would go on to seek the man out as often as he could for lessons, spars and Crafting lessons, as with his first piece of armor.

Before he learned armor, however, Aurielle kicked him out for a few days to explore the world, and in his adventures, he met a young wolf from the Ashen Armada, Banshee Fatalis-Klein, as well as finding a necklace.

It wouldn’t be very long before the young man was very glad that he’d made his first set of armor, as a male lion trespassed into Valhalla, and he, with Caelia, fought and killed the beast in his first real fight for something more than a spar or training. Talk about an adrenaline rush.

It was during this year that Cairo made the decision that he wished to be a hunter as well as a fighter, and he eventually came across a hive of honey bees that a bear had cracked open. It was… quite the experience, becoming a new swarm branch for the colony, but he escaped without a single sting.

Friendship was in store for the Adravendi. His decision to add to his armor with a set of clawed bracers was set in motion, and in the process, he met a recently joined new member by the name of Nolan Adravendi. Together, the two made sets of bracers, one for Cai, and one for Nolan, and discussed life and deeper stuff. It was clear the two would become fast friends, as well as cousins, even if their blood wasn’t the same.

It was early in the morning that he dragged young Nolan out to go scavenging for metal in hopes of finding pieces good enough for future armoring projects, and their adventure took them to Veteran’s Plateau. They found plenty of material, and had a good time doing so.

Kicked out by Aurielle again to go exploring the world, Cairo’s paws led him on a very long journey, all the way to the east coast of Boreas and Lover’s Mangrove. It was here that he encountered the unexpected—an Adravendi cousin by the name of Ulric, who was in the process of searching for his sister, Philomena. It was a happy encounter that left Cai feeling hopeful that more were out there, and that he and his siblings weren’t the last blood descendants of the family.

He returned home, feeling hopeful and excited, and that excitement would quadruple as Aurielle informed him of her plans to hold raid training.

Sure enough, the Spirit called the War Circle together for their first lesson in raiding, complete with all manner of obstacles in the usually flat clearing at the Meeting rock.

Life was picking up for the young man. Soon after the first training session, Domari called a hunt, which Cairo and Nolan attended. Cairo was given the honor of the kill shot, and the hunt was successful.

Later Cai would seek out Justice to be tested in his fighting skills (outcome to be determined)

His paws again took him beyond Valhalla, this time to the north, where he encountered a young Winterfellian woman, Altair. At first cautious, the younger wolf soon relaxed enough for the two to hunt (Prey/Outcome To Be Determined)

Upon his return, Cairo assisted Domari with skinning and drying meat from a deer the older man brought down, and deep conversation was had in the process. Cairo was made very hungry.

He found himself on another journey, again to the east, where he encountered two girls, one a loner professing herself to be a princess of some far-off land, and the other an albino girl from Ashen. He found himself unimpressed by the loner, Skyfire Turner, and her snobby hostility, and upon return to Valhalla, he shared the rather irksome encounter with his mentor during training. (Thread still in progress)

Later, to his immense delight, Domari called the Hunt Circle to hunt a Bison Cow. (Participants/Outcome To Be Determined).

To Be Continued
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parentsGwenevere Adravendi x Unknown (Spirit of Lanse???)
siblingsArtur (... Strained Relationship, very differing views on some things... most things), Caelia, Geoffrey (Missing), Viviane
Extended FamilyDon't worry, there will be a tree here

Fight Form

Cairo Lanze Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Heavy
Offensive Battle Accessory: Bear claw bracers
Defensive Battle Accessory: Torso armor
Companion 1: Barn Owl, Female - Flying
Companion 2: Mandrill, Male - Battle
Skills: Expert Fighter & Advanced Hunter
Specialty: N/A
Cairo Lanze Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Heavy
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Bear claw bracers</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Torso armor</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Barn Owl, Female - Flying</a>
Companion 2: <a href="">Mandrill, Male - Battle</a>
Skills: Expert Fighter & Advanced Hunter
Specialty: N/A


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