Caelia Blythe Adravendifull name
7 Yearsage
Spring of Year 12birthdate
Lawful Neutralalignment
herepost log

Caelia's appearance is reminiscent of her mother, and - perhaps even more strongly - of her grandmother. Her base coat is pure white, only marred by muted soft amber markings. The pale color starts at her middle back and spreads down from there in an uneven pattern, trickling down her flanks and tail. The same colored fur adorns her right ear, and a stray splotch can be found on her left one. Her eyes are a mint green, and are a sharp contrast to her pale coat.As for size, Caelia will never be a terribly large female, standing at a quite average height of 32". She will possess a rather athletic build, well-muscled and built for endurance rather than brute strength.


PROUD - Pride, teetering on arrogance, is a defining aspect of Caelia's personality. From birth she will be taught of the importance of family, and grow to be fiercely proud of her lineage. Nothing anyone can do, or say, will convince her otherwise. Often she struggles to see others as being on the same level as her, and relating to them as equals.

SELF-RELIANT - After losing her mother, Caelia has turned inward for many things that she finds herself needing. While she will do what she needs to in order to get ahead, though sinking to the level of manipulation is something she considers beneath her. Though she often acts out of selfishness she does have a strict moral compass of her own that she follows, regardless of how others might view it.

LOYAL - Well, sort of. Not unlike some of her siblings, Caelia tends to lean toward the view that her blood family are the ones she ought to be the most loyal to, and the blood Adravendis are the ones she will help first and foremost, regardless of circumstance.


Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Battle Accessory - Defensive Battle Accessory - Defensive A defensive battle accessory. A pair of simple leather bracers for both forelimbs. n/a
Creepy Contact Lenses Creepy Contact Lenses [NR] [NT] Equippable item that gives a 10% perception bonus in fights. Can look however you choose, but cannot be changed afterwards. Unused n/a
Large Accessory Large Accessory Allows for a large accessory. Beaded necklace on a silver chain, with four beads (agate, jasper, rose quartz, substone) and an lion's tooth. n/a
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