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If the colors of her mother had ever been known to her, she would know just how much of a mirror image she would become, of who her dam had been. Perhaps, if she had known this, she might have been able to guess at the reasons that had left her alone, buried in a mound of late-Autumn leaves. Who wanted to face themselves in retrospect of what they had become?

Sleek shades of midnight are the dominant tone in the dark coated woman. Highlighted with soft streaks of silver against her neck, and lining the bottom of her back hips until it morphs to a toneless white down to her toes. Another array of silver in subtle flecks give volume and gloss to her luxurious tail, and can be found in smaller touches along her body. She has a line of silver along her side, bolder and easier to see then all other silvers against her body. She has white below her eye, and traces across her muzzle like an old scar. Her eyes are a blue as radiant as the moon, and as glossy as a foamy sea. Often they can be seen, lit up in laughter, or flecked with silver with the intensity of her healer-gaze.

A blue ribbon is looped about her left forepaw, and tied off in a little bow. Tucked against the inner lining of the fabric are the dried herbs she liked to keep on her body, and the scent of the ribbon is often associated with a healers den, with the comforting tang of Lavender, mixed in with whatever herbs she deems important for the day. All she knows about the history of the ribbon, is that it was left with her in the leaves as a puppy.

Riva Nightingale

At times, this girl can be quiet and unassuming, to the point where one might make the mistake of considering Riva simple and without cause. In truth, she is still finding her way in the world and discovering who she is now that she it out of the thumb of the healer-mentor that had raised her. She finds strength best in doing what she has always known will be her task in this world - healing, helping, and travelling. Well occasionally shy, she would gladly befriend any that needs her aid. She treats her friends with a soft passion, and a brilliant, fierce kind of kindness.

She is the ying to the yan of her parents, the polar opposite to who they had been, and the light to their darkness. Her mentor had seen to that, and Riva has long suspected she both knew who her mother was, and raised Riva in a way to atone for her mothers mistakes. Of course, she has nothing to prove her theory, and suspecting this has not turned her from her course. Thoughts of her parents often leave her feeling hollow in her heart, so she tries not to well on could-have-beens.

Knowing so little about them, she can not know for certain if she is different from them, or if any of her theories hold truth.
She is fiercely protective of her friends, despite her inability to fight; but tooth and fang are not the only kind of fighting. She would risk a fire to drag a wolf to safety, risk a plague to bring comfort or healing to those in need. Unassuming and quiet as she may be, she’s a fierce and loyal friend with an inner fire that many may never see.

Riva Nightingale

Pre made salves: (Wip)
Strong Pain Relief - Dried Meadowsweet, Ginseng root, lavender and Wintergreen
Mild pain relief - Meadowsweet, Lavender, ginger
Infection - Honey, ginger, garlic
Wound cleaning - salt water infused with Trillium
Inflammatory - Ginger, Stinging Nettle, Plantain, juniper
Sunscreen -
Sunburn - Honey, Aloa vera, marigold petals



Riva Nightingale

Born in the fading colors of Autumn, when the burning tones of amber and bronze begin to crispin and fade. The young, and troubling form of the pup would be found abandoned in the nest of off-cast leaves beneath the great form of an oak tree. The nomad wolf that saved her that day would take her under her wing and teach her the healers trade. The only things this girl would keep from her past, is a name, a blue ribbon, and an unanswered question.

As the seasons past she would take well to the travelling life of a healer, her nature meek in the passing of day to day life, but surprisingly strong in the face of crisis. She lives to help and heal, rarely remaining in one place long enough to plant roots. The first year of her life she spent under the healers wing, learning everything she could of the women's trade. Her mentor could at times be a harsh teacher, and allowed Riva no quarter in her learning. She has a iron-strong memory born from long hours of reciting names, memorising scents, and listing the benefits and dangers of every herb under the blue sky.

It was the harsh treatment of the otherwise sweet healer that left Riva to the theory that her mentor might actually know the identity of her mother, and didn’t like who she had been.
The moment Riva had turned one, the healer had turned her loose on the world, and told her do as much good as she could with her life. Riva took well to the travelling life, and doesn't often feel the pang of loneliness that it brings.

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parentsMother - Nysa Nightingale Father - Unknown
Extended Family


Novice Intellectual (15)
Master Healer (240)

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Riva Nightingale vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Small
Build: Light
Skills: Novice Intellectual & Master Healer
Specialty: N/A


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