Éldi Rudolfrsonfull name
4 Yearsage
Spring of Year 11birthdate
Extra largesize
Lawful Neutralalignment

Solid as the earth, Éldi is muscular and sturdily built. He boasts strong shoulders and thick legs that carry his impressive frame with a muted, down-to-earth elegance. Well proportioned he fits easily into his body, appearing neither lanky nor like a wild boar in wolf form. Standing at 41" his powerful legs taper gently to his paws which are a bit larger than average. Éldi has a strong jaw and sharp, almost angular face that pairs nicely with the angular forms of his body.

Éldi's coat is nothing spectacular. It is thick and rough with coarse hars that give him a perpetually scruffy appearance. The overall color is a sandy brown with deep, earth browns on the upper half of his body and a paler cream on his undersides. Flecks of fur a shade lighter and a shade darker than each of these colors fleck through his coat. His ears are a soft black and the same color wraps around his legs. He is, as of yet, unmarred but with his thirst for battle seeks to gain a set of battle scars comparable to his fathers.

Though his pelt may be plain, his eyes are not. Éldi's eyes are a stunning emerald green. A ring of amber collect around the edge of the eye encircling the forest of green, like a wild fire just taking root.


Adventurous and brave, Éldi is a courageous wolf who is willing to sacrifice himself for those he cares about. He is not the sort to back down from a challenge and refuses to let fear rule him. Even if the odds are bad he will fight for his values to the bitter end. Sometimes, though, his bravely can lead to poor decisions. He has a need to prove himself and show his worth even to the point of taking unnecessary risks that can end in injury or even get others hurt.

Éldi lives in the present. He takes life as it comes and prefers to keep his focus on what is going on around him in the now. He has a lot of trouble planning for the future especially if it involves big, life-changing decisions. When it comes to looking ahead he'd rather procrastinate. This quality makes him much more suited to be a follower than a leader. Beyond becoming a respected warrior he has no real long-term goals.

Something of a morning person, Éldi is up at the crack of dawn or even sometimes before. He shifts very quickly from sleep to alertness and in moments he's ready to go and begin his day. This shift in energy goes both ways and by late afternoon its time for a nap. He enjoys sleeping and when its time for a snooze he can sleep almost anywhere.

An honorable wolf, Éldi follows the traditions of his people as well as his own personal code. There are boundaries he won't cross but there are some that others find uncrossable that he will easily step over. A reliable wolf, he his loyal and respectful to those who outrank him and will do his best to complete the tasks assigned to him.

• Éldi has a male raven companion name Askr who has a wingspan of 50".
• Éldi has a male bobcat companion named Kylar. He's 21" tall.
• Éldi has a small two-inch scar on his back, just in front of his hips from a fight with a coyote pack.


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Fight Form

Éldi Rudolfrson vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Heavy
Offensive Battle Accessory: Battle bracers
Defensive Battle Accessory: Bear skull helmet
Companion 1: Bobcat, Male - Battle
Companion 2: Raven, Male - Flying
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Hunter
Specialty: Marauder
Éldi Rudolfrson vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Heavy
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Battle bracers</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Bear skull helmet</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Bobcat, Male - Battle</a>
Companion 2: <a href="">Raven, Male - Flying</a>
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Hunter
Specialty: Marauder


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