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Regulus Anatolli Adravendifull name
Reg, Reggie, Red, Big Galootnicknames
12 Yearsage
Autumn of Year 4birthdate
Extra largesize
Lawful Goodalignment
Regulus Anatolii Adravendi

Regulus Anatolii Adravendi will be a shock to his parents. For upon his entry unto the world, he could be mistaken as having caused a major hemorrhage in his mother. But, in truth, the deep, blood red, bright as blood fresh from an artery, is his natural color. He will be a very large pup from the start, causing a great deal of hullabaloo during his birth with his mother's difficulty in getting his chunky frame out. Largest in his litter, he will weigh in at a hefty 6 pounds, and already be half the size of a house cat.

As his ears and eyes open, his eyes will be revealed, though hazy with a puppy's bleary eyed first gaze, to be a deep, fathomless sapphire blue, much like his grandmother, the great healer, Erani. His deep red color will not fade with age; his puppy fur silken and soft, his puppy's pudgy body and large size quickly growing, with all the natural weight gain of his species. 6 pounds will swiftly rise to ten, from ten to fourteen.

As He ages, gaining more mobility and vigor, he will throw himself at the world with a pups great curiosity, and all the confidence of a warrior bred strong and true. As his legs grow long and strong enough to keep hi belly off the ground, and his eyes keen enough to catch all the interesting movements, he will have already gained weight and size, standing at a good height, and weighing 20 pounds.

By his half year mark, he will have begun to lose the puppy fat of his weight, lean muscles honed by constant play and activity slowly coming to the fore of his physique. His color remains bright, darkening to a rich, deep blood red when he gets wet, and already catching light like a bonfire. His voice will have gained the accents of his mother and family, Russian and British, with hints of Irish and Scots dallying around the edges. He will be a well spoken pup, with the training given by his parents to bring him to be the Heir of the pack.

By his first year, he will have already reached thirty inches, body ready for his next and final growth spurt. He will have become muscular, strong bones and strong features. His long legs attest to his future height, and his puppy's ungainly scramble will have smoothed out to a predatory prowl as his hunting and fighting training begins. Muscles will already be rippling in his frame. His puppy fur will have turned to the adult coat, still that vibrant red. He will have a thick necklace of fur about his neck, chest and shoulders, as well as his tail having his great uncles long hairs.

His voice will have reached that point in a young males life where puberty begins to deepen the voice, and thus, his voice has the same adolescent tendency to crack and squeak between the beginnings of young baritone, and the ends of an older child. It can be embarrassing when practicing a speech for the pack.

At last, as his second year arrives, his height will have abruptly shot upward, breaking the barrier of his mother's height and crashing into the astounding behemoth status of forty-two inches. His weight, while not yet completely filled out, already tips the scales at 179 lbs, and as his final musculature fills out and he finishes his full maturing, he will be a monster of size at a powerful 200 pounds even.

His physique at his mature age is everything a female would want in a prince or king. He is magnificent, brawny, and moves with the grace of a tiger. His training will have lent him speed and agility, though, in keeping with his weight and height, he hits more like a rhino, and has less maneuverability than his mother might. Powerful muscles ripple in all the right places, and his voice has deepened to the deeper range baritone, nearly bass. His rumble is sensual at nearly all times.

His fathomless deep sapphires are large, his facial structure strong and dignified, his muzzle large, but with the grace of his mother around the edges. His ears are large, well fitted with his size. His body is neither short, nor long, but settles nicely in the middle, making for a good center of balance. His legs are long, but no longer having that gawky yearling lankiness. Instead, they have become muscular, full of powerful, lean muscles. His hindquarters carry the most power, able to propel him into massive strides befitting his huge size.

He will be a powerful fighter, and a wolf of great stamina as his training continues until his third or fourth year, at which point, he will have either stepped up to take the throne from his mother, or will be ready to in a few short weeks.

He is a fine specimen that will catch the eye of many a female, and maybe even a few males.

Regulus has a crescent shaped scar (points facing backward.) on his left shoulder, overlaid by fresher scars: four clean claw marks straight up and down, left by Skaelingr, a tiger he met on his first attempt at a real spar. (We can safely assume the spar didn't go very far.)

He bears two clear scars on his right cheek, starting at either side of his right eye and carving down to the line of his lower jaw. A smaller scar marks a point just above the elbow of his right front leg, nestled in the fur, and a slight limp can be noticed on that leg if watched for.

Fresher scars mark his tail and right hind leg. His tail has a mild kink five inches from the end, while his right hind leg is moderately useless below the hock, due to a severed achilles tendon during the defense against a raid upon his pack by Talis.

Regulus Anatolii Adravendi

Regulus will be a rambunctious little squirt at first, as soon as he's able to move beyond a wiggle. Once his eyes and ears open, he'll be all for games and wrestling with his siblings, or his parents legs, or inanimate objects; anything that can be pounced and played with, he will take it on with reckless abandon.

He often forgets his own strength, but once he realizes he might be hurting whomever he's roughhousing with, he will immediately let up and try to play more gently. As he gains more control over his energy and size, he will be a much better playmate.

Even at a young age, he's fiercely protective of his family. His siblings couldn't ask for a better big brother. He has an innate sense of whether or not a stranger is trustworthy, which generally means, if he doesn't like a wolf, then everyone should take care around that wolf, and maybe avoid it altogether.

From both his parents, he will have learned a strong sense of goodness. Honor is something instilled by his family at an early age, and the legendary Cormalin, his great uncle whom he will never meet, is an ideal he wants to emulate when he's bigger.

As he grows older, and his training for leadership begins, his rambunctious nature will slowly cast aside, and he'll prove himself to be an excellent learner. Well spoken, and highly intelligent. He will naturally lean toward being a warrior; a knight, brave and true! And that leads to adventures, and 'rescuing the damsels in distress'.

He will always love stories and tales of long ago times, when brave wolves fought evils and vanquished them. He can be a dreamer at times, but as he grows older, he will gain a serious note to his personality.

At the age of one year, as his training in the arts of battle, the intricacies of healing, and the thrills of hunting, he will prove to be a hard worker, doing all he can to learn and add his strength to the pack. He will slowly become more dignified, but never arrogant.

He is kind, gentle, true to his word. If he makes a promise, he will do everything in his power to never break it. As he reached his second year, a shining paladin will have emerged from a young pup's playful rambunctiousness. He will have a love for children, and though he will someday wear the crown of King, he is not at all averse to joining the young in their games.

Family and the Pack come first. Like most of his male relations on his mothers side, he believes strongly that the first duty is to Honor, Cherish, and Protect. The next Duty, is to Defend. The third rule is to Obey. And if Obedience gets in the way of the first two, chuck it out of the den.

He will try to be the best King he can for his pack, and will give them the love and respect of a kind, strong ruler. However, he will not be without his firmness. Like his mother before him, he will be a wolf to obey if you live within his pack. He has no reservations about dealing reprimands and punishments where they are due, and if it comes to dealing the death blow to a wolf who has harmed his pack, he will not hesitate.

Artashir: Male Mountain Lion standing 25", with average weight for a male cougar (I'll have to look it up.). Ink black, ruby red eyes.
Aello: Female Mountain Lion standing 23", with average weight for a female cougar (I'll have to look it up.). Snow white, pale blue eyes.

Immortality x2

Regulus also wears a sapphire pendant on a medium thickness gold chain.

Regulus has a crescent shaped scar (points facing backward.) on his left shoulder, overlaid by four clean claw marks straight up and down, left by Skaelingr, a tiger he met on his first attempt at a real spar.
He bears two scars on his right cheek, starting at either side of his right eye and carving down to the line of his lower jaw. A smaller scar marks a point just above the elbow of his right front leg, nestled in the fur, and a slight limp can be noticed on that leg if watched for.

These scars are not shown in his tables, mainly because I keep forgetting to add them. misc


Regulus Anatolii Adravendi

Born in exile to Surreal Adravendi and Falk Armada-Adravendi, Regulus would immediately be marked as unique by his vibrant crimson red pelt and large size, making first time mother Surreal’s birthing difficult, and nearly impossible without the help of his grandmother, the master healer Erani Adravendi. Born first in his litter of three, and the only boy, Regulus would also be the largest pup in the litter. Named for a bright star in the constellation of Leo, and also meaning Kingly, Regulus would have a great role to fill someday.

The early weeks of his life were filled at first merely with blind and deaf existence, eating and sleeping. It wasn’t until his eyes and ears began to crack open that life really began for the crimson Adravendi child. New sights, new sounds. Everything, new. Activity picked up, and adventure began tugging at his heart. Playing with his sisters, he was immediately marked as the protective big brother, his pudgy puppy body larger than either of his sisters. His first foray out of the den was spectacular. An entire army of leaves attacked the den, and he bravely fought them all off! A leaf monster turned into a friend, that of a family friend, Deviant Black, a male of monotones with an ornate cross upon the left shoulder and foreleg. Another wolf would be met that day as well, Newol, Regulus’ adoptive Uncle.

Life progressed onward, filled with learning and playing. Both Erani and Surreal hammered the language of Erani’s birth home, Calarada, as well as Common tongue, into his and his sisters’ minds until it would take a kick to the head or something worse before they might ever forget the language used primarily by the family when in private. Old Tongue. It was a pretty language, filled with lilts and rolls, and somehow the minor impediment in his speech that made ‘R’s so tricky didn’t trouble him in this Tongue.

His mother, father, Uncle, and Cousin Alsander each taught them all fighting basics; how to stay balanced, how to guard one’s throat, and scrunch one’s eyes. Regulus found this the most exciting part of learning next to sitting quietly and watching his grandmother work with plants, quietly telling and showing the three pups what they did, how they grew, how to harvest them. However, like his mother before him, Healing didn’t sing to him as much as it did to his sister Zuriel, who ate up all the information she could get.

It was at some midpoint in Regulus’ puphood that his father, Falk, went missing. The tension in his mother; the anger, the frustration, the sadness, had been so palpable. It was scary, and the crimson child was at a loss as to what he could do to help his mother feel better. And where had Papa gone, anyways? However, it seemed that his mother would try to do whatever she could to distract from the distressing worry of their missing father. Such as family road trips!

His first real trip beyond the Whistling Willows was to go with his mother and sisters to the beach, a long trip that ended at a land bridge called the Bifrost, which led to a southern continent, where natives dwelled with wary reservation toward the wolves of the Northern Continent of Alacritia. His mother had been there before, and had met one of the Natives, a male named Shai, and had learned a little of the language, meanwhile teaching Shai some of the language of Common. She had come home and begun teaching Regulus and his sisters the language as well, adding to their knowledge in any way she could do so. It was here, on the beach, that Regulus found the necklace that hangs about his neck; a gold chain and a sapphire gem set in gold for a pendent.

Winter set in, and with his father still missing, Regulus continued to grow, learn, and play. And finally, he stumbled upon a tiny scrap of fur; a Somali kitten, lost from her mother’s litter. Regulus took the kitten back to the den, and the family nursed her back to help, bequeathing Cinder with her new name. It didn’t take long at all for the kitten to adjust to wolf family life, becoming a sort of adoptive sister, and Regulus’ first best friend. Cinder will argue that she is his only best friend, and that’s that.

It was a few days later that Regulus got his first - and last - wild hair, and snuck off without asking his mother. His escapade took him to the Bifrost, and then curiosity had led him along, until he was lost, in a forest on the Southern Continent. This would prove to be the first time he ever experienced true fear. A furious squeal, a collision, and pain in his left shoulder from a crescent shaped gash left by a tusk. He had holed up in a literal hole under a tree, screaming for his mother, and instead a Native female, Gwena, had come to his rescue, fighting the boar away, and leading him home, or at least to the Bifrost.

When he got home, he again experienced terror, this time from the fury in his mother’s eyes when she had found him. His grandmother had been furious as well, and it was a humbling sight to see two pairs of chilly eyes looking down at him even as Erani tended his injury. After that, he had been grounded for the rest of the Winter.

During that period of time, his father was released from imprisonment in Arcanum, and returned, though not unscathed. Returned, but not allowed to sleep in the den with the family. Little did they know that Falk would go blind over time. Even Erani missed it. Of course, the aged healer had many more things on her mind. In Spring, Regulus woke to see his mother leaving the den at midnight, and his grandmother was not set to watch the children. This piqued the boy’s curiosity enough that he followed his mother and Grandmother, all the way to the sea. By the time they realized his presence, they were too far, and there was too little time to take him back. So Regulus got to watch his grandmother say Goodbye. On an island off the western shore, beside his great Uncle Cormalin.

Death. It had never truly meant something before. But now he had seen the life peacefully leave his grandmother, like a last deep sigh before dreams took hold, only this was a Forever kind of sleep. It was humbling, and it was sad. But his grandmother had assured them gently that they would meet again in their dreams, and that she would never truly be gone as long as they held her in their hearts.

It was on the return swim that things went horribly wrong. First, it was a dark, sleek shape, caught in the pre-dawn grey light. It had distracted him, triggered the ADHD puppy mind, and he had tried to get closer. And then the storm had blown in. The rough tide and hard winds had swept both he and his mother out to sea, and there was nothing they could do about it.

When they washed ashore at last, they were lost, and his mother was injured by a sharp rock as they washed up. Regulus, still so young and inexperienced, was suddenly faced with the worries and cares of a much older wolf, with the responsibilities of protecting, feeding, and tending to his mother’s wounds as best as he could. It’s amazing just how much you can remember when in a crisis situation. For what must have amounted to a season, the mother and son pair traveled, desperately seeking a way home, and despite his best efforts to hunt enough for them both, with his limited experience in hunting, he could only catch enough to sustain them, but not keep them from growing thin and weary. But in that time, he had morphed from a carefree, rambunctious puppy to a solemn, serious male, bringing into play all the teachings his male relatives had hammered into his brain.

At last, they stumbled upon a familiar stretch of sparkling, multi colored sand, stretching north into the sea, where they could see, far in the horizon, a smudge of dark color against the blue of the sky. Home. They were nearly home. It wasn’t more than an hour before they were found by Zuriel, who brought news of Faite’s disappearance, and his father’s blindness and unwillingness to live.

No sooner were they back home then he left his mother to deal with his father while he and Zuriel went on their first hunt, bringing down a real meal together. Things slowly returned to normal, though with Faite missing, and Erani dead, as well as most of the rest of the family having scattered, it was still as though something was missing. Time passed, and Regulus ventured to the Battlefield for the first time, determined to learn more and polish his training. This led to his first meeting with a tiger, and a set of four claw marks over the crescent shaped scar from his boarish ‘friend’ as a pup.

He also found his way to Nephilim Island, where he met a younger girl, Ganja. This pup was one of the most fascinating things he’d ever found. For one thing, she was green. He hadn’t known other wolves could be strange colors, though his grandmother had said his own coloring likely came from her grandmother, Briena of The Nomads. They had spent the day exploring her island home, forming a new friendship.

During the time of him and his mother being in the south, Arcanum had been sieged, and crushed, leaving the Adravendi’s Seat, Vericona Plains, free. Now, in late Summer, his mother moved the family - what remained of it - to the Plains. Not only that, but she announced to himself and his sister that they would be older siblings. Soon after the move, an alpha pair, Novella and Frith Destruction, Authors of Threar, a pack in the east of Alacritia, called a festival, and Surreal, Regulus, and Zuriel attended. It was here that Regulus met his cousin Arian, and two of Novella and Frith’s children; their eldest son Aslan, and their daughter, Luck. He also bumped into, or stepped on, Ganja, who had also come to see the festival. He also won his first spar, and against an older wolf. The bruises and cuts gained from the spar were worth the satisfaction in knowing that he could defend his parents and siblings if they were ever in danger.

Soon after, as Autumn rolled in, the new litter came, born where he and his sisters should have been born a year before; in the Alcove Surreal had been born in. And Regulus had a little brother, at last, and not only that, but he was no longer the only uniquely colored child in the family; Tornach was born like his older Sister, Zuriel, stormy dark grey, though any definition of markings were yet to be seen. Baine, Little Moon, was pink. Alright, not actually pink like a flower, but she did have pink eyes, and her skin - all of it - was a pale, blush pink. His little Albino sister.

Regulus celebrated his first year by going to visit Ganja at her island, spending the day indulging in play, before returning to the Plains. Life progressed as usual, a comfortable one now, with hunting much easier now that he had reached his full height, even if his full weight hadn’t yet been obtained. Later, on one of these hunts, he encountered Valentine Imperialis, King of Imperium. Other than that, nothing major or earth shaking happened, until his mother called together a family meeting; at which point, Regulus and his siblings got to meet their Aunt Epiphron, and cousin Leo. They day was enjoyable, getting to know the family beyond their inner circle.

Training continued, his mother pushing him to train harder, run longer. He would be her Heir; Celestial’s Future, and he would follow in her pawsteps as Archangel of the pack after Surreal had raised the standard of the pack, and led for a few years. Illness struck for a short time, however, with both Regulus and his mother coming down with colds; just bad enough to keep them in their alcoves, though not deathly serious. The most annoying part of it all was the sneezing, and not being able to breathe through his nose.

After he shook off the sickness at last, with much help from his sister and father, keeping the crimson Adravendi male in the den was impossible. He began helping his mother teach his younger siblings the basics of hunting and fighting. And then another trial came in the form of his mother’s sudden odd behavior around his father. That and her strange new scent. It took a little while, a few days, before he got the nerve to ask what was wrong. He got more than an explanation; he received a return lesson on the Birds and the Bees; a lesson he might or might not have missed most of because of a certain butterfly that had fluttered past his nose during the lesson… That thing still makes his mouth taste bad just thinking about it.

It seemed that even with such packs as Arcanum being gone, trouble will find you even when you aren’t looking for it. Sonticus, his Cousin Arian’s pack, moved in beside the Plains, and that was all well and good. But not very long afterward, a challenge was sung for Threar. Regulus wasn’t sure of the full details, but the next thing they knew, scent markers were going up in all the places they had no right to be. Threar was lost, and the challenger, Sin, was stealing their home. Regulus went with his mother to the east, to meet with a Destruction, Bass, who was, and thus far remains, the Alpha, or Azat of Abaven. It seemed his mother had known Bass before, that Bass had been a member of Valhalla when Erani had led it.

The meeting was long enough for Surreal to offer her assistance should Bass plan to attack Hellstrom. Upon the pair’s return to their home, Regulus was tasked with moving the family south into the Avian Estuary. A short time later, Surreal called a gathering of the family, to announce her plans to them, and tell them more of what had happened.

Autumn has arrived, and with it, Regulus’ second year, his younger siblings’ first. Who knows what his second year of life will entail; war? Peace? Both? We will have to watch and see.

To be continued.

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mateSolveiga Derus (Deceased)
childrenLitter 1: Aurielle, Aramis (Girl, Boy)
parentsSurreal x Falk (Deceased)
siblingsLittermates: Zuriel, Faite (Female, Female)
Second Litter: Tornach, Baine (Male, Female)
Third Litter: Laisren, Rasiel, Kieryn. (Male, Female, Female)
Extended FamilyUncles:
Maternal-Blood: Castiel, Gabriel
Maternal-Adoptive: Syrinx, Preston, Neo.
Paternal-Blood: Taurig... Uhm... All Isardis' sons.

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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Heavy
Companion 1: Mountain lion, Male - Battle
Companion 2: Mountain lion, Female - Battle
Skills: Advanced Fighter & Expert Intellectual
Regulus vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Heavy
Companion 1: <a href="">Mountain lion, Male - Battle</a>
Companion 2: <a href="">Mountain lion, Female - Battle</a>
Skills: Advanced Fighter & Expert Intellectual

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Regulus vs (opponent) for Race
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