Elise Amor Adravendifull name
3 Yearsage
Winter of Year 11birthdate
Chaotic Goodalignment

This woman has a simple color palate of white and deep red. The top half of her body, including her head, chest, and most of her back are colored with with the red, while everything else is clean white. There are a few markings in these same colors around her form as well. Her right ear is completely dipped in white and her right eye is ringed in the same color. The deep red returns around her haunches in a spattering of appaloosa-style spots. She takes after her father with her eye color, taking on his rich, sapphire hue.

She's a fairly slender woman. While she is moderately tall at thirty six inches in height, she doesn't carry much weight. She has a light build with long, willowy legs. Her features are very dainty and feminine, from her slightly smaller than normal paws to her soft, rounded eyes. It's fairly obvious that she is built for speed and agility rather than for strength. She does have a fairly high endurance, making her perfect for long distance runs and lots of exploring.


She's a wild, free spirit that loves to roam and explore the lands around her. It’s hard to keep her tied down to one place and she seems almost like a dandelion fluff that will get carried off in any strong breeze that comes by her. Every time she begins to put down any kind of roots, she feels herself craving adventure again. The only way to keep her dedicated to any one thing is to give her just enough freedom to make her feel like she can still scratch that itch and not be angry with her when she wanders off for a few days at a time.

She's naturally sweet and out going to pretty much anyone and everyone she meets. Perhaps the best way to describe her is bubbly and flighty. Elise just wants to have a great time with her life and tends to shy away from anything too serious or dark. More important topics get brushed off or pushed to the side. The first sign of stress or worry sends her running. However, the only reason she is this way is because she’s afraid of facing her own anxiety. The moment that she is cornered in a situation that forces her to make tough choices or face down her fear, she crumples under the weight of her own worries.

Very few things make her conscious of something other than herself, but her family is something that she values and holds dear. They are truly the only wolves she is loyal to. In her mind, family is not just the wolves that she is related to by blood - anyone that she loves and loves her in return is now considered a part of her family. This could be anyone from close friends to lovers to pack members. Once you are in her chosen circle you will have a friend in her for life.

Even though she's picky over which wolves she likes to keep in close contact with, she still loves meeting other wolves and she hates being alone. She'd much rather be in the company of others, having fun and going on adventures. This can sometimes get difficult for her since she has a soft, overly romantic heart and can easily get attached to wolves she likes. It constantly puts her into conflict with herself when she tries to decide what is more important - her freedom and adventures or the wolves she cares about.



Born in winter of year 11
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parentsLeo Adravendi x Carletta Morales


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Elise Amor Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Light
Skills: Intermediate Intellectual & Beginner Navigator
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