Ardyn Cadeyrn Aodhán Phoenix Adravendifull name
The Raven Flame, Ard, Dyn, Tallboy, The Black Phoenix, nicknames
1 Yearage
Spring of Year 15birthdate
Dire wolfsize
Lawful Goodalignment


Build: Medium
Height: 45"
Adult Weight: 280lbs of muscle, hair and necessary fat.
Birth Weight: 4lbs

.... fuckithavespoilers
Based in the purest of inky raven black, so dark that his features would be difficult to determine save for certain facts to be revealed soon, Ardyn could be mistaken for being mostly plain at a glance, just as easily as his mother could be mistaken for a plain white wolf—barring a few differences that will be noted later. However, the moment he moves, takes a breath, or the wind ruffles his coat, it becomes immediately apparent that he is anything but ordinary.

Like his mother and uncle before him, and their great grandmother before them, his coat carries a shimmering iridescence when viewed at different angles of light. But unlike any of them, the colors that shimmer and blaze to life throughout his fur are the very embodiment of fire. Varying shades and saturation-levels of red, orange, yellow and even a few subtle shades of blue and green run rampant through his fur, a brilliant spectacle, reminiscent of a blow torch’s color spectrum and fire when copper is stuffed in a flame.

This shimmering spectrum is a throwback to his many greats grandmother, Briena, renowned late leader of the Nomads as a whole. Briena, though, was based in crimson instead of deepest black, with a coat of iridescent fur shimmering hues of fiery red, orange, gold, and cream. She was essentially a walking, living red flame.

However, Ardyn’s plushy, thick coat bears an even more spectacular feature.

It glows under friction, whether the hairs rub against one another during his body’s movements, or if one were to run a paw through his fur. Unlike the coloring of bio-luminescent plankton and squid, though, his unearthly, ethereal light is all fire, much like the iridescent colors that light displays in each hair upon his body on a whim. This feature is best viewed at night or in dark locations.

Unlike his mother, his fiery light is subtler. It flickers across his massive black form with each breath like the sparks of coals in a fireplace at night, crackling and sparkling through his coat, fading and relighting, brightest in his guard hairs, softest in his undercoat. An ink-black shadow shimmering with fire, sparking like coals disturbed by the poker or a fresh log thrown on.

Taking after his mother still more, he carries the long hair mutation gene in strength, giving him a mane and longer than average tail hair. However, unlike his dam, who bears her wealth of long hair along the scruff of her neck, he bears his most prominently along the base of his neck and over the shoulders like a cape, the longer hair extending down his back and draping over his sides like a saddle. Long, black lashes and silky underbelly hair, and unusually long chest fur are also indications of this gene. Like his mother, this hair also carries both the shimmering effect under light, and the friction-based bio-luminescence.

In length, his mane will reach three feet in length at the longest hair, with the shortest portions being a quarter of a foot long, sprouting along his scruff until the base of his neck, between the shoulder-blades, growing longer as one goes down his scruff. While the majority of his mane and tail hair is stick straight, the hair along his scruff up to the point on the back of his head (nearly between the ears) bears a rakish waviness and curl, especially at the shortest points at the base of his skull to mid-neck. His tail-hair, meanwhile, flows like the hem of a cloak behind him, the light hairs easily buffeted by movement and breeze, the longest hairs reaching three feet in additional (to a wolf’s natural hair length) length, draping the ground when his tail isn’t raised.

Like his mother, he bears long upper canines with thick enamel, though his are longer and sharper than her own, extending an inch and a half past his lower jaw, instead of the half inch length her own reach, ending in dagger-sharp points, the fangs knife-like and single-edged along the rear bottom inch. Effective weapons for dealing both piercing and slicing damage, and less likely than his mother’s to get caught in an opponent or prey animal’s flesh.

His eyes gleam in poly-chromatic tones that speak of Ice and Fire. Like his mother, both eyes’ colors gradate vertically instead of in rings. The right eye sparkles in cool blues. Beginning at the top of the eye’s iris, a deep, deep navy blue – almost black – holds sovereign. The blue tones lighten and saturate into a fathomless sapphire, matching that of his great Uncle Tornach, and his grandfather, Regulus. The fathomless sapphire lightens into a soft ice blue, giving his eye the appearance of containing a light within. Finishing it off is a small splash of blue so pale it could be white, snow upon an iceberg.

His left, in comparison, burns a blaze of inferno colors. Like his right eye, the coloring gradates downward from deep, dark color, to a brilliant incandescence at the bottom of the iris. Where his right eye is cool toned, his left eye begins at the top with a deep, near-black burgundy or red wine hue, fading into a brilliant, saturated crimson red into a blazing orange, and down through glowing infernos of burning gold, bright butter yellow, and a final core of blazing white-hot creamy-yellow, like a glowing iron brand fresh from the coals.

In shape, they bear his mother’s wide, spark-bright intelligence, keenly alert and highly observant, carrying a shrewd sense of cunning, as well as a healthy amount of easy good humor and a twinkle of mischief. They miss little and see much. His face is one of masculine beauty. Much like his maternal grandsire, he bears a regal face by his adulthood, sharp-boned, angular and intelligent. His muzzle is chiseled, tipped with a keen black nose.

In build, this wolf will grow to become a behemoth, standing a powerful 45” at the shoulders—the tallest wolf in his family since before his maternal great-grandfather Nova’s generation. No others in his litter or any litters after will grow to be this size, as though his parents put their all into his size, though his own offspring may certainly carry this great size in their veins.

Broad-shouldered and muscular, he is the epitome of elegant power, with a wide chest built for great lung capacity and a trim midriff, with powerful haunches and large paws. He has the capacity for traveling long distances without tiring easily, though, with his massive size and large feet, he may never be the nimblest of beasts. His back is level from shoulders to hip, and well proportioned with the rest of his frame.

With the first injury to break skin, it will become wholly clear that his glow does not stop at the level of his skin. Ardyn’s very blood glows with a bright, golden light… ichor of the gods, though he doesn’t believe that to be the reason. Nonetheless, it is a strange trait that brings no harm to himself other than blood loss, or others. It simply glows. The light fades once dry, to leave flaky black-red blood like any other wolf’s.

*His front paws are, upon a closer look… different. The toes are elongated and un-webbed, practically fingers, and his dew-claws are set unusually low, and long. Both these “fingers” and “Thumb” are dexterous, the thumb opposable. He can grip and manipulate objects with his paw-hands, as well as articulate his wrists for further mobility. When simply standing on them, however, they maintain a normal paw appearance, save for the thumb not being higher on the foreleg.

To add to the danger of his forelimbs, his claws are not the dull nails of a wolf, but the retractable, sharp pointed and edged claws of a big cat, though black and talon-like, rather than clear like his littlest sister. All four paws are armed with these retractable claws, and the sheathes, like with Aoife, help disguise the characteristics of his fingers and thumbs. The thumbs, too, bear retractable talon-claws.

As the seasons and years go by, he will, like his mother, gather many trinkets and baubles, but he will have a particular adoration for feathers – especially raven, blue jays, and other birds with blue coloring or iridescent coloring on black bases – and they will eventually find themselves woven into the long hair of his mane and tail, often with beads of various stones, with the help of his mother’s lemur, until he finds his own nimble-fingered companion someday.

As a pup, after a long, harrowing labor, he will clearly be the one who soaked up the most nutrition in the womb—a plump, slick pup easily matching his mother’s father in birth-weight and dwarfing his litter-mates or mate in size. Clumsy as all pups at first, once he gains size and mobility and reaches the stage at which most pups in Valhalla are ranked as Promises, he’ll have begun to move with an easy puppy dignity.

Like his dam, his upper canines won’t grow in at full length until his adult teeth begin growing, and even then, it’ll be a while until they reach the length of his adulthood . His puppy canines will, however, seem to poke out from his upper lips, just barely, and noticeably more than other pups of the same age. His long hair won’t start to surpass his base coat size until about the same time as Aurielle’s did, as well, but unlike hers, there will be no mild curl or waviness to it, save for mid-scruff upward in gradated shortening. Straight as a stick, and quite silky, it’s light and easily buffeted in a breeze or swift movement.

By yearling-hood, his puppy-pudginess will have already been overtaken by muscle for the most part, and he will have already surpassed his mother in height at 35”. His puppy-ish dignity will have been left behind for a leonine grace, long-strided and ground-covering in pace, deceptively slow at a distance. By now, he will no doubt have already accumulated a few scars (locations and descriptions and causes to be determined) from hard training as a fighter and hunter.

By the time he reaches maturity, and his full height and weight, he will be a male of a powerful, almost imposing presence, mixed with the allure and mystery of his fiery shimmer and glowing coat. Like his mother, he will carry a lilt produced by his teeth, as well as a mixed accent—Swedish-Irish from his mother (Possible inflections depending on who his father turns out to be). His voice will be at the deeper end of baritone – almost base – and carry a gentle rumble like thunder, particularly notable in his laughter. It’s warm and friendly, almost jovial, but beware to the foolish who don’t take heed should it become quiet and level, for a storm is brewing, ready to strike he who harms his loved ones and pack.

His scent will have become a pleasing mix of masculine musk and sweet hay, frosted with an icy freshness of mint, and a sweet, warm vanilla. This is, like his mother’s scent, laden with the sepulcher of stone and added to by the wispy bite of wood smoke from the fire that ever burns in the cave of his birthplace. "

Walk ---- "Speak" ---- "Hear" ---- Think appearance

Born in a pack with standards of virtue, honor and hard work ethic, and to a strong-willed, kind-natured mother and father, Ardyn will be one to soak up all knowledge around him like a sponge. Born first in the litter, the eventual leadership of the pack falls directly upon his shoulders, and he bears the knowledge of his future responsibilities with pride and sureness, but not a little humility. From the start he’ll have been lectured and coached in virtue and how to avoid hubris. The pack comes first, before all personal pleasures and self-care.

He is a loyal friend, a loving brother to his siblings, and a decisive leader from the moment he’s old enough to lead the charge on adventures beyond the cave system. Like his mother before him, he possesses a mind that truly loves to learn and soak up history lessons, and any other knowledge he can get his paws on.

While open and friendly to most, he will have a sense of how much is alright to share about the pack with a stranger.

His anger is a thing of unnatural stillness, visible and audible in just how quiet and nigh-on flat his voice becomes. A deep, near-base rumble becomes smooth and almost silken, like the silence before the thunder of a lightning strike. His body stills, and his gaze becomes piercing and harshly direct, holding nothing friendly save for an invitation to repeat that insult to his mother, father, siblings, friends or pack one more time.

While patient, Ardyn possesses a daring streak that may well be the source of much of his parents’ exasperation over the coming seasons of his pup-hood, and even into his early adulthood. He adores the thrill of adrenaline that comes from stampeding a herd of bison and taking on the stoutest, angriest bull during the rut season—only for play, of course, not to kill and bring down. He challenges life with laughing jaws and impunity of spirit and will quite happily take it by the horns.

He also possesses a streak of prank-happy roguishness, that he might hopefully grow out of by his adulthood. Hopefully. He will – luckily for him, lest his mother throttle him and choose the next litter-mate for the successor of the pack – know better than to mess with the borders of other packs, regardless of whether they’re allies or enemies, or simply neutral. Instead, his training from the beginning of his ascent into consciousness of a learning pup rather than a sightless, deaf, wriggling pup still fully dependent upon his mother, will come out and reveal a diplomat, easy and suave.

Ardyn has a head for diplomacy and trade and crafting. Just as surely, he has a head for which packs would be best to raid should things get scarce in his own pack. At a young age, should there be a raid being planned, he will be among those willing to partake and even lead the charge.

From an early age, Ardyn will be a wolf to whom Compassion is a natural thing. He’s quick to offer comfort to a distraught individual, and as he grows older and larger, he will find offering comfort in the form of simply being a giant fluffy pillow to cry into both rewarding and enjoyable. He enjoys close touch and physical contact, though will not enter someone’s personal space bubble unless invited or the situation calls for immediate therapy hugs. He could be called a mother hen and would wear the title proudly. In this respect, he takes after his father and grandfather, without a doubt. He loves and loves well.

He will have aspirations to build an empire, of sorts—to grow Valhalla’s borders outward, like his mother intends. In this way, he may prove to be ruthless should the avenue mean violence, though never without consideration for his pack’s well-being—if they aren’t strong enough to go to battle, he will dismiss the planned battle out of hand. personality

Companion 1: Lyr - Piebald Raven - 50" Wingspan
Appearance: Black and White Piebald Raven for Ardyn. With a twist. Primarily white, with black splashes of feathers over the back, with the face split between black and white (left: white, right: black, beak: black.) Eyes are heterochromatic, blue on the black side, red on the other. The twist? The black feathers reflect with natural raven blue, but glow in fire tones. The white feathers have an iridescent violet sheen and glow blue-white, giving the bird an ethereal appearance. Heavy welsh accent. The feathers will not glow as a fledgling raven, coming in with his first molt.
Personality: Lyr is a quiet raven at first, eventually growing more talkative over the seasons as he grows, both in size and personality. He likes stories, and will often leave on flights around Ardent collecting them, bringing back the tales, and feathers he found, to give Ardyn.

Companion 2:
Personality: Proofs of Donations and store purchases will go Here!

Cosmetic Mutations:

  • Long Mane
  • Long Tail Hair
  • Friction-Based Luminescence
  • Glowing Blood
  • Battle Mutations:

  • Long Upper Canines/Sabers
  • Retractable Talon-Claws on all paws
  • "Hands" Long, dexterous toes and thumbs. on the front paws.
  • misc


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    Size: Dire wolf
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    Companion 1: Raven, Male - Flying
    Mutation 1: Saber teeth - Offensive
    Mutation 2: Retractable claws - Offensive
    Mutation 3: Dexterous paws - Offensive
    Skills: Master Fighter & Advanced Hunter
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    Ardyn Cadeyrn Aodhán Phoenix Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
    Round x/x
    Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
    Size: Dire wolf
    Build: Medium
    Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Bladed bracers</a>
    Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Bullhide armor</a>
    Companion 1: <a href="">Raven, Male - Flying</a>
    Mutation 1: <a href="">Saber teeth - Offensive</a>
    Mutation 2: <a href="">Retractable claws - Offensive</a>
    Mutation 3: <a href="">Dexterous paws - Offensive</a>
    Skills: Master Fighter & Advanced Hunter
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