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Nuada Wreckage-Loire
(New-ah-dah Rek-age Lah-or-ee)

Size: Viper is a medium wolf standing at 28 inches and weighing 98 pounds.

Build: Viper at a young age begins training her muscles to be strong. She can easily feel threatening in the presence of others.

Stance: Viper is very laid back but also stands tall towards others who feel they are more power than her even if they are.

Expressions: Viper is a bit of a jokester and usually has a sarcastic, humorous grin on her face. She can be a bit dramatic if she pouts or gets angry much like a child would.

Coat: Viper's coat is pretty fuzzy and scruffy looking, but there are times it can look soft and fine when she actually grooms it.

Color: Viper is a base coat of ebony, but her legs are a light grey with white fronts on all fours. Her chest and neck are all a russet, much like the mane of a lion but her head is black. Her left ear is cover in white that goes slightly on her skull and behind her ear whereas her right ear is only dipped with white. The bridge of her nose and her chin are snowy but are connected with a russet muzzle. And the most distinctive marking on her whole body are the white and russet lines under her eyes that somewhat resemble her father's.

Eyes: Viper's eyes are a fluorescent minty-type green that show greatly off her dark pelt.

Hex Codes: Black #2f2f2f Russet #802d19 Grey #afafaf White #ffffff Eyes #00ffa8

Voice: Oerba Yun Fang
Scent: Unknown For Now
Theme Song: The Resistance - Skillet

Viper doesn't really care what others think of her, but she does believe that everything she does is right and nothing is wrong. Even if she finds herself in the wrong, she won't admit it and will try her best to suede someone that she is right.


Viper takes care of herself as if it were her nature. She usually wants to learn things on her own and will shut others out because of this. She does anything she wants and doesn't care if it's weird or stupid; if she feels like doing it she'll do it. Who cares what those low-lives think?


As much as Viper doesn't care about her self image, she finds it fun to pick on others. She judges everything everyone does and will point it out without a thought. She won't care about any hurt feelings or if she has any enemies. She only needs herself after all.


Because of leaving her mother and raising herself, Viper has stayed completely immature and will be this way for the rest of her life. And though she is inwardly intellectual, her speech and offensive nature appears to be uneducated.

Purchase Used
Small Accessory No



Viper was born in Dauntless by Aranea Loire and her father Tyranis Wreckage with her brother Rain Wreckage (Plus other siblings). She lives in her pack, picking on her brother and just growing up a free spirit since her mother is young and new too raising children. Before she turns even two seasons old, Tyranis (Dauntless' pack Alpha) comes into their den and steals Rain away from Aranea in the dead of the night, leaving Viper behind, and abandoning his pack. Aranea who was already having self-esteem and depression problems, lashes out at Viper and drives her away. Thus making Viper abandon her family name and starting her own life anew.

Just as she starts to grow on her own, Viper runs into a man called Elias who senses that she is related by blood and challenges to take her as a lamb (slave) in his kingdom and succeeds. She was robbed of her freedom and her hatred of the world continues to brew inside her.

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Wolves I've Met and How I Feel About Them
Tag Wolf Title Description
Tyranis Wreckage Father Viper's Father. He was the leader of Dauntless when she was born but he abandoned his pack and family, stealing Rain away and making Viper hate him.
Aranea Loire Mother Viper's Mother. She struggled raising her children at such a young age, and Viper was quick to rebel and want things her way. In the end, after Dauntless disband, Aranea pushed Viper away to make the young child truly hate her parents and anyone of authority in the long run.
Rain Wreckage-Loire Brother Viper's Brother. She saw him as the weak one and will always remember him as a child in her older years. She used to pick on him as much as she could but soon regrets the way she treated him seeing him as her one true family.
Jupiter Imperialis Half-Friend? He lived in Dauntless when they were young, and though they were quite rough and in the dirt with each other, Viper has some kind of fondness for the jerk.
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Extended FamilyFamily Tree

Elias Preator - Grandfather
Storm Wreckage - Grandmother

Cloudburst Wreckage - Uncle
Corentine Wreckage - Aunt
Derecho Wreckage - Aunt
Tempest Wreckage - Aunt

Frostbite Wreckage - Great-Uncle
Acere Praetor - Great-Uncle
Eliana Praetor - Great-Aunt
Pyralis Praetor - Great-Aunt


Novice Fighter (20)
Novice Hunter (20)

Fight Form

Nuada Wreckage-Loire vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Skills: Novice Fighter & Novice Hunter
Specialty: N/A
Nuada Wreckage-Loire vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Skills: Novice Fighter & Novice Hunter
Specialty: N/A


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