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Kefka Abraxas
(Kah-ef-kah Ah-Bruh-ax-us)

Size: Kefka is an extra large wolf standing at 40 inches tall and weighing 162 pounds.

Build: Kefka is a pretty slim wolf for his size but has worked hard to gain a large amount of muscle which can be intimidating.

Stance: Kefka is very relaxed and laid back, though he can easily change to overpowering in the blink of an eye if he feels like it. He is just never cowering or submissive.

Expressions: Kefka typically has two faces: menacing grin and pissed off snarl. He usually only feels empowered or angry.

Coat: Kefka's coat looks shiny from afar but if you are close enough it looks a little more fluffy and can appear shaggy in some places.

Color: Kefka is a many pallet of colors. His most noticeable is the pink bridling across his back and sides. His legs are mostly white other than his front legs that have two dark shades of brown on the front of his forelegs. A space between his hindquarters and back legs and also his under belly are a very light sandy color. His tail and also his chest and neck are a solid black. His head is a base coat of white, with brown ears, and a black snip and circle right in the center of his face. Another odd feature, he has these thin red marks that point up just above his eyes, go over his eyelids, and down to his muzzle aligning with the bone of his nose and giving him the mark of lipstick like his mother.

Please Excuse my horrible art skills (I will update with a new ref when ever I can get one) but Kefka's main color holds a base coat of Agria's pink with a brindling of dark pink (almost purple) and a lighter pink, the brindling resembling Kaine. Manip Ref

Eyes: Aside from Kefka's colored pelt, his most demeaning features are is solid black eyes. The only bit that isn't a pit of darkness is the shine from whatever light is around him. A menacing look for a menacing wolf. His vision is however completely intact.

Summer Year 15Azure
Scarring around and inside his sheath. This is only visible if someone if looking in his junk-area while he is belly side up. Super hunk attractive.

Hex Codes: Black #2f2f2f Brindling #562a40 Pink #a44473 Red #9e2627 Tan #8a766b Sand #cec5c0 White #ffffff Eyes #000000

Voice: Unknown For Now
Scent: Unknown For Now
Theme Song: None



He's dramatic or something, I need words to describe but what are words idk


Kefka is mostly full of sarcasm and dark humor. He usually has a menacing grin of an evil jokester but one should take his words not to heart. Though he may mean what he says, he doesn't intended to be offensive. But he could care less about offending anyone and will gladly accept the consequences.


Kefka isn't afraid to fight back or teach someone a lesson. He has little to no fear and doesn't care in the slightest if he's up against a slight scar or crippling maim. Under authority he will gladly carry out the evil deeds and ask no questions about it.


Believe it or not, Kefka is actually pretty respectful. In his dark times he is more possessed by emotions that make him do bad stuff and in reality he doesn't intend to just be wicked or cruel. Those that get to know him knows that he cares deeply for those closest to him and even higher authority if he is ever in a pack. Not so much a softy but he does have other's consideration at heart even when he does the nasty.

Purchase Used
Open Character Pass Donation Yes
Extra Pup Pass Yes
4 Inches of Height Yes

Fight Chart
Type Character Outcome
Spar Agria Successful
Spar Ulric Successful
Spar Káti Successful
Spar Shilah Successful
Maim (Blinding of left eye) Agria Failed
Maim (Penis Scarring) Azure Failed



Kefka was born in the Risen Empire beside his brother Mephistopheles. When he was very young, Agria decided to steal him away and raise him on her own leaving behind Kaine and Mephistopheles. Only a little after he was a year old he started to hate and resent Agria for taking him away from the Abraxas. He craved the teachings of his father and his people.

Agria was very aggressive and brutal when raising Kefka and even had him in a state that he was under her in the totem poll and couldn't do anything to overpower her. She kept him on a short leash and watched his every move and scolded him for any wrong she felt towards him.

By the time adolescence hit, Kefka started to venture away from Agria on his own terms but would always come back to her for the sake of not being hunt down and beat. There was a time that he doesn't remember where he raped and murdered a young girl and Agria found him after the fact and beat him senseless. She continued to keep a better eye on him from then on.

About another year later Kefka started escaping the chains of his mother and venturing out on his own. His temper was much better but he still felt ungodly urges and violent impulses inside. He refrained from proceeding these actions the best he could and eventually all of his pent up anger was taken out on his mother. He then raped her and decided to keep her around as a little fake slave until he felt like he didn't want her anymore. When Agria turned up pregnant and tries to kill herself, Kefka ends up breaking her leg and cracking her skull making her mostly immobile and forces her to birth his child. After he is sure Relm has all she needed from Agria, he then kills Agria seeing that she has paid for her crimes against him and relieves her.

In between breaking Agria's leg and her giving birth, he comes across an unrealistic woman, Lurid, and though their encounter isn't exactly what he planned, he then seeks her out after killing off Agria to begin raising Relm on his own. Kefka and Relm both live in Dreamer's Col for a while, Relm questions why Agria had to die and Kefka is alarmed that she even remembers this happening.

When winter comes around, Kefka goes south to Auster to scout out potential lands for Lurid and the gang to consider a temporary move during the harshest winter Boreas has had in a while.

Wolves I've Met and How I Feel About Them
Relm AbraxasDaughter
Kefka's first born child. He cares deeply for her and is extremely over protective but still gives her much too freedom after his life dragged around by his mother.
Agria Nadia ChimeriadMother
Agria took Kefka out from his pack and family at a young age and raised him on her own. He barely remembers the pack or his father on his only real childhood memories are with his brother. Agria taught him using physical force and he began starting to envy her very early in his life. He see's himself as superior over her and in the end rapes her, forces her to give birth, and then kills her.
Kaine AbraxasFather
Kefka doesn't remember anything about his birth father and Agria avoided telling him anything about him. The only thing he knows is that he reminds Agria of him in terms of physically and occasionally some of his thoughts and opinions.
Mephistopheles AbraxasBrother
Kefka had a good bond with his brother when they were young and together as a family. But now that he has grown he wants to forget being young and fragile and childish. Even though he is still super childish as an adult. If he ever met his brother again there would be no hard feelings towards him.
Lurid AmarixEnchantress
Kefka meets Lurid very mystically and is drawn by her over all presence. He aims to join her in her pack and goes to follow her after he cuts his ties with his mother.
Azure FatalisEnemy
It shall be assumed that Azure hates Kefka and they will certainly never be friends. Azure maimed Peen scarring Kefka after he tried to push himself onto Hanako.
HanakoStalking Victim
Kefka met her once and then decide to pursue his desires the second time around. Azure caught him before the act and it's safe to say all encounters will not be friendly.
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Summer Year 15
by Agria Nadia Chimeriad
Relm AbraxasDaughter
Kaine Poe AbraxasFather
Agria Nadia ChimeriadMother
Winter Year 11
Kaine Poe AbraxasAgria Nadia Chimeriad
Mephistopheles AbraxasBrother (Litter Mate)
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Kaine Poe AbraxasJewell
Blaise Leon AdrevendiHalf-Brother
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Summer Year 15
Kefka AbraxasAgria Nadia Chimeriad
Relm AbraxasHalf-Sister
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Kefka Abraxas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Skills: Advanced Fighter & Beginner Hunter
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