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Aranea Harper Loire
(Ar-en-ay-ah Har-per Lah-or-ee)

Size: Aranea is a small wolf standing at 26 inches and weighing 82 pounds.

Build: Aranea isn't any type of strong wolf and is easily stereotyped to the healer that she is.

Stance: It is easy for Aranea to submit or cower to a powerful wolf. She's likely to flee if danger is present and doesn't stand up to anyone.

Expressions: Aranea has a very flat expression with close to no emotion, but occasionally if someone is able to gaze into her eyes they can see the amount of pain and sadness she has felt in her past years. She still offers small grins here and there but when she is in the most desirable amount of happiness she still carries a hardened, sad expression.

Coat: Aranea's coat looks fluffy to the eye and is soft to the touch. She grooms it regularly so it doesn't show any dirt.

Color: Aranea is a base of pure ivory but has a head of silver. All four of her legs starting at her belly and running all the way down to her toes are also silver. She has a very odd and random russet color the shines on the front of all four of her forelegs.

Eyes: Aranea's eyes are a very light blue but dark enough to stick out from her white pelt.

Winter Year 15Viper
A clip on the top of her left ear, nothing serious.

Hex Codes: Russet #802d19 Grey #afafaf White #ffffff Eyes #6e9bf7

Voice: Lady Lunafreya
Scent: Light Lavender, due to depressants
Theme Song: Breakdown - Seether


Because of Tyranis' wrong doing towards her, Aranea finds comfort and protection in the sexual desires of men. She has a hard time maintaining one relationship and is definitely not cut out to be mate material. While she may feel happy in the arms of one man, she will not refuse the arms of another.


Aranea pretty much keeps to herself. What was once an bouncy and energetic girl is now a quiet and mature one. She doesn't like to speak much to others and prefers to only say her piece when she feels it is needed or worthy. She has some pretty good advice regardless, but doesn't go out seeking other to socially express her feelings on the matter.

Low Self Esteem

Ever since she fell into her depression, Aranea felt worthless. She feels like she drags others down and is only in the way of any and all tasks. Years in solitude have bettered her attitude but she still doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere. Even when she shares her life with someone, she still feels like she is doing them wrong.

Night Owl

Aranea has come to terms with her lack of control to sleep, and is actually quite good at hiding the fact that she is mostly exhausted. Only those close to her can see her true inner demons.
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Aranea was a pup in a small pack of kindness and leisure. They took anyone who was in need of help, a home, or just someone who was an outcast. Ever since she was very young, she was interested in herbs. Not only the healing herbs but the deadly ones too. She studied how to care for the wounded and also how to poison wolves from her mentor who secretly had a plan B in case of siege. He only taught the wolves he trusted or held great knowledge and determination towards herbs.

When it came close to her 1 year birthday, Aranea opened up to one of her superiors about a sneaky plan to poison one of the enemy wolf packs causing havoc and she was immediately kicked out because they believed it was a cruel act and no one should take these kinds of actions. They thought using your words was a healthier way to solve problems but Aranea thought greater acts needed to be taken due to the situation.

Aranea decided she would find a new pack who would be interested in her abilities and knowledge.

Aranea joins Abaven and befriends Tyranis. She also meets Torin and gives him the pleasure of his first kiss but they never meet again as she finds more comfort in her pack and Tyranis. When Sparrow takes rule, Aranea takes the time to teach her about her poison knowledge. Just when she thought the two of them could be friends, Tyranis goes forth with his dreams of ruling his own pack and Aranea, since the two had been falling in love, follows after him. Thus, the rise of her depression begins.

She starts her life in Dauntless with an edging fear of many things. A fear of rejection, the way others will see her next to Ty, and she just struggles completely trying to make her life mean something in her eyes. But a fateful night led to many more fears until she gave birth to her and Tyranis' children, Nuada and Rain, at a young age of a year old. She now has something to live for but that doesn't really help her depression out much at all. She by chance meets Torin again in an awful shape and runs away scared to let him into her dark feelings.

With Dauntless' fall, Tyranis leaves with Rain without a word and Aranea goes further down in her hole of depression and starts to resent her previous lover. She unknowingly shuts Viper out and "wakes up" one day to realize that her daughter is no longer with her. She appears before the Eclipse Empire in hopes to pay a life debt to Asharya Abraxas and restore some meaning to her life. Her depression still getting in the way of her feelings, she ends up abandoning the pack and starting her life in solitude.

She lives a few years on her own, learning to deal with her mental illness and wanting to seclude herself from other wolves in hopes that she won't become a burden. She is careful to avoid pack lands but isn't careful enough to run into Lirim's borders and find herself faced with Torin yet again. She ends up opening up to Torin, which she hasn't done to anyone since she lost her children and felt like she failed as a mother and a being. She tries her best to heal in her upcoming days.

Aranea in her travels meets a charming brute, Allegro, and one fateful night starts to brew and blossom into a more meaningful and bigger picture. She goes back to Lirim where soon after Torin is forced to trade the pack for the safe return of his lost family. She then seeks out the pack known as The Hallows hearing that their mission is to heal any and all wolves in need of help. She meets Allegro again, being so close back to Abaven, and their relationship becomes deeper. She is faced with the consequence of pregnancy but looks forward with joy to do better this time around. She asks to leave The Hallows for only a short time but wishes to come back and perform her duties to the pack as she feels it's where she best belongs.

Aranea finally takes her leave to Abaven and births her and Allegro's pups and makes the most of every moment she has with them as a family. When she returns to The Hallows, she is out on a thoughtful walk when she runs into her long lost daughter Nuada, now known as Viper, and is met with aggression when she goes to pursue her. She soon learns that The Hallows plans to move, and goes to meet with Allegro afterwards with the news. She is forced to tell her children about their older sister which pains her given Viper's appearance and outburst.

Aranea moves with The Hallows to Auster with a heavy weight on her mind to go back and live in Abaven with her family. In the light of Ulric losing his mate and child, Aranea starts to spend some one on one time with him and it quickly falls into a sensual night. While Aranea feels she cannot reject Ulric and what he wanted, she wanted to fill the same hole of emptiness inside of her. Ulric's son Ezra comes to find him when he isn't in his room and discovers the night his father and Aranea had together, traumatizing him in the light of his missing family and making him grow to resent his father even more.

As time passes, Aranea and Ulric continue their relationship without the thought of Ulric's missing family or Aranea's family back in Abaven. The way they feel about each other grows into something strong, or so Aranea believes. Allegro makes a surprise visit to The Hallows and pulls Aranea’s roots from Ulric. He immediately senses the tension and blames himself for Aranea slipping through his paws. He gives her an ultimatum, telling her if she wants to keep her relationship with her kids, she needs to move to Abaven. She agrees, but tells him she needs to take care of things, settle things with Ulric before she leaves and she didn’t want him to be present for that. After Allegro and the kids leave, she runs into the arms of Ulric, confessing her love for him but to an unnatural extent, she confesses she loves him more than her own children. He pushes her away, an act he feels being a father himself and losing his mate. He wants Aranea to be there for her children while his mate couldn’t be there for his. She leaves him intending to never see him again and suffers through the rest of the spring working around him.

When the summer arrives, she prepares to make her way to Abaven with the warmer weather. While she is packing she finds the urge to go see Ulric one last time, regretting ever being nasty to him and wanting their relationship to end on a positive note. She does convince him for this one last time before she leaves and heads off to Abaven, but doesn’t return as quickly as intended. She lingers in Auster territory, waiting and wishing that Ulric had changed his mind to chase her down before it was too late, but she was only kidding herself. While lingering in Auster, she comes across Oxx who originally she tries to find an outlet in for the moment and he teaches her to do so otherwise. She then decides to find her way back to Abaven.

When she finally arrives near Abaven she makes the startling discovery that she is pregnant with Ulric’s children, and doesn’t wait around for Allegro to catch her scent and confront her. Only she is wrong, and when Allegro comes across her scent, he follows it all the way back to Abaven where he discovers the tragic news of her bearing children that aren’t his own. He nearly loses his cool and lashes out at her, an aggression she would never expect from himself. But ultimately he leaves her behind, telling her that his children are no longer hers and returns back to Abaven to push the rest of the heartache onto his children who were also expecting their mother to return to them.

Aranea still clings to the hope that Ulric will find her outside of Auster, she didn’t have it in her to come to the castle and explain herself after he didn’t feel the same way she did about him. It was almost a tactic to lure him in, but after time passes and he never finds her she comes to the conclusion that he is avoiding her and doesn't want her which is not true. She finally comes to a fitting end, overdosing on lethal drugs to kill the pups and herself but she evidently fails. Ulric finds her now, taking her back to The Hallows for her recovery and begins a resentment for her for wanting to kill their children.

Aranea spends the rest of her pregnancy anemic and weak. She lost two of the four pups from her overdose, and it caused her a lot of physical pain. She was often delusional from the amount of pain she was in and the dead pups cause some kind of sepsis to her. She starves herself, not wanting any chance for her to live after the pups are born. When the time comes, the two live pups don't make it more than a few moments, and Aranea sees a fitting end beside Ulric, finally freed of her eternal life's curse.
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Summer Year 10 - Spring Year 11
Tyranis WreckageEx-Mate
Summer Year 15 - Summer Year 16
Allegro Gøran-DestructionEx-Baby Daddy
Spring Year 16 - Summer Year 16
Ulric AdravendiObsession

Noir DestructionOne Night Stand
Oxx CarpathiusRapist
Winter Year 10
by Tyranis Wreckage
Rain Wreckage-LoireSon
Nuada Wreckage-LoireDaughter
Autumn Year 15
by Allegro Gøran-Destruction
Balthier Destruction-LoireSon
Solo Loire-DestructionSon
Azzurra Loire-DestructionDaughter
Psalm Loire-DestructionDaughter
Extended Family
Family Tree

Wolves I've Met and How I Feel About ThemWolves I've Met and How I Feel About Them
Tyranis WreckageEx-Mate
Tyranis was Aranea's first and only friend in Abaven for a while. She grows a great fondness of him and wishes it could turn into something more. As the two grew together they eventually fell in love. Tyranis found his dreams of ruling his own pack and Aranea couldn't refuse to follow him. A wonderful night turned into something sour, but in the end something wonderful. Tyranis would then be the father of her first two children, the two of them running in the stress of teen pregnancy.

Tyranis one day leaves Dauntless, abandoning Aranea and stealing Rain away from her. She falls into a deeper depression and starts to resent her first lover. Aranea hates any of those closely related to Tyranis and even just the mere thought of him. Though she is still a very docile creature, she can spit some fire if she feels threatened by the feelings of her past. Tyranis as her first love abandoned her and ruined her.
Rain and Nuada Wreckage-LoireChildren
Aranea's first litter fathered by Tyranis. She holds a deep sadness for the loss of Rain to Tyranis' needs, but she pushes Nuada away from her care and doesn't remember her negligence. She now believes her children are dead and is unaware of any of the other litters Tyranis fathered.
Allegro Gøran-DestructionEx-Baby Daddy
Aranea only spends a short time with Allegro but is drawn to him and starts to have deep romantic feelings for him regardless of their one night stand. The feeling being mutual, she is happy to start a real relationship with him. Though only after a couple times of meeting, he gets her pregnant and puts a new twist in their early relationship.

Allegro feels a tension with Aranea with he finds out about her and Ulric, but their relationship plummets drastically when she doesn't follow through with her promise to return to Abaven and is instead met with Aranea pregnant. He nearly lashes out at her, trying to get her to understand all the wrong she has done, and in the end leaves her to never look back.
Balthier, Azzurra, Psalm, and Solo DestructionChildren
Aranea's second litter fathered by Allegro. While she feels an anxiety of doing her new children wrong as she had Nuada and Rain, Aranea wishes to be a better and even great mother to them. It makes it hard as she leaves them in Abaven so she can continue her life in The Hallows. And she screws up any other chance at normalcy when she decides to bed with Ulric. Because of what Tyranis did to her, she loves her relationships more than her children, and they suffer for it while it is out of their control.
Ulric AdravendiObsession
In the long time she has spent away from her children and Allegro, Aranea finds herself being drawn into Ulric because of the loss and pain he secretly suffers through. She easily gives in to him and continues whatever kind of weird relationship they have regardless of her "family" being unreachable. The more time she spends with Ulric, the more it seems she will be choosing him over Allegro, the father of her children. In the end she chooses him but he ends up seeing the truth and not feeling the same way.
Torin Adravendi-ValentineFriend
Before she laid dedicated to Tyranis, Aranea took a chance giving this kid his first kiss, and of course going back to and choosing Tyranis. They meet again after Tyranis leaves her and Nuada, but she doesn't speak and ends up running away. Now in higher spirits she recalls him as a friend and all encounters will likely be friendly.
Aranea by chance met Tamsyn outside of her pack and the two traveled for a little bit together learning the terrain of the western lands. After Lirim is prepared to be handed over, she seeks out The Hallows where she is greeted by Tamsyn which over joys Aranea to know she has a friend inside the pack.
On one of her travels, Aranea comes across the tiny man and they trek through the corpseghoul swamplands, and share some wisdom with each other. They are both very excited to learn that they are in The Hallows together, Aranea again joyed by realizing she has another friend inside the pack.


Expert Healer (195)
Expert Navigator (155)

Healing : 08.20.17

+5 - Collected an Herb (Kava)
+5 - Collected an Herb (Cannabis)
+10 - Gave Another Character A Healing Lesson (Sparrow with Wolfsbane)
+10 - Gave Another Character A Healing Lesson (Asvor with Kava)
+5 - Collected an herb (Lavender)
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt - Spring, Year 15 (w/ Nolan)
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt - Summer, Year 15 (Solo)
+10 - Crafted An Item Related To Healing (Meadowsweet Tea)
+10 - Received a Healing Lesson (Making Tea - Svala)
+10 - Crafted An Item Related To Healing (Marigold Tea)
+10 - Received a Healing Lesson (Making A Tincture - Halla)
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt - Autumn, Year 15 (w/ Sota)
+30 - Seasonal Bonus Prompt - Spring, Year 16 w/ Ulric

Navigation : 08.20.17
+5 - Explored a new land (Avian Estuary)
+5 - Explored a new land (The Rock Garden)
+5 - Explored a new land (Monument Rapids)
+5 - Explored a new land (Firefly Lake)
+5 - Explored a new land (Wolfpaw Lake)
+5 - Explored a new land (Mount Volkan)
+10 - Tar Pit Navigation Event +5 - Explored A New Land (Tar Pits)
+5 - Explored a new land (Bent Canyon)
+5 - Explored a new land (Fern Gulley)
+5 - Explored a New Land (Barren Dunes)
+5 - Explored a New Land (Descensum)
+5 - Explored a New Land (Algoma Prairie)
+5 Explored a New Land (Glowshroom Cavern)
+5 - Explored a New Land (Corpseghoul Swamplands)
+5 - Explored a New Land (Traveler's Lake)
+5 - Explored a New Land (Whisperer's Gorge)
+5 - Exploring A New Land (Soulless Forest)
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt - Autumn, Year 15 (w/ Sota)
+30 - Seasonal Bonus Prompt - Spring, Year 16 w/ Ulric

Fight Form

Aranea vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Small
Build: Light
Skills: Expert Healer & Expert Navigator
Aranea vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Small
Build: Light
Skills: Expert Healer & Expert Navigator

Racing Form

Aranea vs (opponent) for Race
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Small
Build: Light
Skills: Expert Healer & Expert Navigator
Aranea vs (opponent) for Race
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Small
Build: Light
Skills: Expert Healer & Expert Navigator


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