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Hardened by years of intense training, Ace is built like a steel tank. Corded muscle lies beneath coarse fur, rippling with each movement. The man is heavily built to withstand anything he comes to face, strength and power exuding from his core. Powerful limbs carry him strong and tall, the male the largest of those he was born with. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for with endurance and muscle, the beast never backing down from any challenge presented to him. His fur is coarse to the touch, a rugged appearance gracing his features. While he may not be the best-kept creature out there, he doesn't mind. He's never cared too much to dote on his appearance, for he knows that looks aren't what gets you through the hardships and difficulties of life. It is the strength inside. He is power.

The male's rough coat is a mix of dirty and clean whites, with dirty brown and black markings. He has a brown patch on the bridge of his nose, two brown spots above his eyes, and inner ear fur is also brown. His legs are also coated in the same dirty color, rising from paws to shoulder and just below his hips, wrapping around his thighs. The darker color of sooty black coats his ears, toes, and tail tip. In between it all, parts of his coat seem to fade into a lighter color along his sides and base of his tail and rump, a mixture of the white and brown (thus the dirty white). Eyes of blood red gaze at the world in a cynical fashion, hiding beneath them all the wrongdoings of his life.

Acere is no stranger to combat. Strewn across his form are scars new and old, deep and shallow. The most prominent scars he bears are the deep ones that lace his left shoulder, ones that he acquired from a run in with a bear once upon a time when he was young and foolish. The scars leave his fur parted, the hair shorter on the edges of the marks as they lie twisted and bare. A hole sits in the center of his right ear, light often streaming through like a spotlight. While these aren't the only scars he carries, the rest is unimportant and hidden beneath the man's coat. The male's rough exterior tells a tale of hardship, gruesome events, and foolish decisions. Legs are strong, carrying the giant male's body with ease. He is strength and endurance rolled into one, body hardened by many battles won and lost.

  • Prominent scars on left shoulder area from a bear encounter when he was a pup. Quite visible and leaves his fur parted to expose them.
  • Hole in right ear.
  • Minor scars on the right side of his rump from a fight with a white tiger during Autumn, Year 12.
  • A trio of scars marks the left side of his muzzle. A reminder that hunting alone can be dangerous, especially in the middle of a harsh winter. After bringing down a kill, a starving mountain lion decided to attack Acere in an attempt to steal it away from him. Though Ace came out victorious, the scars serve as a reminder to just how desperate other predators can be in times of hunger. Acquired during Winter, Year 12.
  • Blinded in his right eye after a fight with his nephew, Ignis.

Plagued by ghosts of his past, Ace is a male not wholly willing to get close to others. He keeps himself locked away, keeping himself emotionally distant and at arms length from others. The once king suffered terrible losses from as far back as he can remember, though, despite the terrible tragedies of time past, the memories have become muddled. So hard he tried to forget, that those he once knew have become nothing more than a dream to him, and it is uncertain what he remembers and what he has stored in the vault of memories he so desperately tries to forget. He doesn't take well to those who try to pry into his past, so any who are bold or stupid enough to do so will find themselves in a position where they deeply regret having tried. Perhaps someday he'd tell someone he truly trusts, but with the way the world is, even trust is something he doesn't give freely.

Thanks to his past and the way he was raised, Acere has become a force to reckon with. He is a very headstrong and competitive individual, and it's all thanks to his upbringing. Raised in a militaristic lifestyle, he is a very disciplined and no-nonsense type of guy. He's often a stickler for the rules should there be any, but at times he will do things his way if it benefits him or what he perceives to be the greater good. Rules were made to be broken, after all, and should a rule prevent him from doing what is necessary, then he will not hesitate to go against the law. On another note, Acere is a thrill seeker. He lives for danger, though it always seems like danger finds him. He is not afraid to run into danger, the brute large and experienced enough to handle most that come his way. In fact, he laughs in the face of danger, the brutes life has been so fucked up in the past, that he is fearless and doesn't care about what happens to him half the time.

There are very few wolves Ace trusts in his life. And those few are the only ones that might ever truly know who he is. He puts on a front to those around him, letting them think they know him, but in reality, he keeps what he's truly thinking a secret to most. Only those that he has come to trust absolutely are the ones that truly know him, but he chooses who those people are. Try as they might, nobody truly has his trust without his say so. So far, only his niece and nephew Actaea & Ignis hold that complete trust. While he has spilled parts of him to a couple of others during times of extreme vulnerability, it's unlikely they have 100% of his trust, or he theirs. Ace can be a cynical man at times, often believing others are out for themselves, but he gets it. Sometimes he's out for himself, too. Except when it comes to those he cares about with every fiber of his being. He'd do anything for those he trusted that much, even if it meant putting his own life on the line.

Acere is as loyal as they come, if not more. He does not mind following authority, however, if he feels they are restricting his judgment and his actions to do something that he perceives to be for the greater good, he will hold a sort of resentment towards it and may even go against an order if he feels it is necessary. Some may consider it borderline treason, and while he might toe that line sometimes, he would never put his pack in that much danger if he can help it. Ace is smart. A tactician. Seldom will his emotions cause him to act without thought. He has become quite good at hiding his emotions to outsiders, so only those that truly know him know how he might be feeling.
Tiger claw reavers (offensive)||Tiger pelt armor (defensive)||Large companion #1||Large companion #2

Finn||Male||23"||Red Fox

Lumi||Female||20"||Silver Fox



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Winter Stormborn

childrenWinter ♀, Polaris ♀, Arcticus ♂, Snow ♂, ? ♂
parentsDominus♂ x Spirit
Dominus♂ x Spirit
Alis♀, Paenite♀

Dominus♂ x Atta
Elias♂, Eliana♀, Petram♂, Praeval♀, Concidit♂

Extended Family
Active, Inactive, Deceased
Nieces & Nephews
by Elias Praetor ♂ x Storm Wreckage ♀
Tyranis Praetor, Cloudburst Wreckage, Derecho Wreckage, Corentine Wreckage, Tempest Wreckage

by Elias Praetor ♂ x Zuriel Adravendi ♀
Miach Adravendi, Kane Adravendi, Dealos Adravendi, Dominus Praetor, Domina Praetor, Casso Praetor, Ignis Praetor, Actaea Praetor

by Elias Praetor ♂ x Aures Ancora ♀
Reinhardt Ancora, Legion Ancora, Bellum Ancora

Great-Nieces & Nephews
by Tyranis Praetor ♂ x Aranea Loire ♀
Rain Loire ♂, Nuada Wreckage-Loire

by Tyranis Praetor ♂ x Leera Vindictus ♀
Tyto Praetor-Vindictus, Tornadic Praetor-Vindictus, Tythe Praetor-Vindictus, Theta Praetor-Vindictus, Tsunami Vindictus-Praetor

by Tyranis Praetor ♂ x Paradise Elementas ♀
Incendio Elementas-Praetor ♂, Idalia Elementas-Praetor ♀, Volcanic Elementas-Praetor

by Corentine Wreckage-Scylding ♀ x Brandr Scylding ♂
Lucine Scylding, Halation Scylding


Master Fighter (275)
Master Intellectual (245)

Fighting : 07/05/17

+10 - Won a fight by default (vs. Tyranis)
+20 - Won a fight against someone of higher fighting rank (vs. Elias)
+15 - Won a fight against someone of equal or lower skill (vs. Vlad)
+35 - Seasonal skill prompt + new scar - Winter, Year 12 (Solo)
+10 - Fought a coyote pack
+5 - Participated in an unjudged spar (vs. Rhyme)
+15 - Fought a large predator (Tiger)
+10 - Won a judges fight by default (Vs. Elias)
+10 - Fought a medium sized predator (Cougar)
+10 - Won a fight by default (vs. Leera)
+30 - Seasonal skill prompt - Spring, Year 13 (solo)
+15 - Won a fight against someone of equal/lower fighting rank (vs. Felicien)
+10 - Participated in an official fight without winning (vs. Ashmedai)
+15 - Won a fight against someone of equal skill (Vs. Rhyme)
+30 - Seasonal skill prompt - Summer, Year 13 (Solo)
+10 - Won a fight by default (Vs. Czernobog)
+10 - Won a fight by default (Vs. Ignatius for Fyri)
+15 - Won a fight against someone of lower or equal skill (Vs. Lament)

Intellect: 04/19/18
+5 - Met Someone New (Ashiel)
+5 - Met Someone New (Aerndis)
+5 - Met Someone New (Shaye)
+5 - Met Someone New (Leonce)
+5 - Met someone new (Rhyme)
+5 - Met someone new (Avalon)
+5 - Met someone new (Leera)
+5 - Met someone new (Elara)
+5 - Met someone new (Hannibal)
+5 - Met someone new (Storm)
+5 - Met someone new (Ignatius)
+5 - Met someone new (Dragon)
+5 - Met someone new (Dagvaldr)
+5 - Met someone new (Nephthys)
+5 - Met someone new (Ashmedai)
+5 - Met someone new (Lament)
+5 - Gave social advice to Tana
+5 - Met someone new (Altair)
+5 - Gave or received social advice (with Shaye)
+5 - Met someone new (Noir)
+5 - Met someone new (Heloise)
+5 - Met someone new (Fracture)
+5 - Met someone new (Yurei)
+30 - Seasonal skill prompt - Fall, year 13 (group)
+5 - Met someone new (Belle)
+5 - Met someone new (Deathbelle)
+5 - Met someone new (Chaos)
+5 - Met someone new (Sirius)
+10 - Performed Knighting Ceremony
+5 - Met someone new (Song II)
+5 - Met someone new (Kirsi)
+30 - Seasonal skill prompt - Spring, year 14 (group)
+30 - Seasonal skill prompt - Spring, Year 15

Fight Form

Acere Praetor vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Offensive Battle Accessory: Tiger claw reavers
Defensive Battle Accessory: Tiger claw armor
Companion 1: Red Fox, Male - Battle
Companion 2: Red Fox, Female - Battle
Disability: Partial blindness - Moderate
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Intellectual
Specialty: Knight
Acere Praetor vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Tiger claw reavers</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Tiger claw armor</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Red Fox, Male - Battle</a>
Companion 2: <a href="">Red Fox, Female - Battle</a>
Disability: <a href="">Partial blindness - Moderate</a>
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Intellectual
Specialty: Knight


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