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Zinnia Wreckagefull name
Nia or Zinnicknames
7 Yearsage
Winter of birthdate
Neutral Goodalignment
29 inches, 120 lbs, & Medium build. Eye color #00ffe8

Most of Zin's coloration comes from her father's side of the family and gives her a bit of a different look compared to Most of the Wreckage family. She does have grey, but it's vary mild markings while a lot of the family has a lot of grey. Most of her body is covered in a white and a pale cream color that from a distance can almost look the same. She also has tan and dark grey markings that stand out against her pale form. Some of her key markings include a tan markings on the top of her muzzle, tan backing to her ears, and tan chest patch. Her other two tan markings are small and not as noticeable as the others. She has dark grey markings around her eyes, her head and neck, her shoulder, her tail, small socks on the back two feet, and a band on the front to feet. Her eyes color is another thing that stands out on her a mix of teal and blue that always seem to be shining and bright.

Zin is an average size for the Wreckage women. She stands at twenty-nine inches and weighs around one hundred and twenty pounds. She is of medium build taking an even mix of her parents. Her mom was light while her father was heavy and Zin remains happily in the middle. She is quick on her feet and will keep up with her training. She has a good body for a great hunter and that's what she aims to be, keeping herself fit and quick.
Coming from a traveling family Zinnia has grown to learn to adapt and to survive. Her first two years of life was spent with close and distant family and meeting many different faces from those the clan had dealt with. From a young age she was taught to observe and to read those she comes in contact with. She has learned how to read how she should act while around new faces, weather she needs to be reserved and serious or her normal bubbly and social self. Along with this she was taught to observe her surroundings and learn to pick out safe spots from unsafe spots. Learning what potential danger could lie ahead (even if there wasn't) using her senses to pick things out. She has also been taught how to be observant of her prey. Her father was a vary skilled hunter and tracker and she did her best to learn every piece of knowledge that man had to offer, including knowledge from other hunters in the clan.

Being skilled and taught mostly to hunt and track the girl had grown to be vary patient and extremely persistent to get her prey and in general to get what she wants. There was a time in her life that she tracked and fallowed a deer for a few days before she had the right opportunity to take the creature down. She likes to challenge herself so that she can learn to become better at her skills. Taking on older trails to get to the fresh trails, She strives to gain as much skill and knowledge as she can so she could become one of the intelligent elders like the elders in her clan. She wants to look back in her old age and be proud of the creature she has become. She strives to do what is good, but being of neutral character she could be swayed towards a darker good. Though with her upbringing it is highly unlikely.

She was raised in a large family, being in constant contact with direct and extended family. Family is a vary important factor in her life. Her family is the most important thing in her life and though she separated from them does not mean others can not become her family. Her clan was always taking in new faces in their trading routes so she is more then open to strangers becoming family. This also means she would easily be adaptable to pack life, transferring her family oriented to pack oriented. If she joined a pack it would become her family despite what relations she may have with it's members. She could be hated by a member and she would still lay down her life for them in a heartbeat.

Zin is a vary social creature, preferring to be with others rather then being alone. She can function independently, she was prepared for it, but it isn't her preference. She is also known to be vary outgoing and vary positive. She is a bright and upbeat women and tries to hide her more negative emotions


- Born off site Winter, Year six

It wasn't love at first site when it came to her parents. In fact when Hagan was found he was a slave of an evil pack. They used him in fights against other slaves where he found for his life. Hagan was a large and rough man that suffered from PTSD after watching his family being slaughtered when he was young. Most of his young life was spent in this evil pack and he became extremely withdrawn from the real world. There was many times that both Bluebelle and Rosebud questioned why they had bartered for the slightly older male, but in the end it turned into something special.

Belle was a soft women with a heart of gold. One of the more skilled healers in the pack she took a passion into healing and fixing others. When her and her sister went to this pack to trade they invited both women in and at the time another fight was going on. The king invited them to the best seats in the house, to watch the horrible and bloody fight. Each bite and strike tugged at the young women's heart, but she hid her emotions. Both girls were young at the time, just over two years, and they knew what dangers they could be in if they questioned how any pack functioned. When it came down to trading time She requested what would be needed to trade for Hagan claiming that their clan was in need of excellent fighters. The king at first didn't want to trade, but Hagan was really nothing more then entertainment so he parted with him.

The first two years of Belle's and Hagan's life together was extremely rough because the poor male had reverted into a more feral state of mind. With Belle's persistence and her wide knowledge of herbs she had managed to help him through his demons. She had even endured being attacked by him several times, the first time he had almost killed her. Once past his issues the male grew fond of the smaller women and they fell for each other. He was never really right (always had a horrible temper, but learned to leave when it flared up), but he was living a somewhat normal life. When his first litter arrived something about the small helpless children gave him more of a purpose and it helped him even further.

Both loved their children dearly and Hagan learned to never lay a paw on anyone. When his anger would flare the male would disappear and go out hunting training himself to be a great hunter and then passing his knowledge to his children. Zin was vary close to his heart because she was a bit of a tomboy and a daddy's girl. She still remains close even after her separation from the clan. She left because others had been leaving and she was curious of the world. Most importantly she wanted to catch up with her cousins that had left to try and bring them home.
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mateTyphon Abraxas ♂
parentsHagan Taint-Wreckage ♂ & Bluebelle Wreckage ♀
siblingsEldest Siblings
Anemone ♀
Older Siblings
Sakura ♀ & Arum ♂
Magnolia ♀, Jonquil ♂, & Larkspur ♂
Extended FamilyGrandparents
Aiden Baine-Wreckage ♂ & Willow Wreckage ♀
Uncles & Aunts
Hurricane Wreckage ♂, Rosebud Wreckage ♀, Flint Wreckage ♂, & Clarice Bates-Wreckage ♀
Hail Wreckage ♂, Sleet Wreckage ♀, Storm Wreckage ♀, Frostbite Wreckage ♂, Cobalt Wreckage ♂, Jasper Wreckage ♂, Clay Wreckage ♂, Mica Wreckage ♂, Crystal Wreckage ♀, Morganite Wreckage ♀, & Annabergite Wreckage ♀
Second Cousins
Tempest Wreckage ♀, Cloudburst Wreckage ♂, Corentine Wreckage ♀, Derecho Wreckage ♀, & Tyranis Wreckage ♂


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INTELLECT - 09/19/18

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Zinnia Wreckage vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Skills: Beginner Hunter & Beginner Intellectual
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