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Paladin 'Knight' Ancorafull name
'Knight' 'Din Pal, 'Ladin, "Stubborn idiot, go rest." 'Unca Pal!'nicknames
8 Yearsage
Summer of Year 8birthdate
Lawful Goodalignment
Straight as a pinsexuality
Incandescent Couragerank
Full Reference
Face Reference
Height: 34"
Build: Medium
Weight: 116lbs

To see Paladin from behind, one might almost think they’d come upon a larger version of his slender mother. Based in a pristine, bright snowy white, his body bears only a few marks to tie him with his sire. He carries the distinctive tear marks, passed down from his grandfather, Cifer. Based in inky black the marks engulf each large expressive eye like a goth’s makeup, almost like a malformed cross.

The black spikes out horizontally at both corners of his eyes, then curves up in a narrow neck to swallow his brow points, while the underside arcs down below his eyes in those masterful, beautiful tears his father seems to have bequeathed to all his children in varying shapes and details.

The tears end in points just at the edge of his throat’s hollow, under his jaw, not meeting like his large brother Fable’s tears. The black appears again, engulfing the end of his muzzle and nose, and extending up the bridge of his nose to stop just a couple inches below the point where his muzzle curves up into his forehead, forming a rounded wedge over his nose, white and black hairs intermingling in a sharp gradient.

The black makes one final, stately appearance upon his right hind leg. The midnight color swallows it to midway up the leg, ending at a sharp angle, the front of the sock rising higher than the backside.

Beyond the markings he was born with, Paladin bears one mark, colored differently than the rest. A vertical scar, artfully made so that the juices of the beet roots used to dye the scar and the hair that would grow back after it healed a permanent burgundy red, sits by his left brow point. This mark he carries with pride, a mark of his training under the Nomads that found and took him in as a pup when he had tried to track down his mother and sister and gotten hopelessly lost.

Having shown himself to be a prodigy of sorts, he gained his first mark earlier than the other young wolves training and traveling with the nomadic healers.

His build is a graceful mixture of masculinity and a nearly feminine grace, lending itself a slim waisted, long legged beauty to his frame, while muscle ripples under his coat in each stride. When he moves, he floats instead of lumbering, paws traipsing lightly with care and dignity over the ground.

His face, in structure, is a more masculine imitation of his mother’s; wide, gently expressive eyes, a long, gracefully tapered muzzle and slight smile, and finely formed ears. His eyes themselves are another reflection of his mother. Pools of deep sapphire morph in a vibrant gradient to an ethereal amethyst, almost pink at its brightest point.

His tail is long haired and fluffy, and over all, his entire coat is thick, luxuriantly fluffy, thickest at the ruff and his cheeks, sleekest along his torso. He will never be massive, only topping his sister Justice by one inch at 34” and weighing in at around 116lbs, and bearing a Medium Build.

Paladin is softly spoken, his voice surprisingly deep for his less than massive frame at a mid-baritone gentleness. He rarely raises his voice beyond a low call, but make no mistake; he has the capacity for tremendous volume. His accent is a thick, yet educated Irish brogue, from his mother’s influence before she had to go to find Nomads that might now how to heal Surreal, and later from growing up around the Nomads and training with them. Inflections from his father’s accent carry the lilt and burr of Scottish roughness, but they are muted from the prolonged contact with one accent. He is highly fluent in the Old Tongue, as it’s the most extensively spoken language among the Nomads.

His scent is strongly herbal and soothing, with the undertones of masculinity slowly becoming more apparent as he ages into his maturity, testosterone firmly establishing itself within his natural smells.

Still in Progress

Paladin was born, believing he wanted to be a warrior; fight for honor and justice, stand and defend the pack. He was adventurous, noble and just.

Much of that pup still remains, from when he was once named Knight. It was that adventurous, loyal nature that led him to ultimately disobey both his mother and his Alpha, Regulus, and follow them, attempting to track scents long since dissipated over the weeks it took for him to worry enough to follow the direction they went in.

It was under his frightening escapades as a lost puppy that he learned the meaning of mortality and near death. Several close scrapes with death and peril have left him with a keen awareness of his own mortality, and that of others. None will live forever, and all will bow to death eventually.

When the Nomads found him, he was starving, exhausted, and downtrodden emotionally, as well as physically. Under their care and tutelage, however, a bright spark flared. An insatiable need to learn, and an apt mind for the arts of healing, as well as defensive fighting.

It was his life among the Nomads that decided him to change his name to Paladin, though he keeps 'Knight' as a middle name.

He is innovative, inventive; he enjoys devising and crafting new ways to concoct a cure or poultice, much like his mother was. He possesses a quick wit, and sharp intelligence. He can think fast under pressure, and make decisions with a high amount of boldness, making him an apt healer during stressful times when you must move swiftly to save a life while racing against time.

He’s an optimistic fellow, sweet tempered an almost unflappable. This apparent lack of a fuse could almost be seen as a lack of passion for his ideals, but make no mistake, he is very passionate about the lives under his care, and if their lives are under threat, that passion will arise in a near brutal wash of temper and flashing fangs. The temper that is so hard to rouse is as swift as a lightning flash, there and gone again once he’d certain his point has been made, or his patient is safe.

Temper can be brutal, or it can be as solid as tempered and forged steel. Paladin is stubborn in his ways. If he knows it can be done, fixed, or healed, he will do everything in his power and beyond to see it through to completion, or that wolf through a devastating illness to their recovery. While this may prove fruitful to others, it means that Paladin can easily wear himself past his own limits of endurance to ensure success, with little regard to his own health in the process.

He can be almost blind to his own peril in the process of ensuring the wellbeing of another. It can take others forcibly sitting him down in a corner and dosing him with something strong to knock him out to make him rest for himself, and no sooner is he up again then he will be back, stubbornly ensuring the life of the wounded, sick, or disabled.

Paladin is a wolf you can trust to the utmost with your life, and your deepest secrets. In return, you gain his trust, and his loyalty, but even these have limits. Break his trust, use his loyalty against him, and you will never be trusted again, and he will do his best to ignore your existence.

It’s not in his nature to kill for personal revenge, and as a healer who fights to preserve life, it goes against his nature to kill his own kind in cold blood. He views such acts of violence with the utmost disgust, and the only time he would kill willingly is if he was faced with a wolf who would harm and kill the helpless. Child molesters, rapists, and murderers don’t belong in the world, in his eyes, and he has no qualms about abolishing them, a healer’s nature or no.

Loss is something that affects him greatly. Losing the fight for someone’s life, or seeing them revert to self-harming habits after they had been doing so well and were nearly cured cuts deeply into his soul, and he will bear the burden of a healer’s loss upon his shoulders, mourning as though he lost his own child or sibling, even if that wolf was a complete and utter stranger to him before coming under his care.

He is loving, gentle, and kind, and his family and friends receive this all with ready openness, but this love doesn’t come without its tough edges. He views family not coming together to console one another and building each other up with irritation, and this is no exception with his own family. Love and bonds require honest effort, and constant care to thrive, in his eyes.

He adores children; loves them with all his being. If he can, he will spend hours with them, teaching and telling stories, playing games and telling silly jokes until all collapse in a heap from exhaustion of play. Pups charm him like nothing else in the world, filling him with a sense of comfort and wonder. He’d deeply protective of them, and wishes with fervent hope, to have many of his own.

However, this love, too, comes with discipline. You aren’t showing your child true love if you allow them to get away with bad behavior that will only harm them later in life as a learned habit. Lying will not be tolerated, and biting to purposefully harm another will receive a sharp nip and reprimand, whether it’s his own or someone else’s. Respect is to be earned with respect, and rewards are to be earned honestly. Love doesn’t mean giving a child anything they point a paw at and say ‘Gimme’, in his eyes.

This is how he has seen Nomad pups raised in his time with them. The children there are raised the way he believes is the right way. Discipline go paw in paw with devotion and love.

Paladin is brave to a fault. He knows his own mortality and limits, but if a bear were to attack those he cared deeply for, he would put himself in harm’s way for those he loves, and fight, hell for leather, to drive off the threat, and not care if he dies, so long as the others can escape.

That being said, he isn’t one who knows no fear. His greatest fear is failure to succeed in saving a life. He is ambitious, in a sense that he wants to spread knowledge as far as he can, and rise to a position where he can do so. He doesn’t fear his own death, but he fears the deaths of others when he knows it’s not their time to go.

And… he fears tremendous heights. This is, in fact, a phobia. Even watching a bird soar far above will make him queasy and ill, and he prefers to keep his eyes to the horizons, or on the bushes and flora in search of herbs and bark.


Proof of Purchase: Small Accessory [Nomad Mark Tattoo between Brow Points]

Companion #1: Ime: Male Mandrill Monkey – 25” at shoulder.
Companion #2: Kayode: Male Red Ruffed Lemur, standing 10” at shoulder.


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