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Aurielle Rhiannon Marie Adravendifull name
'Rielle, Aurrie, 'Elle, Moon, 'Rienicknames
7 Yearsage
Autumn of Year 10birthdate
Lawful Goodalignment
Straight as a newly cast pin.sexuality
hereplot thread
Mane Length at Half-Yearling Mark: 6" and slightly wavy.
Tail Hair at Half-Yearling Mark: 8" and wavy.

Mane at Yearling Stage: 12" less wavy than before.
Tail Hair at Yearling Stage: Full 10" length, straight to slightly wavy.

Mane reaches full 2 foot length at the age of a year and a half, mostly straight with a slight hint at waviness.

The firstborn in a litter of two, Aurielle’s entire body – barring her skin, nose, and pads -will be based in a pure, snowy white – though at birth, she will be marked with the dirty brown puppy muzzle until nearly a year of age, where all traces of that brownish color will have faded away. Seemingly a plain, snowy white at a distance, her fur proves, upon a closer look, to bear a shimmering air of mystery. Each and every hair bears an ethereal, iridescent shimmer, very similar to the effect of a moonstone. Every flutter of breeze, and every ripple of a muscle or flick of an ear sends a glorious, elegant ripple of colors glimmering through her coat in various sheens of blue, pink, soft purple, and faintest creamy yellows. There and gone again.

Her eyes are a dual-tone brilliance consisting of shades of blue; fathomless sapphire and brilliant sky blue, with the deeper sapphire of her father holding sway upon the upper half of her irises, and gradating into her mother's lovely sky blue along the lower half of her irises. Beautiful, gentle, and cryptic, they hold a brilliant, canny intelligence in their gem like depths; a strong enthusiasm for learning, and a distinct lack of arrogance, despite her highborn status as the Future of Celestial.

Her fur is far from being the last unusual feature; her scruff, while thick and fluffy, bears a long fall of hair like fur; a draping mane that, when held out at full length proves to be about a foot to two feet at the longest hair. Like the rest of her coat, it too bears that moonstone shimmering effect. It sprouts along the back of her scruff, with shorter fur tufting through at the base, adding a slight volume of hair, and between her ears, the longer hair extends, forming a slight widow’s peak of a forelock falling at either side of her face, framing it delicately. This long hair mutation won’t be immediately apparent until about four months of age, where it begins to surpass the natural length of her coat, eventually reaching its full length at about the age of one and a half years.

This mutation avoids the majority of her body, though her underside sees the appearance of fur growing a little longer than most wolves, though nothing like that of her mane. The mutation returns in force upon her tail. The family line has seen many tails with slightly longer than average hairs, but none to this extent. The fur along the underside and tip in particular will grow to about ten inches in length, forming a graceful fall, and bringing an element of elegance to her body language.

Still again, this long hair won’t be the final unusual physical feature of this female. Her upper canines will prove to be an inch longer than other wolves of her size, the points extending past her lips to half an inch below her chin. The points will be slightly sharper than the average wolf’s, though nothing close to needle sharp beyond her puppy years.

Aurielle’s facial features are a mirror of her mother’s beauty, fine and gentle, smiling, or deep in thought. Her eyes are large, intelligent, and ever vigilant, framed by long lashes – the mutation of her long fur giving just the slightest bit of help here – and her muzzle is slender, delicately feminine. Her expressions are vividly evocative, charisma etched in every line, and every lift of the brow points. Her ears are slightly larger than average, triangular with little rounding to the edges, the mutation of her hair not extending to the short fur of her ears, though the insides are well insulated.

Her mother blessed her with grace and feminine curves, while her father brought to her form the long legs and well sized paws. Her figure, while elegant, and feminine by her half year mark, is no less muscular and wiry beneath the fur and fine beauty. She moves with a modest confidence. At her adult height, she will only top the scales of 30” at the shoulders, but she carries her father’s air of being bigger than life, head carried casually high, and her strides easy and poised. She’ll carry a medium weight of 110lbs upon her bones, most of it in muscle tone as she grows and goes through training.

Born to a father who deeply enjoys learning and teaching languages, Aurielle will be fluent in the Old Tongue (Irish Gaelic to you or I), having had it hammered into her head from the moment of being able to learn. Equally, she’ll be fluent in the Common Tongue (English).

Her voice, by the time she hits her adult tones, will be a rich mezzo-soprano; husky and warm. She’ll bear an intriguing mixture of Irish and Swedish, picked up by life around her father’s accent, though less evident than his.

Her scent will be a rich mixture of various herbs (particularly Lavender and Jasmine, as she will prove at an early age to adore both scents and may torment her mother with rolling in the herbs stocks during her early pup-hood, and develop a habit of keeping a stock of the flowers to roll in as she grows older.), mixed with the scents of ripe hay during the summer. Cedar and Fir carry the floral and herbal scents in an undertone, and pulling it all together is the sepulchral scent of stone, moss, and dirt, from being born and growing up with a cave system for a den.

It was in the Summer of Ardent Year 14 that a strange phenomenon began to take hold, slowly and almost imperceptibly. A blue-white glow began to appear in her coat, often wherever fur grew back from being yanked out in fights and spars, or coming out in her Autumn shedding season, white, shimmering coat shedding out to blaze boldly in low-light settings and the night darkness. Much to the young woman's consternation.

As well, an intricate marking began to fade into sight, darkening and darkening to a gradated dual-tone shade of purples. Like the glow in her hair and fur, it reached its full strength by Autumn of Year 14. It's unknown where or what or how she came by her new light, but it only adds to her otherworldly appearance.

Scars: Several bear-claw slashes on either shoulder.

Reference - Glow and Eye Marking will be in full effect come Autumn Year 14 of Ardent ^^ appearance

Born to the Archangel, and the first in the litter of two consisting herself and her brother, one would expect Aurielle to be haughty, arrogant, and vain. Perhaps, with different parents, and a different upbringing, she might have been, but with an honorable father, and gentle, sweet mother, Aurielle is anything but a self-centered, pampered princess.

From the beginning, she will have been instilled with a strong sense of morals. She will be brought up to believe that she must work together with her pack to strive for the better of Celestial and its inhabitants, rather than to direct the pack and stand aside. In a siege, she will never be one to stay behind if she can help it. She will be at the front lines, tangling with the enemies. She is selfless, gladly housing those who need a home or a soft place to land, and building others up.

She’ll start out as being rather shy as a child, well into her yearling-hood, though nothing in comparison with her sibling, Aramis. She has big paw-prints to fill, after all. Her rather long name is a slightly sticky point for her, and she will generally beg of a new acquaintance to just “Call me ‘Rielle, please.” Eventually, she will grow out of this shyness to become a charismatic, easy-going adult.

Her biggest worry is that she won’t be able to live up to the legacy that comes with her father’s line, whether it be the Adravendi Family, or the line that runs all the way back to another land to the woman that would have led Redmoon Pack in time had things not gone horribly wrong, Erani.

She has a strong sense of justice. Harm one of her pack, or her family, and you will have her to deal with, and she, while having such good traits, can be vindictive and final in her justice dealing. She’s a wolf of ingenuity and innovation. She loves puzzles and crafting. She’s a born problem solver, thinking through an issue before jumping head first into things. This penchant for devising new methods of transportation, fighting, and herb collecting leads to a fascination with figuring out how to sharpen things, skin pelts and hides, and how to flesh said hides.

She is modest to a fault; she knows she’s unique, but as she’s grown up with her looks, and was sired by a father who’s completely red, and has a brother of similar traits as her own, though with different coloring, she never lets compliments of her appearance go to her head. This goes paw in paw with her skills in fighting, healing, hunting, or navigation and intelligence. She is proud of her family, but would never go so far as to say her family is godly.

For all her gentleness and charisma, Aurielle does possess a temper. It’s the same chilling, feral fury as her grandmother and great grandmother were known for, and while her fuse is very long unless something truly dastardly or horrible was done to her or her loved ones/pack, it is a powerful thing. Her voice never rises above a normal speaking level, but the malice is unmistakable.

As she takes the mantle of Archangel from her father, she will prove to be a just and strong leader. Level headed and a tactical planner, she’ll have no issues with meeting other leaders and going to great lengths to ensure a friendly bond with other packs, nor will she hesitate to ask for assistance in wiping out a threat to her pack that may also threaten those allies.

As well, she sees the value in leading sieges against other packs in order to expand her territory so that her pack will have more resources to thrive upon. In some ways, this could be viewed as an ambition to build a growing empire. She has no wish to dominate the world. Merely a desire to see her pack and family live well and grow strong.

Her sense of justice will lead to her being firm when needed, and if punishment must be dealt, she will deal it if the punished was truly in the wrong. She’s not afraid to fight, and won’t hesitate to kill a wolf that threatens her pack, friends, family, or self.

Like her father, she shares an interest in architecture, and building, as she sees the value in walls and shelters built above the ground.

Personality will continue to grow and be shaped by both my brain and IC events as I learn more about her.personality

Aelloshir: A male mountain lion standing 25" at the shoulders, solid ink black with pale silver eyes. (Son of Artashir and Aello)
Personality: Aelloshir – or Loshir, as Aurielle calls him – is outwardly serious, with a mercenary’s outlook on life. He has no qualms about killing, whether it be wolves, or fellow big cats. Trained from the age of a kitten in the arts of fighting and hunting, he bears a rudimentary knowledge of herbal healing, mostly for wounds and minor illnesses. His one soft spot is his charge, Aurielle, whom he can be rather possessive over, and she is one of the few that witnesses his good natured, humorous side. For a future suitor, winning her heart will be half the battle—the second half is mollifying the cat.
Ayodele: A female Ringtailed Lemur, standing 9 3/4” at shoulder. Based in an agouti mixture of grey, brown and white, Ayodele’s face and underside are painted in a soft white, until black encircles her eyes and paints her muzzle. A long, long tail adorned in fluffy fur, bears black and white rings that make her species of Lemur one of the most iconic. Large green eyes set her apart from her species.
Personality: Ayodele is a bubbly, friendly individual with a side of sarcastic snark and tease. Drawn to Aurielle around the beginning of the Future's first full year of life by the long mane and tail of the young wolf, she enjoys playing with and braiding long hair, and will be essential to many of the future hairdos the wolf bears, and even cuttings of the hair. She shares an interest in healing with the male Mandril Monkey she traveled with until they found the wolves they decided to be companions to.

Proofs of Donations: Donation Page

Born in Autumn of Year 10 | November 2nd 2017



Born in Autumn of Year 10 | November 2nd 2017
Aurielle Adravendi

Born to the Crimson Archangel of Celestial, Regulus Anatolii Adravendi, and the Consort of Celestial, Solveiga Derus-Adravendi, Aurielle Rhiannon Marie Adravendi was born, the elder twin to her brother, Aramis, to a loving pair of parents, one a leader, the other a sweet healer.

Throughout her pup-hood, she proved to be quick to learn and eager to absorb all the knowledge she could get her paws upon even as she rolled her way into mischief in her mother and cousin’s herb stock. She picked up both Common and the Old Tongue easily, as well as any lesson thrown her way, and readily explored the whole cave system with her twin, adventuring deep into the furthest back chamber and crevice.

At the age of a season old, Aurielle and Aramis were at last permitted to explore beyond the main chamber of the cave system that was the Adravendi Family seat, as well as the pack’s main den site – or guest housing, as it might be – to play in the snow in the ravine under the watchful eye of their father.

It wouldn’t be long after that Regulus took his firstborn to see the meeting place of Celestial’s wolves, and the wall, to learn about the rules of the border, and who sat where in the meeting. During this time, Aurielle had come to understand the great legacy she had to continue, and the feeling of self-doubt within her own heart.

In the last dying gasps of Winter, her father returned from an expedition up north with two mountain lions – usually a species which wolves didn’t get along with – as his companions—Artashir and his wife, Aello. While it took a little getting used to, eventually, she warmed to the two companions, and they in turn left for a while, and returned with two of their several children.

The son, Aelloshir, because Aurielle’s guardian and near constant companion, forming an unshakeable bond with her.

In the first breaths of Spring, Aurielle met her first Loner—a yearling male by the name of Amos Allentide. The two built a swift, budding friendship, exchanging small stories about their two very different worlds and families.

It would be a short time after their meeting that Aurielle's training as both Future and a warrior would begin, and her father began to teach her beyond the rudimentary basics of defensive stances, shedding light upon the more advanced intricacies of battle at long last.

As Spring wore on, so did her training, and her drive to learn more, and in the bright days of late Spring, she met the young former Talisian wolf, Sterling Bade as she was brought home by Paladin, injured and tired from pain and shock. Her father accepted Sterling into Celestial's care, with an offer to stay on permanently if she so chose, and left Aurielle to help her cousin take the woman back to the cave to be treated.

That same Spring, Aurielle attended her first official group healing lesson, held by Paladin, in which Paladin did his best to teach a disruptive Domari and Justice about the art of birthing. Aurielle, meanwhile, absorbed the information, knowing it might prove useful someday, whether in her own birthing someday, or in aiding someone in need, in her pack, or out in the field.

Her father would later call a small mud-training session for her and a young man, Exodus Ancora. They learned to hold their footing in the slick mud of the stream running through Valhalla’s land, and how to avoid being taken down.

As Summer settled in, Amos Joined Celestial at last, which was a joy to the young Future, glad to have her friend with her in the pack. He was a distraction from the reality—her mother and Aramis were missing. It was unknown at the time, but her mother and brother had gone out alone for an herb lesson beyond the wall, and were taken by a band of slavers.

Autumn brought with it a visit from her Uncle Tornach, and later, she would win her first spar, beating Amos, though her best friend fought well and it was a close win.

Her father gave her a nudge out the door on her first solo adventure, and she ventured northward, finding a place called Hell’s River—a cave under the ground, with a river of lava flowing sluggishly through it. Here, she met a boy, younger than herself by maybe a season. His name was JupiterAeris, a pup her father had remarked upon rescuing from the mountain lions that became her father’s companions, as their son had become hers.

The two made conversation, getting to know each other a little and discuss the phenomenon of the lava, and what it could possibly be used for, before the Future returned home.

She would track down Mask, a hunter of Celestial to aid in her first hunt, bringing down a mule deer, while speaking of their languages and exchanging a few words in either language (we’ll just assume that’s how it went, I can’t see her letting a hunt go, let alone language lessons).

As time progressed, with the continued absence of her mother and brother, Aurielle made a point of seeking out Domari for pointers on fighting, knowing how much of a boon he had been in the raid defense against Talis, before her birth.

Leadership, however, would loom sooner to the yearling than expected. Her father called her and Gwenevere Adravendi together, informing them both of his intention to step down and raise Aurielle and Gwenevere to Archangel and Right Wing.

The change would not be immediate.

All I can do at the moment - To be continued

Walk ---- "Speak" ---- "Hear" ---- Think

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childrenLitter 1: Ardyn, Coran, Amorielle, Laoise, Aoife

Litter 2: ???

parentsRegulus (Father) x Solveiga (Mother, Deceased in Spring Year 14)
siblingsLittermate: Aramis (Brother - Missing)
Extended FamilyAll Adravendis, by name, and Armadas by blood. Related to Kavdaya x Creed's kids by distant blood relation through Erani/Kavdaya. Related to any of Solveiga's family.

There's surely more, but that does for now, and there will be a family tree thang, too :P

Cousins to Valentine Imperialis and all his offspring, via Grandfather Falk, brother to Taurig (Valentine's sire). Both sides of the coin are unaware of the relations.


Master Intellectual (240)
Master Fighter (255)


Intellect : 12/27/17

+5 - Was taught a lesson not related to other skills (Pack Meeting Seating Etiquette)
+5 - Met Someone New (Amos)
+5 - Met Someone New [Jupiter Aeris]
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt- Fall Year 12 (Group) [Gwen and Amos]
+5 - Met Someone New [Rhythm Destruction]
+5 - Met Someone New [Shaye Destruction]
+5 - Met Someone New [Ignatius Agnivo]
+5 - Met Someone New [Song Destruction]
+5 - Met Someone New [Branch Wreckage]
+15 - Formed an Alliance Between Two Friendly Packs [Fyri]
+15 - Formed an Alliance Between Two Friendly Packs [Kesali]
+15 - Formed an Alliance Between Two Friendly Packs [Abaven]
+5 - Met Someone New [Red]
+5 - Met Someone New [Heloise]
+30 - Organized a Festival [Harvest Festival]
+5 - Met Someone New [Hemlock Memoire]
+5 - Met Someone New [Eldi]
+5 - Met Someone New [Rodgar Allentide]
+5 - Met Someone New [Deathbelle Klein]
+15 - Negotiated an Alliance Between Two Friendly Packs [Olympia]
+5 - Met Someone New [Sirius]
+5 - Met someone New [Whit]
+5 - Met Someone New [Souzan]
+5 - Met Someone New [Balerion]
+5 - Met someone New [Asa]
+10 - Crafted a Necklace
+15 - Negotiated a Trade Between Two Packs [Winterfell]

Fighting : 12/27/17

+20 - Won a spar against an opponent of higher Fighting rank [Amos]
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt - Spring, Year 13 (Solo)
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt - Autumn, Year 13 (Solo)
+15 - Fought a Large Predator [Tiger]
+10 - Fought a Medium Predator [Black Bear]
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt - Spring, Year 14 (Group) [Jupiter]
+15 - Fought a Large Predator [Grizzly w/Sirius]
+15 - Won an official fight against someone of equal or lower Fighting rank. [Red]
+15 - Won an official fight against someone of equal or lower Fighting rank. [Cairo]
+15 - Fought a Large Predator [Polar Bear w/Balerion]
+15 - Fought a Large Predator [Grizzly w/Red]
+15 - Fought a Large Predator [Grizzly with Eligos and Domari]
+15 - Won a fight against an opponent of equal or lower rank [Caelia]
+10 - Participated in a Fight Without Winning [Domari]
+5 - Gave a Fighting Lesson [Caelia]

Fight Form

Aurielle vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: Clawed leather bracers
Defensive Battle Accessory: Bison hide armor
Companion 1: Mountain lion, Male - Battle
Companion 2: Ringtailed lemur, Female - Battle
Mutation 1: Long upper canines - Offensive
Skills: Master Intellectual & Master Fighter
Specialty: Bard
Aurielle vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Clawed leather bracers</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Bison hide armor</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Mountain lion, Male - Battle</a>
Companion 2: <a href="">Ringtailed lemur, Female - Battle</a>
Mutation 1: <a href="">Long upper canines - Offensive</a>
Skills: Master Intellectual & Master Fighter
Specialty: Bard

Racing Form

Aurielle vs (opponent) for Race
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Skills: Master Intellectual & Master Fighter
Specialty: Bard
Aurielle vs (opponent) for Race
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Medium
Skills: Master Intellectual & Master Fighter
Specialty: Bard


The Ooze Participant 11-30-2021 at 07:57 PM • The Ooze Participant, Halloween - It Begins..
The Ooze - Variation 3 11-30-2021 at 05:58 PM • The Ooze - Variation 3, Halloween - It Persists...
Critical Fail! 03-15-2020 at 10:25 PM • Critical Fail!, Tale of A Prodigal Son
Valentines 2020 03-01-2020 at 06:36 PM • Valentines 2020, Braided Strength