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Tyranis Wreckage Praetor full name
4 Yearsage
Summer of birthdate
Lawful Evilalignment
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As a pup:

Even from birth his legs were unusually long making him a skilled runner. For now his motor functions are still developing making him clumsy despite his sleek frame. His paws are unusually large for a pup, making him more clumsy than some of his siblings, a fact that has made him somewhat resentful toward them. His coarse fur sticks out from his body, making him appear fuzzy and more approachable.

As an Adult:

Tyranis inherited his mother’s thick plush coat and although he doesn’t know it; his father’s long agile legs. He is built for speed and endurance with a slender frame and legs longer than his torso. Framed by white markings his golden eyes pop out from his dark pelt color although they are usually narrowed with judgmental disapproval. His fur is long and sleek although it thickens on his neck giving him the albeit weak impression of a lion’s mane. He is taller than his siblings standing at a proud 39 inches and uses his enhanced height to intimidate whomever he sees fit. His fur is black although in a certain light it takes on a grayed out violent tint. Along his belly and framing his face is a slightly lighter shade that can at times almost appear lavender. Like his mother his front paws are enveloped in stockings that transition from his usual fur color to pitch black, while his hind legs are split down the middle by the grayed out tone that dominates his fur. The thick fur on his neck and back is shaded with a median between the ink black on his paws and the slate gray of his fur. A small crescent of scars marks the right side of his head where a coyote bit him in the winter of year 12

-Height and Weight-

39in 130lbs


Sage and wet fallen leaves

-Voice Reference-

Tom Hiddleston


Much has changed with Tyranis since his puphood, the once cunning and manipulative child now considers tricks an lies beneath him and carries himself with an air of maturity and strength. It's easy to see how a man such as himself once ruled a pack, although the lackadaisical nature his former pack abused has wizened him to use a firm hand with others and yet speak softly and calmly. He carries himself as a king would with his head high and his eyes alert, a usually serious expression on his features to avoid the misconception that his emotions are easily appealed to.


Far from easily swayed when Tyranis pledges his loyalty he intends to keep it. Heartbreak and betrayal have shaped him to be guarded with his trust, and to be wary of strangers. Once his trust is earned the man is fiercely loyal and passionate, putting the needs of those he cares for before himself. After finally meeting his father Ruina provided him with something he had never experienced from anyone but his brother; Undying loyalty and devotion. Swept away by the family he never knew he belonged to Tyranis embraced Ruina with an open heart and pledged to leave his mark upon them as a symbol of their virtues


Those few who have seen beneath his outward shell as a once and future ruler know he is capable of strong emotions although he does his best to keep them maintained. Those he loves he loves with all his heart, and those who have earned his scorn will feel his hate fully. He can be a gentle soul at times or righteously furious although he is careful to keep those conflicting natures separate in matters of the heart.


Although he is physically strong and large Ty's greatest strength has always been his intellect. He believes strategy and knowledge are more important in battle and in ruling than physical strength and has cultivated a vast knowledge of countermoves and political methods he can employ as needed. He has always had a keen eye for detail and employs it at all times to discern motives and detect if he is being lied to. Shrewd and at times artful it's hard not to admit that he is wise beyond his years.


Some things never change and for Tyranis his ability to perceive the emotions of others has always been fine tuned. Above all of his personality traits, Tyranis is very insightful of emotions and intentions. His instincts are finely tuned to detect liars because he once was one himself, although that time is far behind him. For better or worse his ability to detect emotional changes in others is just as deft and he can often tell if something is troubling someone, although when he once would have used such knowledge to his advantage, when it comes to those he loves his first instinct is to offer them whatever comfort he can.

Companion: Raanee

Companion: Moses



Battle Accessories

Extra pup pass

* Extra height x3

Small Accessory Purchase

Large Accessory Purchase

Large Companion Purchase

Large Companion Purchase

Full Accessory Pass



Born in the summer of year 9 to Storm Wreckage in Abaven


At six months of age Tyranis discovered a hatred for nonwolf animals and became aware of animal's inadequacy to wolves, particularly in foxes


In the Spring of year 9 it was announced that Bass, the previous leader of Abaven had left his pack to fing Tyranis's missing sisters. Leadership of Abaven was passed to Váli who had every intention of passing the role to Sparrow Bass's daughter. Tyranis who had always hoped to someday lead Abaven himself was crushed. In addition, the sudden disappearance of his only brother meant that he had no one he could properly vent his raging emotions to. Tyranis begins plotting to take Abaven by force.


Tyranis reaches adolescence in the Summer of year 10


In spite of his hatred for Sparrow and Abaven Tyranis leaves joined by Aranea, his mother, and his brother Cloudburst to form his own pack. Dauntless rises in the North and claims Waterfall Peak and The Redwood Forest. The pack prospers in the Autumn however it is short lived. Shortly after the birth of his two young children Tyranis begins to experience nightmares where he is tormented by Abaven's former leader Bass. Without a word Tyranis abandons his pack and takes his son with him on a journey to find the erstwhile leader and hopefully obtain some closure.

----Year 11----

After a year of searching for Bass with no success Tyranis returns home to find that his previously estranged father has formed a pack named Ruina on Fenrir's maw. Determined to find purpose Tyranis joins the pack and swears his loyalty to his Paternal bloodline and family.

Tyranis is molded by Ruina and his devotion to his father begins to change his perception of his son. Slowly he became dissatisfied by his laissez-faire child and begins to plot to have him sacrificed to placate the demons of Ruina. He discovers Astraios wandering the desert and adopts the boy as his own, cutting all ties to Rain.

Ruina's prosperity however would soon come to an end with the disappearance of Elias and the inevitable disbandment of the pack in the Spring of Year 12.

Tyranis, ambitious as ever begins to raise another pack from the ashes of Ruina, however rather than seeking the family he had sworn such loyalty to, Tyranis begins to seek like-minded wolves to raise his new pack: Erövrare

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Extended Family Frostbite Wreckage {Maternal Uncle}


Pyralis Praetor {Paternal Aunt}

Eliana Praetor {Paternal Aunt}

Acere Praetor {Paternal Uncle}


Miach Animosus Adravendi {Half Brother}

Aindréas Kane Adravendi {Half Brother}

Dealos Azure Adravendi {Half Sister}


Bellum Ancora {Half Brother}

Reinhardt Ancora{Half Brother}

Legion Ancora {Half Brother}


Clay Wreckage - Second Cousin {Maternal}


Xerxes Praetor - Cousin {Paternal}


Master Intellectual (240)
Expert Fighter (205)

Tactician &

Intellect : 03.09.17
+5 - Met Someone New: Bass
+5 - Taught a lesson not related to other skills; Seasons and marking borders
+5 - Met Someone New: Vali
+5 - Met Someone New: Pyrrhus
+5 - Met Someone New: Brandr
+5 - Met Someone New: Kane
+5 - Met Someone New: Frostbite
+5 - Met Someone New: Quill
+5 - Met Someone New: Aranea
+5 - Met Someone New: Leto
+5 - Met someone new: Kai
+5 - Met someone new: Elias
+5 - Met someone new: Dominus
+5 - Met someone new: Actaea
+5 - Met someone new: Korinna
+5 - Met someone new: Astraios
+5 - Gave a lesson not related to any other skill; crafting
+5 - Gave a lesson not related to any other skill; crafting
+10 - Crafting an item not related to any other skill: leather collar
+5 - Met Someone New: Pnuma
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt-Fall Year 12
+5 - Met someone new: Aspen
+5 - Met Someone New: Rhyme
+5 - Met Someone New: Valkorion
+5 - Met Someone New: Hannibal
+5 - Met Someone New: Leera
+5 - Met Someone New: Cordelia
+5 - Met Someone New: Shaye
+5 - Met Someone New: Mordecai
+5 - Met Someone New: Chaos
+5 - Taught A Lesson Not Related To Any Other Skill: Culture
+5 - Gave or Received Advice on a Social Issue
+5 - Met Someone New: Paradise
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt- Summer Year 13 (Group)
+5 - Met Someone New: Thoth

Fighting : 08.22.17
+10 - Crafted an item related to battle: Femur blade
+15 - Fought a larger predator: Bear
+30 - Fought A Large Predator: Polar Bear- 7th day of Christmas event
+35 - Seasonal Skill Prompt + new scar - Winter, Year 12 (Solo)
+10 - Participating in an judged fight and losing (vs. Justice)
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt- Spring, Year 13 (Solo)
+15 - Won an official fight against someone of lower Fighting rank (vs. Hannibal)
+5 - Participated in a Non-Judged Fight With a Clear Outcome
+15 - Winning A Fight Against Someone of Equal or Lower Rank: Acere
+10 - Participating In A Fight Without Winning
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt- Fall, Year 13 (Group)

Fight Form

Tyranis vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Medium
Defensive Battle Accessory: Crocodile armor
Skills: Master Intellectual & Expert Fighter
Specialty: Tactician or
Tyranis vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Medium
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Crocodile armor</a>
Skills: Master Intellectual & Expert Fighter
Specialty: Tactician or

Racing Form

Tyranis vs (opponent) for Race
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Medium
Skills: Master Intellectual & Expert Fighter
Specialty: Tactician or
Tyranis vs (opponent) for Race
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Medium
Skills: Master Intellectual & Expert Fighter
Specialty: Tactician or


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