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Amon is swathed in shadow. His underside and legs are a dark, smokey charcoal. Along his back are mottled shades of darker black in every hue; ebony, jet, pitch, moonless night sky. The same flecks of darker fur can be found beneath vibrant turquoise eyes. His paws, mane, muzzle, and the tips of his ears are the darkest parts of his coat, a black so deep it is rarely rivaled. It is a source of vanity for him, and Amon does his very best to keep it clean an orderly.

In size he is titanic, standing at 45” tall and weight ranging near 220lbs. Wolves who can rival his bulk are not easy to come by, which is just one more thing he can feel lofty about. His massive paws leave easily identifiable prints; his long, powerful stride consumes distance with ease. His frame is wrought with thick, corded muscles that ripple beneath his fur. Don't let his size lead you to believe this male is clumsy or slow moving, as he long ago mastered the art of graceful action. Amon is an impressive specimen by any means... even if after that first impression you are left cold and frightened in his wake.
Manipulative, Selfish, Narcissistic, Regal, Derisive...

Amon is not the sort of man who accepts second place. His life is built upon a foundation of being more than the common squabble which he is forced to interact with on a daily basis. He cannot suffer the presence of those of low birth or stature. To him, none are his equal, and he has every intention of letting you know just that. Considering yourself a demigod will do that to you, I suppose. He has a regal bearing, prone to looking down his nose at those who are hardly worth even a sneer.

His children are his weak point, though his depraved tendencies extend even to them. He is not above manipulation, if it tweaks the course of events in his favor. He lies with a gilded tongue, words as sweet or as sharp as he needs them to be. He is verbose, eloquent, by no means unintelligent, even if he prefers to keep his cold calculations to himself. Always thinking, thinking, thinking. The brute's mind is never still, always hungry for more. He revels in quests of the mind, and frequently daydreams of the life he was promised among the clouds.

His morals are gray, if indeed he has any morals to boast of at all. There is no code of honor that could bind him tighter than the knowledge that he is a son of the Fallen God, and the sons of deities do as they please. His lust for power is insatiable, and he will stop at nothing until he and his kin hold dominion over this pitiful realm they have been relegated to. It may be their prison for now, but one day they shall escape. Amon dreams of returning to this world in his ancestor's full glory, wreaking havoc upon the mortals who he believes sullies him with their very presence.



Legend tells of an ancient battle...

There was once one god who stood above all others. He was of a keener mind and surer ambition than his kin, and thus ruled them, as was fitting. Over the eons, a seed of discontent began to grow. Before long war broke out between them, and thus across all planes of existence. Gods waged against gods, mortals against mortals, earth against sky and sea against storm. The small gods gathered their power, attacking as one, as was their only hope to defeat their adversary. He was cast down to the earth and much diminished in the mortal plane. His godly powers were weakened, his dominion destroyed, and a seed of rage planted in his heart. This chaos bred the discontent of the world. Illness, sorrow, pain, and death came forth and have plagued mortals ever since. His descendants called themselves fallen angels, but to others they became known as demons; purposed with spreading the rightful rage of the Fallen God, given the task of restoring their lineage to it's deific birthright.

Amon was raised in the same hateful light, filled with spite and rage from birth. His father told legend upon legend of their godly origin and the purity of their blood, the magnificence of their name. His earliest memory is of their father killing two of his siblings in their puphood for being 'unfit' to carry the Abraxas name. As soon as Amon came of age, he was ordered away to sire a litter of his own, to ensure their line remained healthy and strong until such a time as they were able to find their way back to the godly realms. He found and conquered a healthy female and kept her close until his pups were born, carefully overseeing their training and exposure to the world.

Every night they would fall asleep to tales of their family's great deeds, and all they were entitled to. Every morning they would wake up and train both their bodies and their minds alike. Despite his best efforts, Amon had been unable to curb the love his children had for their mother, and feared their weakness. Once they had weened from their mother Amon found that he no longer had any use for her, so she was quietly disposed of, and the family began to wander, seeking a realm of their own... At least, for now.

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Amon Abraxas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Size: Dire wolf
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