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Valdís Leika Thyrefull name
8 Yearsage
Winter of Year 7birthdate
Neutral Evilalignment

Valdís is a good-sized femme with a fairly average build and her long legs give her added height making her stand at 37". Her overall build is lithe, sinewy and strong, the build of an athlete. Her legs and back in particular are well-built. Valdís paws are of average size while her muzzle is slightly narrower and angular. Her ears are quite large and also add to the triangular quality of her face and her sharp features. Her unusually thick coat makes her look a lot bigger than she actually is.

Cloaked in the tones of a frigid mountain Valdís boasts a coat of pale silver marked in darker tones of moderate and charcoal gray. A mask of charcoal gray spreads from her nose to above her eyes and arcs below them leaving small patches of silver below deep emerald green eyes. A small snip of white emerges just from the tip of her nose like a small candle of brightness. Across her sides and shoulders lays a blanket of deep charcoal gray with a layer of cool gray across her back, thighs and tail. A tip of deep charcoal gray adorns her tail while the same color spreads all the way down her back legs leaving only her paws dipped in silver. Her ears are also a cool, moderate gray. Her front paws are tipped in pale sand while the same color rests on her sides and back where the cool gray and deep gray meet.

Competent • Perceptive • Intelligent • Manipulative • Insecure • Devoted • Relentless

Valdís projects an aura of self-control and competency. Sharp and perceptive, Valdís is an intense femme who can quickly size up a situation or another wolf quickly and efficiently. Able to pick up on body language she often cuts right through facades and right to the core of those she meets. This is necessary for her survival as she finds herself on her own early in life though sometimes she's not always accurate. Val is quick to judge others on first impressions and rarely bothers to get to know them on a more personal level later on. Calm and withdrawn, her subdued nature fails to hide the slightly malevolent atmosphere around her. There's something dark there but it's difficult to place and her calculated politeness makes it difficult to openly draw out an attack. Sometimes her lack of reaction makes her seem lifeless but in reality she is very alive and ambitious. She just has a tendency to lie in wait before striking.

Trained to be a warrior and hunter Valdís is used to using her body to achieve her goals and she doesn't mind getting her paws, body or mind dirty to do it. Sharp and intelligent, Valdís is a thinker as well as a fighter. Strategic in her movements she is not the sort to fight just for the sake of it. She is open to many solutions to a problem and can be a diplomatic wolf when motivated to do so. More than just battle strategy, Valdís will be drawn to larger questions. Often as she patrols or exercises she lets her mind wander to various concepts and beliefs in her search for answers.

Manipulative, especially when she's feeling insecure, Valdís will do what she needs to to make herself feel safe or to get a read on others and how they feel about her. She will work in subtle ways, often provoking arguments, giving silent treatment or pouting to get attention. Touchy and indirect, Valdís tends to deal with others in a passive-aggressive manner though this doesn't mean she'll shy away from direct confrontation. In fact she enjoys direct confrontation though only when it results in a fight.

Somewhat insecure, Valdís is always seeking to know where she stands with her allies. Her greatest fear is that of betrayal and it makes her slow to trust others. However, once someone has gained her trust she will prove to be one of the most devoted and protective wolves you'll ever meet. She will go out of her way for those rare few and gladly even put herself in the line of fire.

Decisive and relentless, Valdís will go all in when she sets her minds to do something and there is nothing that will sway her. Of course, this will only happen when she wants and only at the right time. Very rarely can anyone motivate her to do anything if she first doesn't want to do it herself. She is patient, goal-oriented and rarely intimidated by anybody or anything. She never gives up and has a strong will. Valdís keeps her fears in control and challenges herself to do the impossible. She'll throw herself into any thing she believes in with a focused energy and awesome will power.

Valdís doesn't care for mushy love and the emotional stuff and because of this she seems to lack warmth and spontaneity. In truth she's rather lost when it comes to love. Having few roll models she's awkward and unsure when it comes to matters of the heart and she hates the feeling of incompetence that comes with trying to figure it out. However, she is capable of being romantic when she finds the right person and is allowed to learn and grow without feeling ashamed for her uncertainty. In this case her wife Ásvor. A committed and caring wolf in her own tough love sort of way she will go out of her way for the one closest to her heart and happily do whatever it takes to make them happy, even if it requires spilling blood.

• Scar on her right shoulder from black bear [Winter, Yr. 12 Seasonal Skill Fight]
• Battle Companion - Red Fox - Jynette - 19" tall
• Flying Companion - Raven - Embla - 48" wingspan misc


Born to the alpha pair of the Bone River Pack in the far north Valdís was raised early to be a fighter and a hunter. Her pack was known for raiding others and had a long standing rivalry with the Solís Pack to the west. They would frequently test their neighbors and entertained raids in the spring. Home to the Thyre family, the Bone River Pack soon grew in infamy and as it did the family began to fracture into factions, some of which split from the main pack.

Bad blood continued to boil in the various factions until the leader of a rival Thyre group slew Valdís father in a raid. Slowly other members began to go missing. It all culminated in a devastating attack on the Bone River densite that slew the packs pups. Valdís was the only survivor, thanks to her mothers efforts to flee with her from the battle. However, having fled the battle her mother had shown unforgivable weakness and was exiled from the family. Valdís left shortly after, for though she had been the only survivor she was treated with suspicion and derision and eventually cast out herself.

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mateÁsvor (Wife)
childrenÚlfr (adopted)

Fight Form

Valdís Leika Thyre vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: Spiked harness
Defensive Battle Accessory: Spiked helmet
Companion 1: Red Fox, Female - Battle
Companion 2: Raven, Female - Flying
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Intellectual
Specialty: Tactician
Valdís Leika Thyre vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Spiked harness</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Spiked helmet</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Red Fox, Female - Battle</a>
Companion 2: <a href="">Raven, Female - Flying</a>
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Intellectual
Specialty: Tactician


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