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Quite the oddity in the Ancora line, Okami has been blessed (or cursed), with the pure features of an albino. However, even stranger still is the fact that she is not like most albino creatures. For instead of the piercing red or pink hued eyes, hers are a piercing blue, much like the glacial waters that surround the North. Pure and untainted in color, her features are surprisingly beautiful. The only flaw upon her form are her nearly faded pupils. While she can see to some degree, she is near sighted, so faces and the like more than ten or so feet away (unless there's plenty of light) are difficult for her to see. While it's hard to see clearly beyond certain distances, she is capable of seeing shapes and forms, however blurred they may become. To make up for this, she has learned to better use her other senses to identify her targets.

She has grown to be taller then both her parents at the towering height of 42" and weighing 186 pounds. While she is tall, her frame is far from bulky. She has feminine curves in all the right places, slender yet powerful legs, slightly larger then average paws, and her fur is long and silky while retaining the thickness from her mother to keep her warm and comfortable in the North lands.

She has definitely grown to be quite the attractive woman, one who is committed to keeping herself looking presentable and clean at all times (if the situation permits).

Okami now wears red war paint as a mark of her new warrior status when she lived with another pack to show her status and prowess as a courageous fighter.

Once shy and meek, the albino princess is completely different than she was before she left Boreas. During her travels, she met a Male who led a pack far from her homeland who taught her many different things and a different way of life. Under his training and guidance, she learned to be more sociable and her whole demeanor did a complete turnaround. She is more confident and sure of herself, unafraid of fighting and confrontation, her new way of life taught her that. She is a fierce fighter, the life of a warrior building her up to prove she is as capable as the next guy. She still retains her kindness, however, she is no longer a pushover nor one to simply stand in the background. She's become headstrong like her elder brother Dragon, and isn't afraid to get down and dirty. As a result of her hard work, she has been accepted into the clan she lived with and acknowledged as one of their own, by way of the painted markings on her body. Red symbolizes strength of character and a warriors ferocity.

Loyal to her core, Okami puts her clanmates and her Ancoran family before all others, thought it may depend. And while blood is thicker than water, she doesn't quite trail after her family like a lost puppy anymore. She's made her own path in the world now, having participated in raids and even a siege against a rival pack. She's friendly and will help those who need it, and not necessarily for her own benefit, either. She is selfless, willing to fight for what she perceives to be a good cause or simply for loyalty wherever she may end up. That's not to say she'll always fight for unselfish reasons. Her views depend on many factors, and while she has become headstrong, she isn't blind, metaphorically speaking. She does have her morals, and if she perceives something is wrong, then she might potentially speak against. This is outside of raiding, of course, because she knows packs and the like need to do what they must to survive. And she is just that. A survivor. When it comes to true matters of war, however, that's generally when her morals come into play depending on the reasons.personality


Born in Winter of Year 7.
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parentsAvalon Ancora x Vereux Armada
siblingsOlder Siblings:
Dragon, Lykos, Kharnage, Gryphon

Afrit, Arke, Charm

younger siblings
Claire, Amee, Julien, Ocean, Astor


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NAVIGATION : 01/10/17

FIGHTING : 3/8/17

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Okami Ancora vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Heavy
Skills: Beginner Navigator & Beginner Fighter
Specialty: N/A


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