Roza Eleanor Adravendifull name
8 Yearsage
Spring of Year 7birthdate
Neutral Goodalignment

Roza pulls her unique markings from the blood lines of both of her parents, though most notably from her father's side. Most of her form is covered in a creamy white that acts as a neutral base for all of the muted russet markings that pop up all over her. This pale rust color forms the distinctive mask from her mother's side that covers the bridge of her nose and around both of her eyes, leaving a thin underline of white under each eye. This same color covers each of her paws to just past her ankles before it breaks into dapples and spots that splatter up most of each of her legs. The noticeable marking from her father's side is the spots that cover all of her haunches, similar to those seen on an appaloosa horse. In the same way that her colors are a muted variation of her father's, her eyes carry the very palest shade of blue. She appears delicate, her form very pretty and slender with feminine curves. She is quite light on her feet, but she lacks the muscle and strength to be a fighter like her father was. She carries a large scar that starts on the bridge of her muzzle near her eyes and curves down across her left cheek. It is an old, fully healed scar that she received several years ago, but it is still very visible.


Time, age, and hardships have shaped this woman into a wolf who is far more steady and careful than she had been in her younger years. At one point she had wanted all attention on her and never took life too seriously. Life has taught her that things must be taken more seriously and there are far more important things around her than herself. She carries a bitterness in her heart for how things turned out, but it’s also not hard for her to see the joy in what she does have. If she didn’t then she would most certainly get lost in her own unhappiness. If there is one positive thing to come from all of this, it is how it irradiated any shred of the insecurity that she had once wrestled with. She knows who she is and what she is worth. It’s a quiet confidence that really only shows itself in the way that she makes decisions or stands up for herself.

While she doesn’t have the physical strength to put herself on the battlefield for someone she loves, she will still protect or care for them any way that is within her power. Her deep loyalty to family and loved ones runs deep in her and is one of the few things about her that has stayed true over the years. She finds joy in being a caretaker and a mother. The moments when she isn’t able to provide what those she cares for are the times that are the hardest for her. She feels helpless when she can’t protect them and has a fear of loosing anyone else after loosing her first love. This can sometimes make it hard for her to form new relationships and bonds since there is always a lingering fear that history will repeat itself.

At her core, she is a sweet and benevolent soul. She never wants to do harm to those around her and wants her legacy to be one of kindness. She will almost always see the goodness in others before she assumes any negative intent. The only time she makes an exception to this is when either she or her family has been hurt or treated poorly by someone. She isn’t afraid to hold a grudge against someone that has wronged her. Once her trust is lost it is nearly impossible to get it back.



- Born to Leo and Svetlana Adravendi in Spring of year seven
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mateGanta Lore [deceased]
childrenPhilomena, Ulric
parentsLeo x Svetlana
Extended FamilyAll of the Adravendi and Xanilov


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Roza Eleanor Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Light
Skills: Beginner Hunter & Beginner Intellectual
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