Rhys Imperialisfull name
6 Yearsage
Autumn of -birthdate
Extra largesize
Neutral Evilalignment
RHYS there was a little girl

ADULT Build: Rhys is power and grace rolled into one; an even mix of her parents. Having a deep chest that tapers down to a narrow waist, her build is reminiscent of a cheetah's. Slender yet muscular, she is an athlete built for agility and speed. Her stride is long and sure, and never clumsy. Far from a dainty figure, Rhys stands at an astounding 42 inches and while she is lithe, she averages about 180lb on any given day. For her height she is a lightweight, built for stealth and quick movements.

Coat: A confectioner's delight, Rhy is swathed in rich chocolates. Dark brown paints her back from ears to rump, the deep color flowing down her sides like hot fudge over a sundae. It pours down the back of her thighs and pools into knee-high fudgey stockings on her hind legs. The same fudge color blankets her shoulders but oozes no further down, interrupted by a rich dark chocolate that paints her sides. Elbow-high fudgy gloves rise up and blend into the dark chocolate on her sides, the two colors blending almost seamlessly. The rich chocolate on her neck flows down into a dull caramel color on her chest and from there the color lightens further and ends in a blaze of nougat down the center of her chest and stomach. Her tail is a simple gradient that runs from dark to light, fudge to nougat, from base to tip. Deep fudgey brown coats Rhys' ears and flows down into the surrounding dark chocolate, the two colors blending seamlessly. From there the dark chocolate lightens and settles into the same dull caramel that paints her neck. It runs down her cheeks and towards the tip of her nose before being stopped by the familial mask she's inherited from her father. The end of her muzzle is dipped in dark chocolate and a swipe of deep fudgey brown runs up the bridge of her nose and terminates in the middle of her forehead. The same color dabs four small dots under each eye.

Eyes: If her markings weren't enough to make her parentage unknown, no one can look into her eyes and not see her father. Her eyes are a light, glacier blue. Like her father, Rhys' eyes are darker at the center and lighter at the rims.

who had a little curl...IMPERIALIS
RHYS when she was good she was very good indeed
Bold - Opinionated
If there is one thing Rhys is not it is subtle. Her opinion is readily given regardless of whether or not it is asked for and her words are not empty; she will readily defend not only her opinion but her right to be heard. And she will be heard.

Good-natured - Fiercely-tempered
Most of the time she is very mild and easygoing. She's quick to laugh, eager to tease and happy to shrug slights off. It's not easy to upset her and harder still to make her angry, but once her blood is up there is no limit to what she is capable of. Only when she is enraged is she ever truly quiet and it's this silence that should be feared.

Fearless - Tenacious
Traits that are likely to get her into trouble. Rhys is nearly without fear. She is unflinching in the face of danger and will readily throw herself into the fray if that's what's required of her or, quite possibly, just for the hell of it. Once her mind is made up there is little anyone can do to stop her and if she wants to take on a bear then you can either join her in the fight or get out of her way.

And when she was bad she was horridIMPERIALIS
The name Rhys is Welsh, means 'enthusiasm' and is pronounced 'REES'

Born on September 18th, 2015 - Year 6misc

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