Rhyme I

Rhyme Cavalierefull name
10 Yearsage
Summer of Year 6birthdate
Extra largesize
Lawful Neutralalignment

42" 178lbs

Rhyme is of a tall and fit build, with a naturally elegant form and handsome features. (Thanks to some incredible genes) He is a creature of both beauty and power, holding perfect proportions and well toned muscle. Though his frame is near perfect his coat will always leave something to be desired. His hide will have a soft and luxurious feel to it, but it will forever be a mess over his body. Like he's only gotten out of bed five minutes before you've seen him.
The majority of his body is covered in a midnight tone, the whole front part of him the a gradient reaching from his shoulder on a slope to his spine where a dorsal stripe lay. This leads all down and over his tail except for a gradient right underneath his rump. On his hips this dark color streaks out into a stripe as well as a block on his leg that leads down right below his ankles. On his front legs this dark cloaks them up to mid arm where it jumps and forms an almost crescent moon shaped stripe. On his belly, inner thighs, and feet he is a pure silvery white while his flanks and between the stripe of dark on his legs. Underneath his eye he bears a white lining on his cheekbone and four imperfect circle shapes rise from the back edge of this.
His eyes are a brilliant blue with a light lavender shine.

Scars: A large gash across the inner joint of his left elbow. Three long tigerclaws marks over his left shoulder. (And two on either side that are faded and covered over with fur.) A long thin scar over his right eye that travels down his cheek. (Trick from Halloween 2019)

Rhyme is a quiet wolf, not eager to vocalize or put himself into more social situations. He is a reserved wolf that takes a while to warm up to strangers. He isn’t comfortable about new things either, and though he’s not the jumpy little pup he once was he is still more cautious than needed in most situations. Trust is very hard to earn, but once it has become established Rhyme is infinitely loyal.

The private wolf is also a determined one, once he has an idea in his head he wont let it go very easily. With age Rhyme has gained excellent control over his massive body, his movements are sure and fluid. He is set in his perfectionist ways, often becoming frustrated when his tasks are not done to his standard. Frustration has been known to turn to anger in the dark striped wolf, Rhyme can have quite the temper when his buttons have been pressed.

He is not the bravest of wolves but he wont back down when he is challenged, he feels fear but doesn’t let the feeling affect him when his life or those he cares about are on the line. Rhyme will fight until the end if a loved one is threatened, and can become overly protective of those he cares for to the point of possessiveness. He loves fiercely and to the end, and doesn’t deal with rejection or loss well.

Den - doesn't lke dens
Scent - A heavy scent of sugar maple with a light dash of herbs from his small collection.
Companion- Imperia - Northern Raven - female - 50" wingspan
Companion II Solitude - White Northern Raven - male - 50" wingspan
Attack Accessory: Throwing Knife
Defensive Accessory - Raven Wing Bracers
aged: 1/3/20misc

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