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Chaos is a dark charcoal over most of his form, not the sort of black as a raven's wing so much as that of a shadow. Small stripes of a gun-metal grey etch their way up all four legs to end at the level of his belly, though a few thin streaks continue etching their way upward at his shoulders. Three broad stripes of the same shade run from one side of his ribcage over his back to the other side, arching their points toward his shoulders and repeated again in three smaller stripes over the top of his tail. This gray also faintly stains his chest, underbelly and the underside of his tail.

Jagged striped markings arc over his muzzle, a second set beneath his lower jaw to clash just above his lip line like the fangs of a steel trap. A darker blue-gray blaze runs along the top of his muzzle over the lighter gray markings to end between his eyes. Four small white spots run under each eye, largest at the outside corner of each eye and progressively smaller. White tips his tail as well to gently blend into the charcoal there.

This male's appearance lends credence to his name: with mismatched eyes (right eye a dark midnight blue around the pupil fading into an icy, pale blue at the edges, the left eye a deep purple lightening to almost lavender at the edges) and an unsettling iridescence to his black coat that at times seems to shift dizzyingly between indigo and violet. This odd quality to his coat is caused by bands of silver that touch each hair, causing it to catch the light oddly to reflect colors that aren't actually there. The gray of his stripes flashes silver, the black of his body seeming to roil with blues and purples depending on the light.

Taking after his father in size moreso than his mother, he will reach an intimidating 42" and boast a toned, powerful body. He is lean and muscular rather than slim, striking a balance between strength and grace that allows him to maintain a large degree of agility despite his size.

But as if his coloration and size weren't enough to set him apart, from birth it is clear that Chaos' jaw and dental structure differs considerably from the normal wolf variations. His dental structure is reminiscent of the long-extinct scimitar cat moreso than a wolf, or even any living feline. The most visible difference is also the most intimidating - his canines are unnaturally long, flat, and serrated on both sides and the points hang down a half inch past the bottom of his lower jaw, the razor sharp fangs that once gave the scimitar cat it's name, and his incisors on top and bottom are longer, heavier than any wolf's, clearly designed to be used in a manner different than a wolf's teeth. His skull is perhaps a little heavier duty, his jaw sturdier to accommodate these changes, a bit more heavily muscled with a more pronounced crest than most wolves, but not enough to fall outside what might appear to be normal... and besides, it was hardly noticeable at all compared to the teeth.

Oh those teeth. All through his life, Chaos will struggle with a lisp from those oversized chompers.appearance

Chaos doesn't actively try to make trouble, nor is he a thrill seeker. It just seems, sometimes, like no matter what he does trouble seems to find him.

A lot of that might have to do with his adventurous, dangerously curious nature and devil-may-care tendency to laugh at the idea that something might be unsafe, or impossible. He is high octane, driven, ten thousand miles per hour at all times and rarely stops to think about consequences. Confident, maybe over confident, he's never worried about what might result from his hare-brained schemes. He loves to have fun and loves to drag others along with him whether they want to or not.

He's friendly and outgoing most of the time, but when he gets serious he gets deadly serious. Standing and trading insults isn't his style, he's a wolf of impulse and action - if you've hurt someone he loves, insulted or disrespected him or someone he loves, you can fully expect this giant of a male to put you face down in the dirt. He's impulsive, and quick to jump into a challenge if it seems like a good idea at the time. Quick to forgive, though not to forget - he will return fast to a congenial, friendly demeanor, but he will never, ever forget what wrong was done.

Also, don't mention his lisp. He's a little sensitive about it. Which is to say, it doesn't bother him that he has one, it just bothers him to have attention drawn to it as though it's a defect because IT'S JUST NOT, OK?personality

born: 9/21/15
Aged up: 2/16/16
Age updated 8/25/16
Age updated 2/22/17

Sgili - orange-eyed, melanistic female great horned owl, wingspan 50"
Heecha - blue-eyed melanistic male great horned owl, wingspan 48"
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