Hati Hroovitnissonfull name
8 Yearsage
Autumn of birthdate
Neutral Evilalignment
*heavily muscular
*gold eyes
*scars on face (shredded ear, scar over eye, white mark across nose)

Hati is a big, muscular wolf. His heavy, bristled fur adds even more mass to an already intimidating size. One of his thick ears is shredded, the eye socket under it neatly bisected by thick scar tissue from a bite that narrowly missed the eye itself. His pelt is a dull black except for a streak of of white across the top of his muzzle from another lesser scar. His intense eyes, so often filled with rage, are a bright golden color. He always looks and moves like he's on the edge of violence, and his deep voice is harsh.

Specifically his left ear is shredded (not like gone, but like obviously chewed up), his left eye has a wide scar going straight down the center (though not the eyeball itself), and the white scar on his nose is basically just a small line across the bridge of his muzzle, like if you put a butterfly strip on a broken nose.

A ram's head is fitted tightly over his face like a mask, the horns curving behind his ears to assist in holding it in place, though he drops the heavy mask to fight. - having lost said ram's skull, he now wears the skull of an adult male bear, shaped to slide onto his own head in such a way that it does not come off easily. He drops it to fight.appearance
Hati is marked most easily by his anger. Rage simmers almost constantly beneath his ragged self control. He has little patience, is quick to a blinding fury, and tends to hold onto grudges. He is incredibly arrogant and believes he is above law and is entitled to everything the world has to offer. Murder and theft are casual to him, though to him it isn't theft but simply taking what is his by right. He doesn't lie, though this isn't because he believes it is immoral. He just doesn't see the point in hiding behind a lie. He is blunt, straightforward, and has absolutely no tact or empathy what-so-ever. He has no attachment or care for anyone but himself; family ties and loyalty mean very little to him, though he is infuriated by any perceived betrayal to himself. Despite all this, he is not above taking orders from someone else as long as they are more or less aligned with what he would want to do anyway.


Something has changed in Hati since he lost Daegmar, his only friend and the only one who could keep his demons in check. Memories of his early life consume him nearly constantly, hallucinations haunt his waking moments to compete with the nightmares that stalk his dreams. There are few in Ala who can hold his attention in such a way as to break through the madness that surrounds the broken monster who chases the ghost of the woman he had cared for, the shades of the children he had nearly considered his own. He lives now only because he is too stubborn to die though he believes death would ease the torment that every day of living brings him.personality
Aged up 4/1/16 Aged up 10/1/15misc

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