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Valentine Imperialisfull name
13 Yearsage
Autumn of Year 2birthdate
Extra largesize
Chaotic Neutralalignment

Valentine combines, in his regal appearance, dignity, strength and elegance with great size and a powerful, well-formed, smoothly muscled body. Far from a heavy, plodding figure, this titan is very well balanced and so confident in his stride as to never appear clumsy, and so moves with a long reach and powerful drive. He is power and grace rolled into one, a true titan.

Speckled slate blue predominantly colors his features, several shades of blue and gray coming together to form a coat that changes color on a whim. In some lighting he is a deep gray and in others he is a dark hued blue. The shifting color deepens the further down his limbs you look, settling on a shade of inky blue/black. The same color tips Valentine's ears. His belly and throat, while still holding the same blue and gray tones as the rest of him, is a touch lighter. The sides of his muzzle are a dark gray. Running down the bridge of his nose is swipe of black, the same color forming four dots under each glacier blue eye to complete his familial mask.

He has a large crescent-shaped scar down the bridge of his nose. The skin is sunken in and stark white.

2021 UPDATE: Valentine is old. Like, oh my fuck, capital 'O' old. But - and this is important - he neither acts nor looks his real age. Yes, he is old. Yes, he looks old. But his isn't some hunched over, creaky-jointed husk. No, years have made him wiry and leaner than he's ever been at any other point in his life, but he is neither scrawny nor frail looking and on all but the coldest days he still moves with the same grace he's carried since youth. Graying is something that is expected with age and Valentine is no exception, but time has been kinder to him in this regard as well. Plain jane silver hairs can be spotted here and there along his face, legs, paws and chest, but he is neither white faced or pale legged like most old timers.
Valentine had changed over the years and not for the better. Gone is the desire to please and in its place is an ever growing intolerance for things he deems "lesser." His beliefs are held with an iron grip and he is difficult to sway once he's made up his mind. As a rule he holds "good" wolves in low esteem, believing that their inherent goodwill makes them weak and easily taken advantage of by useless individuals. That isn't to say he's in league with "evil" wolves, though. Nope, they too are held in low esteem but for entirely different reasons. He tends to find their motives and mannerisms silly. In his mind only shades of grey are acceptable alignments; the straight up evil wolf is to be taken as seriously as a straight up good one, which is to say, not at all.

As for weak individuals, he believes it is his and his descendants' birthright to conquer and do as they please with them. The meek and helpless, the psychopaths and sinister, they are all, in his opinion, to be trod on and cast aside.

He believes quite firmly in the superiority of his blood and name, and is willing to do just about anything to ensure his family remains strong, including abandoning weak individuals. Those that spend any amount of time with him will no doubt get a lecture on the importance of a strong family and the purity of their blood.

Valentine is a contrarian through and through. If he likes someone he will become whatever they need him to be, but if he dislikes someone he will go out of his way to be difficult. He will be flippant and dismissive when they want him to be serious, and cold and detached when they want him to engage. Is that childish? Yes, but he does what he wants and gives zero fucks about the consequences.

Wit and sarcasm are this boy's favorite weapons against the world. He has a lazy, natural way of delivering slights that make them seem harmless and he loves it when they go unnoticed because it confirms his suspicions that whoever he's dealing with is an idiot.

Valentine would like you to believe that he cares for nothing. Not for life, for good or evil, not for the future, not for himself and certainly not for you. He's not reckless in his actions, but gives off the impression that he couldn't any care less about what happens. 'It is what it is' would be his mantra. Of course presentations can be deceiving. While he would like wolves to believe that he is apathetic, it's not quite true. Beneath the facade is a being that cares very much. Deep down he struggles with questions of right and wrong, good and evil. He craves destruction and the slow death of his enemies, but is plagued by a conscious that can't be stomped out no matter how hard he tries. It would be easier if he were one or the other, but he isn't. To his core he is at war with good and evil.

Trust is something Valentine doesn't have an abundance of. What little he does have is gripped with an iron fist; he's been let down too many time for it to be held loosely. For those that work their way into his heart he'll pour every last bit of himself into their relationship. For them and only them will he sacrifice himself for.

Trust issues aside, Valentine is a bit of a romantic. He views love through cynical lenses, believing that few are actually capable of it and fewer still could feel it for him. That doesn't stop him from wanting it, although he handles it and romance with a kind of despair that is hard to describe. It stems from insecurity and in this one area is it obvious that he is indeed insecure.

He's not prone to anger or violence, but is capable of both and unafraid of the consequences. If it were up to Valentine everyone would mind their own business and leave him alone, and he'd do the same to them, but that's not usually the case. It's not his fault all wolves have some amount of stupid in them that causes conflict when mixed with the stupid in him. When it comes to fighting he's as game as they come. Unintentional knack for starting wars aside, Valentine is generally very easy going. He has a lazy, come what may approach to life and his natural pace is found somewhere between a mosey and a jog. If it weren't for his mouth life would be easy.personality
Born in November of 2013 - Autumn of Year 2
Small Companion Purchase - Female Striped Skunk
Immortality Pass - Tenth Year
Date - Opponent - Reason - Outcome

10-12-14...Versus NOVOCAINE for SPAR...DEFAULT WIN
10-23-14...Versus EMPYREA for DOMINANCE...WIN
12-08-14...Versus ANZHELIKA for SPAR...WIN
12-04-14...Versus KAYODE for FORCE CLAIM...DEFAULT WIN
12-15-14...Versus ANGIER for RANK...DEFAULT WIN
1-23-15...Versus MERCY for SPAR...WIN
2-23-25...SIEGE against LYDOVNE...DEFAULT WIN
5-12-15...Versus SOLILOQUY for CASTRATION...WIN
6-3-15...Versus HATI for SPAR...DEFAULT WIN
6-10-15...Versus CASCADE for SPAR...WIN


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childrenWith Cascade: Angelus, Evangeline, Seraphim, Chaos
With Rhythm: Rhys, Rhyme
With Esti: Ashmedai
With Somnium Cascade: Tyrian, Alarr, Torrent
parentsCataleya x Taurig
siblingsSenka, Zaria, Basanti, Kasai [?], Talvi, Desdemona, Minos [?], Freya, Bellatrix, Eon, Fakira, Aster and Viola
Extended FamilyGrandchildren through Angelus: Kanja, Jupiter, Aerndis, Orion
Grandchildren through Chaos: Lyra, Ares, Aquila


Master Fighter (250)
Master Intellectual (240)


+15 - Win a fight against someone of equal or lower Fighting rank.
+15 - Win a fight against someone of equal or lower Fighting rank.
+15 - Won a fight against someone of lower or equal rank (vs. Renhett)
+15 - Won a fight against someone of lower or equal rank (vs. Einarr)
+15 - Won a fight against someone of lower or equal rank (vs. Sin)
+15 - Won a fight against someone of lower or equal rank (vs. Esti)
+15 - Won a fight against someone of lower or equal rank (Vs. Voltage)
+15 - Won a fight against someone of lower or equal rank (vs. Alvin)
+10 - Won a fight by default (vs. Cypress)
+5 - Gave a fight lesson (Shaye/Rhyme pt. 1)
+35 - Seasonal Skill Prompt w/ Bonus scar - Winter, Year 12 (solo)
+10 - Lost a fight (vs. Hannibal)
+10 - Lost a fight (vs. Melanthios)
+15 - Fought a large predator (bear)
+15 - Fought a large predator
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt - Spring, Year 13 (group)


+5 - Meet someone new (Reiko)
+5 - Meet someone new (Amachi)
+5 - Meet someone new (Renhett)
+5 - Meet someone new (Katja)
+5 - Met someone New (arivae)
+5 - Met Someone New (Renhett)
+5 - Met Someone New (einarr)
+5 - Met someone new - Alvin
+5 - Met someone new - Aki
+5 - Met someone new - Solare
+15 - Negotiating a trade between two packs - Abaven/Imperium
+5 - Met someone new - Ephiny
+5 - Met someone new - Avalon
+5 - Met someone new (Zephyra)
+5 - Met someone new (Illume)
+30 - Organizing a festival
+5 - Met someone new (Mithras)
+5 - Met someone new (Ren)
+5 - Met someone new (Ara)
+5 - Met someone new (Vereux)
+5 - Met someone new (Liar)
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt - Fall, Year 12 (solo)
+5 - Made a trade as a rogue
+5 - Met someone new (Echo)
+5 - Met someone new (Arpeggio)
+5 - Met someone new (Cordelia)
+5 - Gave advice on a social issue (Rhyme)
+5 - Receiving advice on a social issue (Rhyme)
+5 - Made a trade (Valdis)
+30 - Seasonal Skill Prompt - Winter, Year 13
+5 - Gave advice on a social issue

Fight Form

Valentine Imperialis vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Light
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Intellectual
Specialty: Knight
Valentine Imperialis vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Light
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Intellectual
Specialty: Knight


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