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Athena is built to be a warrior. She stands at thirty-six inches tall and has a sturdy, strong build. That does not mean she lacks womanly features. She is as beautiful as she is deadly. Most of her height is made up of long, lean legs that are wrapped in toned muscle. Her body is made up of a wide chest that flows into sturdy shoulders and on into tight, curved sides.

All of this is covered in an endless coat of thick fur, her coat naturally made for the northern elements that were her home for most of her life. Her fur is an almost unblemished silver that glitters in the sunlight and glows in the moonlight. The only natural markings on her whole body rest under her eyes and on the tips of her ears, bringing in dark charcoal to her color palette. Her eyes sand out from this otherwise monochromatic color scheme. They are split into two colors around her irises, the outside edge carrying an intense red hue while the inside boasts a cool green.

Over her life she has accumulated a few trinkets and decorations. Thick golden bangles rest on each foreleg right above her ankles, each bracelet etched with intricate swirls and patterns that resemble vines. At one point this was a token to show her ties to her father's reign and a sign of her efforts to be like him. She also has a painted on marking on her left hip of two curved lines pointing away from each other. This was given to her by her late sister Roman as a show of support for her sister's reign in Regium. Now both of these adornments are nothing more than a tribute and reminder of past relationships and accomplishments. Over the years her bracelets have lost some of their detail and the marking on her hip has begun to wash away, but Athena keeps them anyway for the memories they hold.appearance

Primary Motivator: Love
While what motivates her might have changed over the years, there is one thing that has always stayed the same. The way she loves, whether it's her partner or her family and now her children, has never wavered. She is passionate and steadfast in her love for those important to her. Time and distance can't alter it. On that same token though, she also loves to be loved. As a child she had worked hard for her father's affections and that sentiment hasn't changed. She does her best to make sure she isn't upsetting or pushing away those closest to her so they will love her in return.

Emotional Disposition: Calm
Although there have been and will continue to be times when her calm, even demeanor will falter, she is very much a steady and calm wolf. As she's gotten older this has become even more true. She's grown into herself a bit more and that has made her a rock for others to lean on.

Moodiness: Even-tempered
It takes a lot these days to get Athena really upset or really excited. Of course her level of either of these is usually nothing compared to Amalia, but she makes an effort to be the even-tempered one in their relationship so that Amalia can have someone to ground herself on. Athena does this for her children as well. She wants them to feel like they can come to her whenever they need her.

Outlook: Pessimistic
The world has not been incredibly kind to Athena over the years. In some ways she has been incredibly blessed, but with all the turmoil around her past and the constant coming and going of her children she has grown the slightest bit pessimistic. She tends to expect the worst so that when she finds out something isn't as bad as she imagined it's a pleasant surprise.

Integrity: Conscientious
Athena has always been hard working. Even when she left her pack as a young wolf to explore, she was diligent and focused in her actions. This has led to her own detriment at times and caused her to get burned out, but now that she has grown up and settled down with her wife and children she doesn't have that to worry about so much. She is very honest and doesn't like keeping secrets. If there is anything she wants to tell someone it will eat at her until she finally does it.

Impulsiveness: Controlled
Amalia is certainly the spontaneous one of the two of them. Athena likes to think things through before she does them. Sometimes she'll stew on something for ages before she actually gets around to putting it into action.

Boldness: Intrepid
While she certainly wouldn't consider herself reckless with her actions, she is still far from timid. In her younger years she was much more daring, but age has toned her down quite a bit. Every once in awhile her more bold nature will come back to the surface, but most of the time she's fairly even keeled.

Agreeableness: Agreeable
Time has taught Athena to be forgiving and to not hold grudges. She's always been pretty warm and inviting toward others, but after seeing all of her family disappeared before her eyes she's learned to be incredibly tolerant of others and likes to keep those important to her close. She's very open-minded and will hear out anyone's opinion before making her own.

Interactivity: Reserved
She's warm and open with the wolves that she is close to, but she very rarely goes and seeks out interaction. She's content to relax near her den or play with her children. She'll step up and do something when asked, but that's about the extent of of her social interaction these days.

Conformity: Heterodox
Athena has never been good at following what was normal. She came into the world with an unconventional family and that has only continued through her life. From marrying Vereux to marrying Amalia to enlisting Leo to help them have their daughters she's never gone with what was easy or normal. personality


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